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Women, who tirelessly look after their family, generally put their loved ones’ requirements first before them. But what about their own health and wellbeing? Due to socio-economic pressures and familial duties women end up neglecting themselves. So, is it that you too are neglecting and silently suffering from urinary incontinence which has been caused due to your injured bladder? You may have injured your bladder while you were delivering your baby! Or is it due to your lifestyle that your bladder got infected? Regardless of how it developed, it is indeed an embarrassing condition that you have been trying hard to get it under control.

It can be extremely shameful and uncomfortable when you stain the bed sheets due to leakage or wetting. You may have tried to correct your incontinence issue with medications but they haven’t proved to be helpful. So, if you are fed up of trying every possible way to have control on your bladder, then you should definitely try Confitrol24 and reorder your life!

Confitrol24 is the perfect solution to your incontinence problem and will help you to get a grip on your bladder thus changing your life for the better!

Let’s get to know more about this bladder control supplement.

What is Confitrol24?

Confitrol24 is a dietary supplement that has been designed after several years of research to help you to regain control over your bladder. This health supplement called Confitrol24 is the best naturally-formulated and effective bladder control supplement for women.

A lot of women suffer from urinary incontinence around the world. Urinary incontinence is the incapability to control the elimination of urine. Many women are unable to solve this annoying and awkward health condition and so cannot control their bladder. Lifestyle factors, medical issues as well as childbirth can cause damages to the nerves in the bladder and at the same time make the pelvic floor weak. There are various kinds of urinary incontinence among which stress incontinence is when activities that cause pressure inside the stomach prompts the leakage of urine. Urge incontinence happens when the brain and the spine are not working together harmoniously so the bladder empties itself without any signs.

A leaky bladder is an upsetting issue and interferes with an individual’s quality of life. Even though many women try to practice exercises to keep their bladder fit, their bladder muscles might still not become tough enough to work properly. Weakened pelvic floor muscles cause a whole lot of symptoms like frequent urination, severe urges to urinate, bed wetting, leakage during sex, laughing, coughing as well as exercising. All these are signs of poor bladder control or what is known as urinary incontinence.

Confitrol24 is a life-changer and can save you from this embarrassing condition of urinary incontinence. It is a purely natural, non-prescription supplement created especially for women. It helps in preventing urine leaking and fights the problem of your frequent urges to go to the toilet. This supplement protects your urinary tract and delays ageing of the urinary bladder. Confitrol24 is a scientifically- backed health supplement which has been created to improve your bladder control. It toughens the bladder to help it to retain urine. This natural supplement is a product of the reputed company Leading Edge Health and has been honored by Nutra Ingredients USA Awards of 2019.

How Does Confitrol24 work?

This award-winning formula is solely designed to enhance the toning of the muscles of the urinary bladder to help you to have better control over your bladder. This unique healer is a blend of natural extracts and perfectly restores the right functioning of the bladder. It balances and strengthens the muscles of the bladder wall, pelvic floor as well as the sphincter. This powerful supplement supports the tissues of the bladder and its surrounding area.

Confitrol24 is a unique blend of Ayurvedic, Western and Chinese natural extracts which have been assimilated to effectively support bladder tone and healthy urinary tract function. This herbal formulation works by improving the strength and relaxation of the muscles of inside the bladder as well as around it. It also boosts collagen production and connective tissue support. This therapeutic product also fights infections that may upset your bladder. This supplement checks leakage, lessens your frequent toilet trips, fortifies your bladder and stops its ageing. This exceptional formula functions at the cellular level to improve the potency and tone of the sphincter and pelvic floor muscles.

Confitrol24 has been designed to combat two types of incontinence, one that arises from pressure from the abdominal region and the other one that is caused by a want of coordination between the spine and brain.

The three potent herbs contained in this supplement work together in supplying a healthy dose of nutrients to the urinary tract and its related systems. It aids in the relaxation of the muscles in the bladder enabling it to fill and empty properly. Thus, the ingredients of Confitrol24 works efficiently in improving bladder control so that you do not lose your sound sleep due to urine leakage.

What are the Ingredients of Confitrol24?

The ingredients contained in this vegetarian dietary supplement are completely herbal and organic in nature. Let’s have a closer look at them:

The Urox Proprietary Blend (840 mg) consists of:

  1. Raw Horsetail – This ingredient strengthens the muscle and connective tissues of the bladder and its surrounding parts. It diminishes urine leakage by facilitating collagen production and strengthening bladder walls.
  2. Cratevox – This extract aids in improving bladder tone.
  3. Lindera Aggregata – This powerful antioxidant promotes anti-ageing effects for the wellbeing of the bladder and fights off infections and diseases caused by harmful bacteria.

Benefits of Confitrol24

Confitrol24 offers plenty of advantages to the wellbeing of your body. The benefits of this herbal supplement include:

Why choose Confitrol24 over other Bladder Health Supporting Supplements in the market?

If you are searching for the best and natural way to treat your distressing condition of urinary incontinence, then Confitrol24 is the ultimate answer to your problem. This supplement is a unique synergistic combination of organic and herbal ingredients that supports a healthy urinary tract function unlike other medicines or products on the market.

The ingredients used in this product is highly safe and natural without giving off any side-effects which cannot be assured about other supplements available in the market. This powerful herbal remedy is an award-winning formula unlike other bladder- controlling supplements. Moreover, this powerful product is backed by several doctors and the ingredients have been clinically tested and proven unlike other available products.

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Does Confitrol24 have any Side Effects?

Clinical studies have proven that Confitrol24 has no side effects. It is a completely natural supplement made up of 100% organic ingredients. So, it can be said that this is a highly reliable and effective bladder-controlling formulation without any adverse side effects to your health.

Will Confitrol24 work for you?

Yes, this unique supplement will definitely work for you if you have been very much disturbed and self-conscious about your incontinence issue! If even after the intake of several medications your urinary tract’s health has not improved then Confitrol24 is the ideal remedy for you as it has effectively minimized urine leakage of millions of users. Besides, this supplement is a completely natural and herbal formula, so you do not have to worry about any side effects. Moreover, if you are in your advancing years then this natural drug will help in staving off UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) also.

What is the Recommended Dose?

Confitrol24 comes in a bottle containing 60 vegetarian capsules. It is recommended by the manufacturer to take 2 capsules on a daily basis for two months to see positive improvements.

How to use Confitrol24?

Confitrol24 is a vegetarian dietary supplement that does not require any prescription to purchase. You should take 2 capsules daily for at least 2 months to feel the difference. If you consume in the right way, you will surely experience positive results.


Confitrol24 is created with a synergistic blend of natural herbs that benefits your urinary tract without giving off any adverse effects. It is advised that you should strictly adhere to the recommended dosage and do not overdose in order to hasten results. Although it is a natural healer, yet it is advised that people who are under any treatment should consult their doctors before adding this to your diet.

Moreover, pregnant and nursing mothers should not take this. People under the age of 18 should not take this.

How to maximize the benefits of Confitrol24?

Confitrol24 is a scientifically proven and effective supplement to improve bladder control. It helps you to regain control over your bladder and ensures that you are not feeling uncomfortable by any more embarrassing moments of urine leakage. If you consume the supplement in the right way for a minimum duration of 2 months, you will definitely experience a positive impact on your bladder health. Besides, if you want to hasten the positive results, make sure you are following some lifestyle habits which are:

What about the safety levels of Confitrol24?

You can safely consume Confitrol24 which is a powerful proprietary blend containing three high-quality, potent natural ingredients. It has been developed by doctors and has effectively reduced frequent toilet visits and bladder leakages. It is formulated with natural and super-efficacious Ayurvedic, Western and Chinese herbs, and so it is impossible to face any side effects.

It is not a product containing harmful elements. It is a purely organic supplement containing powerful herbal ingredients, so it is unlikely that it will cause any side effects unless you take extremely high doses. All that Confitrol24 offers are advantages like rebuilding your urinary tract’s health, fighting unwanted foreign elements away from your body and many such benefits.

Top 5 Reasons to buy Confitrol24

  1. A 100% natural remedy with high-ranking strong ingredients
  2. Clinically tested by experts and safe without any side effects
  3. Proves effective in strengthening your bladder
  4. Reduces embarrassing urine leakages
  5. The product guarantees 100% satisfaction and money refund


Any product’s effectiveness is valued whenever the users give positive reviews. Such is also the case with Confitrol24 when customers around the world are full of positive reviews. Some of them are:

Dora Evans: “One of my friends who used to suffer from the same issue of incontinence just like me, and when she told me about Confitrol24 and how she has managed to regain control over her bladder, I couldn’t believe it! Since I did not have many options left, I gave it a try. You won’t believe me, as it has changed my life incredibly! I have full control over my bladder issues now and I am so grateful to my friend for suggesting me Confitrol24!”

Tina Brown: “I used to be sceptical about herbal medicines but Confitrol24 has changed my perception completely! All my incontinence woes seem to have vanished!”

Rohini Parker: “After my third delivery, I had almost lost control over my bladder. The constant leaks used to trouble me a lot! I was hopeless and was terrified too as I thought surgery was the only answer. But after I started using Confitrol24 for about a month or so, I was pleasantly surprised as I regained control over my bladder and my pelvic muscles became stronger! I truly love Confitrol24 as it has given me a new lease of life!”

What is the Price of Confitrol24?

Confitrol 24Retail PriceSpecial Discount Price
1 Month Supply$49.99$49.99
2 Month Supply$99.98$89.99
3 Month Supply$149.97$124.99
6 Month Supply (Gold Package)$299.94$239.99 + Free Global Shipping
12 Month Supply$599.88$399.99 + Free Global Shipping
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Urinary incontinence is a very distressing health issue that affects your life negatively by deteriorating the quality of your life. This condition causes many awkward and embarrassing situations in your life which becomes extremely unpleasant. So, if you are sick and exhausted from your frequent bathroom trips and shameful leakages, then Confitrol24 is here to help. It can drastically reduce incontinence issues naturally, no matter your age!

Super Quick Recall

Product     Confitrol24
Bladder Control Supplement     Yes
Ingredients     All-natural
Steroids     No
Caffeine     No
Benefits     Cures Urinary Incontinence
Side Effects     Zero
Recommended Dosage     2 Capsules a day
No. of capsules in a bottle     60 capsules
Suitable for     Only Women
To be Consumed by people     Above 18 years of age
Results     Fast and effective
Guarantee     67 days money back guarantee     
Shipping     Worldwide
Satisfies Customers     Yes
Where to Confitrol24 Online?     Visit Confitrol24 Official Website

Confitrol24 FAQ’s

Q. Can a man take Confitrol24 to help with his incontinence?

 A.  Confitrol24 has been particularly designed for women. You can consult your doctor if you consider this to be suitable for your condition.

Q. Where can I get this supplement from?

A. You can get ample supply of Confitrol24 from the official website. It has a secure payment system that ensures a safe transaction.

Q. How soon can I get to experience results?

A. You are advised to adhere to the recommended dosage. You will feel the positive results within a few weeks of taking the supplement.

Q. How long will a bottle of Confitrol24 last?

A. You get 60 capsules in a bottle. You are suggested to take 2 capsules a day and so the bottle will last 30 days.

Q. Is there an age limit to those who can use the product?

A. Only people over the age of 18 years can take this supplement and there is no upper age limit. Make sure you consult your physician if there are any pre-existing conditions.