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Bathmate: Pump away your worries with the vacuum technology

Bathmate Hydro Pump

Brief introduction

Are you worried about your inches and girth down there? Do you lack confidence and fail to satisfy your partner? Are you concerned about your partner cheating on you because she is not satisfied with you? Have you lost all hope and decided that threesome is not your cup of tea because you are small under your pants, and you take a longer time to get a hard-on? Let me tell you that you need not be so baffled any longer as you can now avail of the world’s best penis pump that works on hydro pressure. Many clinical trials have been conducted to show the efficiency of vacuum pumps. One such clinical trial was conducted on thirty-one men for three months, where a penis pump acted as a catalyst. After three months, 93% of men (26) were satisfied with the result, 2 of the men did not continue, and 2 of the men were not happy with the result. So, we see that the majority of the men were satisfied with the penis pump.

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is the easiest way to treat erectile dysfunction without the use of any sort of medication. It is the safest way to get control over your erection and enjoy your sex life all the more. Most penis pumps have three main components:

They are capable of giving you an erection that might last for 30 minutes; however, that varies from person to person.

What is Bathmate about?

Bathmate is a unique hydrotherapy penis pump that improves the erection, penis length, and girth. It makes you feel more confident so that you can have longer and erotic sessions. It harnesses the power of water to give you the desired effects. It also enhances your stamina and penile health. According to a survey conducted in 2018 on 155 customers, the penis pump really worked for 85% of the users.

Erectile dysfunction has now become a temporary and petty issue due to the successful resolution provided by the product. It will give you a natural erection that speeds the flow of blood into the blood vessels. It is simple to use, fill the product with warm water, and use it thrice daily for a five-minute session.

What are the different series of Bathmate available?

In 2006 Bathmate initially launched Hercules, which is now known as Hydro 7. Since then, their collection has grown to a wide variety of ranges starting from 5 and extending to 11 inches.

  1. Hydro Series: It includes only one model- Hydro 7 and is the ideal product for first-time users. It provides moderate pressure that works gently. It will perfectly fit those who are between 5-7 inches after full erection. 
  2. Hydromax Series: This is the best-selling series as it provides 35% more power. Moreover, 92% of the customers are satisfied with the pump. The various sizes available are:
    • Hydromax7: It is for people with 5 and 7 inches after erection
    • Hydromax3: It is a micropenis pump for people who are 3 inches after erection
    • Hydromax5: It is for those measuring between 3 and 5 inches after erection
    • Hydromax7 Wide Boy: It is designed for people who want a fuller girth
    • Hydromax9: It is unusually large and powerful for boys between 7- and 9-inches post erection 
  3. HydroXtreme Series: It is the most advanced and powerful hydro pump that maximizes the pressure that leads to unbelievable gain. The various products under these series are:
    • HydroXtreme5: It benefits those between 3 and 5 inches
    • HydroXtreme3: It is for those below 3 inches
    • HydroXtreme7: It suits those between 5 and 7 inches
    • HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy: it will give you a more full girth
    • HydroXtreme9: It is best for the real players between 7 and 9 inches
    • HydroXtreme11: It is exclusively meant for those above 9 inches

How does Bathmate work?

The product is designed in such a way that the water creates negative hydraulic pressure around your penis. The human penis is, after all, an organ that operates hydraulically. So, once your penis is surrounded by water and it generates hydro-vacuum, the result is marvelous. The pressure created by the vacuum stretches the tunica albuginea of the penis that produces an erection.

Warm water is beneficial as it accelerates the flow of blood to the penis and reduces the negative pressure by the hydro pump. Thus, it will take care of your sexual well-being and make you all the more confident.

The seal at the base of the penis prevents the blood from flowing out of the penis. This gives you a more prolonged erection.

How to use Bathmate?

The product is very simple to use. Fill the pump with warm water while taking a shower. You will have to insert your penis and seal it to the base of your penis. Now, pump out water in order to create vacuum pressure, which will make you feel harder and more durable. You can use it thrice a day, but make sure that each session should not exceed 5 minutes. The various steps include:

What are the materials used for manufacturing Bathmate?

The product is manufactured in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, by skilled and passionate operatives who use high-quality materials. They use silicones that are skin safe, quality stainless steel, and high strength polycarbonate. In order to remove and position the elaborate molding, top precision robots are used on the injection molding process. They undergo rigorous testing in the laboratories.

What are the benefits of Bathmate?

The product has innumerable benefits that make it the best-selling penis pump:


While using Bathmate, you must keep in mind the following:

Why choose Bathmate over other Penis Enlargement Pumps widely sold in the market?

The official site comes with a penis size calculator that allows you to choose the correct pump for yourself that gives you better results. Since it is a water pump, there is no risk of cuts and bruises like the air pumps available in the market. It is easy to use as well as clean. The materials used are safe and are of high quality, so they do not cause any allergies on the skin. You can also avail the best offers on the official website. Moreover, customers have not given any negative feedback, which means it is entirely safe. It does not even involve the complications of expensive surgery.  

So, CLICK HERE to visit BathMate Official Website to place your Order.

How to maximize the effects of Bathmate?

Apart from using this product, you must keep in mind your penile health. You must exercise regularly and let go of your stress levels. You must eat the right food, drink plenty of water, check your blood pressure regularly, and avoid junk food, booze, and cigarettes. Include salmon, tomatoes, olive oil, and oysters in your diet.

Also, remember to take care of your sleep patterns. Try exercises for the pelvic floor’s pubococcygeus (PC) muscles as they will increase blood flow and strengthen your hard-on.

Also, try jelqing, which is an ancient procedure to have a resurgence. The other tips to maximize the effects include:

For better results, you may also use a variety of accessories that Bathmate offers.

What about the safety levels of the Bathmate?

According to Aspen Clinical Research, Bathmate hand pumps provide the highest level of safety. No other products in the market can match up to their safety levels. Men in over 70 countries use this product as it is the world’s best-selling penis enlargement device. It naturally recreates the hydraulic effect around the penis to give you an erection. They use high-quality medical grade materials.

Does Bathmate have any side effects?

The manufacturers use unique, medical-grade, phthalate-free, and skin-friendly materials. It is specially designed to be used in warm water, so it does not have the side effects of an air pressure pump. The negative pressure created by the water pump does not cause any pain or discomfort. Thus, nasty side effects or injuries should bother you the least as you do not have to consume it.

Will Bathmate work for me?

The product has satisfied 1 million customers worldwide who are pleased with the increase in their penis size. Bathmate is also quite confident about their product; thus, it comes with a 2-year warranty. If you don’t feel content with the product, you can return it within 60 days and get a full money refund. So, you can be rest assured that the product will certainly work for you.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Bathmate

  1. It gives you a harder erection so that you can enjoy your sessions to the fullest
  2. It is easy to use as it does not have complicated or multiple parts
  3. It offers free worldwide delivery
  4. It comes with a 2-year warranty
  5. It also gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Let us have a look at what the customers have to say:

Gareth Gomes says, “I was quite worried about my flaccid penis, then I came across the Bathmate series and ordered Hydro7. In the beginning, I used to use it for 5 minutes, but gradually I increased it to 15 minutes and the results were marvelous. I couldn’t believe the change that I noticed in my size. I have been using it for three months now, and I am delighted with the increased size of my penis.”

Hagen Kennedy says, “Bathmate is an amazing product. It helps me to hold longer, that has enhanced my sex drive.”

Frequently asked questions

It is the best-selling penis pump that works on vacuum technology.

They sell 12 different types of pumps that include three different ranges and five different sizes. The Hydro series is for the beginners, Hydromax provides 35% more power, and HydroXtreme provides unbelievable pressure.

Shipping is entirely free, no matter where you are located.

You will notice gains from the very first use only, but it might fade quickly. Regular workouts will give you long-lasting benefits.

It is an ancient Arabic therapy which means to milk your penis. It is basically an exercise that will increase the size of your penis. It is a hand-over-hand rolling motion that gushes blood flow towards the penis’s head, which stretches it.

The best-selling pumps include Hydro7, Hydromax7. Hydromax7 wide, HydroXtreme7 and HydroXtreme7 wide.

On average, it can be used 3-5 times per week.

For better and enhanced results, you can also use the wide variety of accessories available like Hydrovibe, Power Ring, Vibe Bullet Vibrator, Shower Strap, Cushion Ring, Measuring Gauge, Capsule Case, Cleaning Kit, Cleaning Brush, etc.

What is the Price of BathMate?

BathMate SeriesFor Sizes Price
Hydro:5 TO 7″$110.00
HydroMax:3 TO 9″$159.00
HydroExtreme:3 TO 11″$249.00
Where to Buy BathMate? Visit BathMate Official Website.


Bathmate is known to give you pretty satisfactory results in just three months. It is an excellent solution to all your problems if you are willing to put in a little more effort and time. It is highly effective in treating mild erectile dysfunction by mimicking the natural process of erection. It is long-lasting and can endure great force. The materials are skin-friendly and cause no allergies at all. So, hurry to get your hand pump that will suit your size.

Quick Run-Down

Price:It varies from $110.00 to $319.00
UseTo be Used Externally
Prescription:Not Required
Is it legal?Yes, of course, it is legal.
Where to Buy BathMate Online?Easily Available on Bathmate Direct Official Website.
Is it Safe?Yes, it is 100% Safe and has No Side Effects.
Money-Back Guarantee:Yes, covered by 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.
Why should you use the product?To increase the size and girth of your penis and deal with erectile dysfunction.
Hormonal EffectNo Hormonal Effect at All