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Adult Cloth Diaper


Are you conscious and embarrassed about your incontinence issue? Most people who have undergone certain medical issues suffer from this incontinence issue where it is seen that they have poor control over their bladder. About 25% to 45% of women suffer from urine leakage issues after they have given birth to many children. Usually, it is observed that old people commonly suffer from bladder and bowel incontinence issues where they are unable to control their bladder or bowel movements. This bladder or bowel incontinence causes a lot of embarrassment and distress and the persons who go through these health conditions tend to feel wretched and unhappy. This embarrassing incontinence issue makes for a lot of emotional anxiety and physical discomfort. This inability to control sudden urine release can even occur in some young and middle-aged individuals but the elderly is more susceptible to lose control over the bladder with increasing age.

This constant incontinence problem hampers the affected person’s day-to-day activities and prevents them from leading a normal life. You can always address this health condition in an efficient and dignified way by choosing to use diapers from Adult Cloth Diaper.  Wearing an adult diaper or an absorbent cloth-type undergarment can help you to feel confident about yourself and will help you to engage in your daily activities and household chores without any awkwardness.

Let’s get to know more about these useful adult diapers from AdultClothDiaper.

What do you know about Adult Cloth Diaper?

Adult Cloth Diaper is one of the dominant companies that is known for its specialization in the manufacturing of adult diapers that are required and used all over the world. This company is a branch of All Together Enterprises which is officially called All Together Diaper Company and it began its venture as a producer of infant diaper products in the year 1990. Presently, this company has expanded largely into one of the leading producers of infant and adult cloth diapering products. The offices and warehouses of this company are situated in Sandy, Utah.

In the year 2001 Adult Cloth Diaper officially introduced the company’s new line of incontinence products for adults and children. Since then the company has been one of the prominent manufacturers of high-quality diapers and has earned a lot of recognition as a well-known producer of adult diapers.

The company provides superior quality diapers that are environmentally sustainable and help the individuals suffering from incontinence uplift their quality of lives and also to maintain their dignity.

What does Adult Cloth Diaper sell?

AdultClothDiaper is a leading seller for both infant and adult cloth diapering products. Besides the infant diapers, this company has largely launched adult cloth diapers for the convenience of young adults, middle-aged individuals, and aged persons.

The company offers high standard adult cloth diapers in a variety of styles such as:

1.LeakMaster Adult Prefold Diapers,

2. LeakMaster Organic Adult

3. Prefold Diapers,

4. LeakMaster Adult All In One,

5. LeakMaster Adult Pullon Diapers,

6. Purity Adult Flat Diapers- Gauze,

7. LeakMaster Adult Contoured Diaper Version 2,

8. LeakMaster Adult Pullon All-In-One Flannel Diapers

9. Custom Fitted Adult Prefolds

10. BumGenius Youth Sized All In One- Big

11. BumGenius Youth Sized All In One – Bigger

There is another category of adult swim diapers known as:

SOSecure – Adult Swim Diaper.

The adult cloth diaper inserts consist of:

1. Adult Cloth Diaper Inserts pack of 3 and 4

2. OsoCozy Bleached Prefolds (Dozen)

Another category consists of plastic pants, briefs, incontinence panties for women, pull-On plastic pants, Pull Plastic pants, Snap-On pants, Bikini Cut pants, high back plastic pants, adult diaper pins, diaper t-shirts, mattress protection, pails and laundry, odor cleanse, flushable diaper liners and fresh sacks, etc.

What are the benefits for opting Adult Cloth Diaper?

There are various benefits of using the adult diaper materials and products of this reputed company. All the products are made out of comfortable, absorbent, and washable materials and they are reusable and available at affordable prices. The benefits of using products of Adult Cloth Diapers are:

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Laboratory Tests and Certificates

The products of AdultClothDiaper are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and are laboratory tested.

The Best Products of AdultClothDiaper

All the products of this renowned brand are of top-quality soft material which gives total protection from leakages and is available in well-fitting shapes and sizes. Among them all most widely used and best products of this company are the adult diapering section consisting of:

  1. The Adult Cloth Diapers comprising Prefold diapers, Pullon diapers, Contoured diapers, Flannel diapers, etc.
  2. The Adult Plastic Pants is also a popular item which comprises 6 styles and 8 varieties of adult plastic pants and briefs.
  3. The Adult Swim Diapers section is another reusable and highly satisfactory product from this brand that is in huge demand.

Pros of using products of AdultClothDiaper

Cons of using products of AdultClothDiaper

Why opt for AdultClothDiaper products over other brands?

Adult Cloth Diaper products are different from other diapering products made by other brands. Unlike other adult diapers, this brand’s diapers are of superior reusable quality and are also economical to use. The products of AdultClothDiaper are environmentally sustainable and are durable. The company differs from other companies in their modes of service as they are highly swift in their deliveries and have a polite and customer-friendly approach in their services. The products are reasonably priced and the order processing done by the company is extremely quick. The company supplies 7 types of adult cloth diapers and 8 styles of adult plastic pants and a collection of protective panties for light incontinence. Any other company can hardly offer so many varieties of incontinence support and protective diapering products like this reliable brand.

Moreover, adult diapers are extremely comfortable to use and prevent any kind of uneasiness or skin irritation. Unlike other branded products, these diapers give long-lasting, well-fitting, and hassle-free protection under any circumstances or any situations.

What is the Price Range of Products Sold at AdultClothDiaper?

The price of Adult Cloth diapers range from $ 17.95 – $ 41.95

The price of Pull On Plastic pants range from $24.95 – $29.95

The Leakmaster Adult Plastic pants are priced from $13.95 – $29.95

Where to Purchase?

To purchase you need to log on to the official website Click here to visit or contact them through email.

A Division Of All Together Enterprises,

9713 South 600 West,

Sandy, UT 84070.

Payment Modes

An order can be placed by using the website’s shopping cart system and the company accepts Money Orders, Online Payments, Mail-in Orders, and Cashier Checks.

Shipping and Returns

AdultClothDiaper offers you a choice of available UPS or USPS shipping methods within the USA. For orders outside the USA, there is a customs and duty collect and your parcel arrives within 4-7 days.


There are several customers who have used Adult Cloth Diaper products and are highly satisfied. Some of them are:

Mark: “I have been suffering from this miserable incontinence issue for over a year and these superb diapers from Adult Cloth Diaper helped me greatly and I can travel extensively without any embarrassment or uneasiness.”

Rachel: “The constant leakage prevented me to enjoy my gym sessions and since I’ve started using the plastic pants of AdultClothDiaper, I feel completely relaxed and stress-free.”

Final Thoughts

Urinary incontinence in men or women has become a psychological issue for both of them that makes them feel irritated, isolated, and awkward resulting in lower levels of self-confidence. So, stop feeling frustrated and embarrassed due to this manageable condition.

You can always live a life full of dignity and happiness by using the exceptionally superior, super-effective, and comfortable diapering products of Adult Cloth Diaper and enjoy a trouble-free life.

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