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Enjoy Superior Health with ImmuneTree’s Colostrum 6

Immune Tree Colostrum 6


Do you feel a slack in your overall performance, energy levels and vigour? It happens with most of us. Regular consumption of junk or processed food and unhealthy lifestyle weakens the immune system leading to several health conditions. So it’s time to improve your health and protect yourself from dangerous diseases. You need to upgrade your health by getting the right kind of nutrition and what is better than colostrum?

Colostrum is a milky fluid that is produced by new, nursing mothers in the first few days after giving birth to their children. Humans as well as any lactating mammal produce colostrums. Bovine colostrum is that same thick, yellowish-coloured milky fluid that is produced by cows during their first few days of nursing their calves. This colostrum has innumerable health-giving properties which are now used as supplements and if you are desperate to enhance your overall healthiness then turn to ImmuneTree’s Colostrum 6 for optimal fitness.

Let’s get to know more about this amazing health supplement.

What is Colostrum 6?

Colostrum is the wholesome food produced by all mammals for the first few hours after giving birth to their little ones. It is a nutrient-rich fluid that is loaded with immune-supporting, growth-enhancing and tissue-repairing components. It is a complex and highly nutritious biological fluid which aids in the formation of immunity in the newborn. It comprises a huge amount of antibodies which are proteins that combat infections and bacteria. This highly nutritive anti-microbial fluid helps in the stimulation and development of an infant’s immune system. Colostrum fosters growth and health in infants and newborn animals. Newer studies and research show that bovine colostrum which is derived from cows can improve overall health. Bovine colostrum has lately become the raw material for many immunity-building milk products.

Colostrum 6 created by the well-known U.S. based manufacturer ImmuneTree is a dietary supplement made from bovine colostrum. This health supplement will promote immunity, aid you to fight infections, and improve gut health throughout your life. This healthful fluid is filled with over 97 immune factors and 87 growth factors. Thus, Bovine colostrum or cow colostrum is Mother Nature’s first wholesome sustenance.

So, these adaptogenic components contained in this fluid combinedly promote the development of a stable body, powerful and capable metabolism and amplified immune function enabling your body to grow and thrive under any situation.

All the ImmuneTree Certified 6-Hour Colostrum food supplements are manufactured from organically raised cows and only harvested after the newborn calves have obtained their share. They are GMO free products made out of gluten-free and 100% tested organic and raw ingredients.

Colostrum 6 Certified 6-Hour Supplement is a dietary powder which is a rich source of energetic, metabolic growth and immune support factors. It gives you healthy skin, hair, joints, bones and organs.

180 Count Colostrum 6 Capsules is also a dietary supplement that supports your immunity and encourages good health.

Colostrum 6 Strawberry Moo Chews is an immunity-boosting supplement in the form of tablets made out of cold-pressed colostrum especially made for children of all ages.

Colostrum 6 Kilo powder is a dietary supplement containing essential amino acids and vitamins to support tissue repair and give anti-ageing benefits.

Colostrum 6 Pineapple Lozenges are tablets containing cold-pressed colostrum for increased immunity and health.

90 Count Colostrum 6 Capsules is also a food supplement where the colostrum powder has been encapsulated into Kosher-certified gelatin capsules giving you a well-balanced healthy life.

How does Colostrum 6 work?

Bovine colostrum is abundant in essential vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, disease-fighting antibodies, growth hormones and digestive enzymes. The mother cow produces colostrum immediately after giving birth to her calf for a period of 6 hours. This nutrient-dense fluid contains potent anti-ageing properties and a wide range of probiotics in their “whole food” forms.

So, ImmuneTree Colostrum 6 food supplements are manufactured by drying the colostrum under low temperature into pills and powder forms which can be consumed with other liquids.

Colostrum 6 health supplements have been certified to be ‘True Colostrum’ by Dr. Don Lein from Cornell University. The supplements contain the purest form of the naturally-obtained cow colostrum without any unnecessary fillers or chemical additives. These dietary supplements are an accurate combination of growth factors, immune-enhancing components, essential nutrients and metabolic constituents. The supplements enhance strength, stamina, performance and muscle recovery for a professional athlete or an office-going person.

These colostrum-rich supplements made by ImmuneTree promotes healthy intestinal flora and combats infections in the digestive tract. The components in bovine colostrum help prevent bacterial and viral infections and diarrhoea. The colostrum is loaded with the vital antibodies or immunoglobulins which strengthen the immune system, helping you to stave off diseases.

Moreover, the growth factor of the colostrum supplements enables cellular regeneration resulting in a strong digestive tract, healthy skin, nerves, bones, muscles, cartilage and making you more active, youthful and enervated.

Colostrum 6 supplement gives stronger support to your immune system and its function is to bypass stomach acids and encourage higher absorption rate.

The 180 count Colostrum Capsule supplement contains over 700 constituents that naturally balance and regenerate your body.

Colostrum Strawberry Moo Chews is specially designed for children of all ages and this formula enhances children’s immunity and metabolic system and overall growth.

Colostrum Kilo Powder is supercharged with over 95 immune factors and this powerful food supplement supports anti-ageing, tissue repair and boosts your wellbeing and vitality.

Colostrum Pineapple Lozenges is an excellent immunity booster as it is rich in Vitamin C.

Ingredients of Colostrum 6 supplements

All the ImmuneTree Colostrum 6 supplements contain purely natural and organic ingredients and they are devoid of any artificial additives or synthetic substances. These dietary supplements contain raw bovine colostrum and gluten-free, GMO-free organic components.

All the Colostrum supplements contain Bovine Colostrum 6 – 1500 mg and Vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid and other inactive ingredients.


ImmuneTree Colostrum 6 supplements provide an array of benefits which are:

Why choose Colostrum 6 over other colostrum supplements in the market?

ImmuneTree Colostrum 6 supplements are purely natural dietary supplements unlike other colostrum supplements in the market. There are no chemical substances or synthetic additives in these supplements making them safe to use and also a better choice as a colostrum formula.

The colostrum derived from the mother cows is laden with the vital antibodies which makes it so nourishing and wholesome. So, the Immunetree farm’s mother cows are not only grass-fed but also are given a well-defined diet full of necessary nutrients to ensure best health status of the mother cows. All the mother cows are divided into several groups depending on their lactation cycles in order to ensure their maximum milk production capabilities. This way the development of diseases is also controlled by keeping all the cows separately. Hardly any other colostrum supplement manufacturer maintains such methods and procedures in their farms to ensure proper output of quality colostrum.

Immune Tree dairy cows yield the maximum litres of milk comparatively to other dairy cows. Moreover, there are quality issues with most colostrum supplements as most dairy companies milk the colostrum up to days after birth which delivers a diluted colostrum with low quantities of immune factors and growth factors. On the contrary, Immune Tree colostrum is certified 6-hour harvested and the company strictly adheres to the 6-hour duration and not more than that. This is a unique feature of ImmuneTree colostrum supplements. Furthermore, the colostrum derived from the mother cows is ethically done and it is ensured that the calf gets its own share of the vital 6-hour colostrum.

The ImmuneTree dairy cows are grass-fed and are given free rein to move about into different pastures to facilitate better yield and quality of the milk, but it also increases the nutrient content of the milk. This way the cows are exposed to different microorganisms which give rise to quality antibodies in the bloodstream of the mother cows which later on gets transferred to their colostrum.

Other colostrum supplements are created at very high temperatures which destroy the essence of the colostrum, whereas ImmuneTree formulae contains cold-pressed colostrum which magnifies its potency. Unlike other dairy companies, these supplements do not contain fat-free colostrum. All the essential fats are retained in the colostrum of ImmuneTree products, thereby making it more powerfully nutritious and potent.

The ImmuneTree colostrum capsules are coated with natural Chymosin which protects and ensures bio-availability of the nutrients in the supplement. Without this natural Chymosin coating, the components of colostrum will get destroyed by stomach acids. This protective barrier of Chymosin is a special feature of ImmuneTree supplements which can hardly be seen in other colostrum products.

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Does it have any Side Effects?

Colostrum itself is a highly wholesome food and ImmuneTree ensures the best quality and potent colostrum in all its supplements, be it in powder or capsule form. Its supplements are entirely free of any kind of artificial additives; hence they do not cause any adverse side effects.

What is the Recommended Dosage?

It is recommended that you take the supplement twice in a day, whether it is in powder or capsule form.

How to use?

It is advised that children above the age of 12 years and adults can the powder Colostrum 6 supplement 1-2 tsp. twice a day along with water or any other fluid.

The Colostrum 6 capsules should be taken on an empty stomach 3 capsules twice daily.

The Strawberry Moo Chews can be taken 2 tablets twice a day for children above the age of 12 years and adults.

Will ImmuneTree Colostrum 6 work for you?

Yes, absolutely! Besides adults, these health-giving supplements will work fabulously for the entire family. Whether you are a school-going student, a college-goer, a working professional or a senior citizen, these wonder supplements will prove to be very efficient for you.

Colostrum is the most powerful natural food on earth. This has been used by health practitioners for a long time for treating rheumatoid arthritis, to create polio vaccine, to help fight viruses and bacteria, to enhance immunity and many other uses. This truly natural food has been scientifically proven to be the most complete whole food, consisting of all the vital vitamins, necessary fatty acids, minerals, amino acids, growth and immune factors.

ImmuneTree Colostrum 6 supplements are clinically tested and are formulated through the natural Nano-technology for balancing the body and aiding in rejuvenation, regeneration and immune reinforcement. The formulae contain over 700 constituents in their true colostrum form and gives you a host of benefits starting from immunity, growth and anti-ageing factors.

If you are an elderly person, colostrum will make you anti-aging benefits and strengthen your bones, musculature and also enhance your immunity. It will give you a superior quality of life and thus makes you less dependent on your family members. If you are an athlete or a working professional, taking ImmuneTree colostrum supplements will greatly enhance your performance, stamina levels, vigor and vitality.

On the other hand, Colostrum Strawberry Moo Chews and Pineapple Lozenges will be highly suitable for the children aged 6 yrs above. These strawberry chewy formulas and the pineapple lozenges will delight the children and they will definitely relish them considering the delectable flavors! Besides, children will highly benefit from consuming them, as the supplements will boost their immunity, give them immense strength and facilitate their growth.

These supplements will strengthen your entire family against any kind of viruses and will give you all a robust immunity.


It is advised that you should refrain from overdosing the supplements in order to hasten the results, as it may prove to be detrimental to your health. As with other supplements, you should check for any allergies to any of the ingredients contained in the supplements with your doctor. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not take these. Also, children below the age of 6 years should not be given these supplements.

How to maximize the benefits of Colostrum 6?

ImmuneTree Colostrum 6 supplements comprise a powerhouse of nutritional advantages that will help you to gain back your health and rev up your immunity. But if you want to optimize all the benefits of colostrum, you need to follow these tips:

What are the safety levels of Colostrum 6?

Bovine colostrum is considered to be perfectly safe for human consumption. So, these milk-derived, immunity-enhancing colostrum supplements from ImmuneTree are considered completely safe. These supplements have been produced after a lot of scientific research and are backed by doctors like Dr. Don Lein from Cornell University. These Immune Tree colostrum supplements have been certified as ‘True Colostrum’ considering they stick to the 6-hour duration of retrieving the essential colostrum after the mother cow gives birth to her calf.

Moreover, these supplements have been formulated after maintaining all the safety standards by the manufacturing company. These invigorating supplements contain pure colostrum without any synthetic or chemical fillers, which makes them highly safe and beneficial colostrum formulae.

Top 5 reasons to buy Colostrum 6

  1. This supplement is scientifically-backed and gives no harmful side effects
  2. It contains the ‘True Colostrum’ along with 97 immune factors and 87 growth factors.
  3. It is nutrient-dense and boosts immunity, strength and overall health to children as well as adults.
  4. It has potent anti-ageing benefits and supports good digestion.
  5. It is a complete-family food filled providing all the essential nourishment.


ImmuneTree Colostrum 6 supplements have received a whole lot of positive reviews from the users around the world, some of them are:

Barbara: “I am a dancer by profession and lately I was feeling a little low in my energy levels. I was lacking the much-needed drive which thankfully Colostrum 6 gave me! I am never tired since I have been on this, and after my back-breaking dance classes, I do not feel exhausted at all!”

Sally: “My 13-year-old daughter used to fall sick all the time. I was quite fed up and equally helpless as even after I have given her an enormous amount of health and immunity boosters, her health never improved. But on my best friend’s suggestion, I have started giving my girl the Strawberry Colostrum 6 Moo Chews and Pineapple Lozenges alternatively for the last six months, and I have observed a great change in her health. Her immunity seems to have improved and her stamina and enthusiasm have also benefited a lot. I am really thankful to this amazing colostrum supplement!”

Tim: “Being a marketing professional I had to move around a lot and Colostrum 6 gave me that huge burst of energy, nutrition and I see an astounding improvement in my overall health and performance!”

What is the Price of Immune Tree Colostrum 6?

 Today’s Special Price
Colostrum 6.5oz Powder  $65.00
180 Count Colostrum Capsules  $43.75
Colostrum Strawberry Moo Chews  $41.25
Colostrum Kilo Powder$202.50
Colostrum Pineapple Lozenges  $41.25
90 Count Colostrum Capsules$25.00
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ImmuneTree Colostrum 6 supplements have all the qualities that form an ideal colostrum formula. They contain nature’s first and wholesome food in the right quantities as certified by Dr. Don Lein to be a ‘True 6-Hour Colostrum’.

The most superb thing about ImmuneTree is that they offer everything from colostrum powder to colostrum capsules. And the most excellent and amazing are the Pineapple Colostrum Lozenges and Strawberry, Colostrum Moo Chews which will be loved and enjoyed by all the kids, thus helping them to gain immunity in the process.

Short Reminder

ProductColostrum 6
Immunity and Growth BoosterYes
BenefitsBoosts immunity, performance and anti-aging
Side effectsZero
Recommended dosage1-2 tsp or 2 tablets twice a day
No. of capsules in a bottle90 to 180 capsules
Suitable forMen, women & children
To be consumed by peopleAbove 6 years of years
ResultsFast and effective
Guarantee100% satisfaction
Satisfies customersYes
Where to buy Colostrum 6 Online?Visit ImmuneTree-Colostrum 6 Official Website