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Do you often stand before the mirror and get upset on taking a closer look at your face? Is it that the ugly acne scars on your cheeks upsetting you or your dull complexion? Appearance is everything for most of us. And while many of us are content with our looks and skin condition, there are those who are troubled by unattractive dark spots and uneven complexion. Such people will splurge on various bleaching creams and brighteners available on the skincare market which may do more harm than good. So, you need to stop damaging your delicate skin structure with those harsh chemicals and look for natural ways to wipe out your unsightly scars’ marks or blemishes.

If you wish to get rid of your dark spots and discoloration from your face in a more gentle way, then Epibright Skin Brightening Cream is your ultimate skin brightening and spot-erasing solution.

Let’s get into a deeper study about this fabulous skincare product.

What is Epibright?

Blotchy and uneven pigmentation is a condition that can affect people of any age or any skin type. Dark spots and discoloration can make your skin look less attractive. Epibright skin brightening cream is an advanced product that claims to be competent in gently and effectively lightening the skin in a comparatively short span of time but with no harsh side effects.

Epibright is a skin lightening cream designed to lighten and brighten dark spots. This wonderful skin brightening cream is manufactured by the well-known U.S. skincare company Sisquoc Healthcare Inc. This product does not contain hydroquinine, steroids or any other harsh chemicals. It is packed with a number of proven whitening agents that are completely safe to use.

This unusually-new and improved skin lightening cream is composed of potent brightening agents as well as soothing herbal extracts. This safe and natural skin whitening solution comprises of ingredients that have been specially formulated for providing you the best skin lightening effects after they have undergone rigorous testing.

This skin lightening cream which is composed of safe and powerfully efficient bleaching agents and herbal extracts works in just a few weeks to correct uneven pigmentation and reduce dark spots. The entire formulation is made from natural ingredients that offer safe and effective skin bleaching, resulting in clear, glowing skin.

How does Epibright work?

This skin whitening cream is a perfect mixture of natural ingredients and herbal extracts. The botanical extracts in the cream make the skin smoother while the natural substances help your skin to become lighter and brighter. Unlike most skin lightening creams which make your skin dry and inflamed, the ingredients in Epibright make the skin appear more luminous and spotless.

Epibright works by slowing down your body’s rate of natural production of melanin, that is the pigment which makes your skin appear darker in some areas, either in the form of freckles, moles, or hyper-pigmentation. The cream’s active ingredients inhibit the body’s melanin producing enzyme, tyrosinase, to gradually lighten and even out your skin tone.

This powerful skin illuminating cream uses the two key ingredients Kojic Acid and Alpha-Arbutin to lighten the skin fantastically like bleached skin. This skincare cream contains a host of other botanical ingredients that are proven to whiten and brighten the overall appearance of the skin. These two skin lightening agents contained in this formulation are the two crucial skin bleaching agents that help in the process of erasing all unsightly marks and scars.

Alpha-Arbutin minimizes the element tyrosinase which is responsible for melanin production, which leads to dark spots and skin discoloration. This natural derivative diminishes liver and age spots and reduces skin darkening caused due to UV exposure. The other active skin lightening agent which is Kojic Acid is very effective is decreasing hyper-pigmentation and helps in giving you brighter facial skin. It gives the same effects just like hydroquinone without the harmful reactions like excessive burning or skin irritation.

The entire formulation of Epibright skin brightening cream play an important role in lightening the facial skin as well as fading away the ugly blemishes. It further soothes and moisturizes the skin, giving you spotlessly radiant complexion.

What are the Ingredients in Epibright?

Epibright is a wonderful and natural skin bleaching cream with proven brightening agents and healing herbal extracts. This powerful cream lightens skin of all pigmentations and contains no harsh chemical additives. There are some major skin whitening agents contained in this formulation along with other soothing ingredients that lighten skin tone as well as nurtures your skin.

The following are the ingredients:

  1. Alpha-Arbutin– this inhibits the production of tyrosinase in your face and erases liver and age spots.
  2. Kojic Acid- this is a proven skin whitening extract which has antifungal and antibacterial properties and addresses age spots and hyper-pigmentation, making your facial skin brighter.
  3. Bearberry and Mulberry extracts– these work in harmony with Alpha-arbutin to further reduce the production of tyrosinase. Both these extracts aid in skin lightening.
  4. Melissa officinalis balm and licorice extracts- they provide a soothing and moisturizing effect. Licorice helps in skin lightening.

What are the Benefits of Epibright?

Epibright skin brightening cream is an organically-formulated skin lightening cream that helps you to attain a lighter and luminous skin tone and gives you a whole lot of benefits which are:

Why choose Epibright over other skin-lightening products in the market?

This is one of the best skin-whitening creams in the market. The herbal extracts used in this skin bleaching cream make it all the more unique. Unlike other skin whitening products, this is safe skin bleaching formulation which does not contain the harmful and skin-irritating agent hydroquinone. It contains twice the size of most skin lightening creams, thus lasts for a longer duration.

Unlike other skin bleaching products, Epibright combines the powerful active ingredient kojic dipalmitate with other organic skin illuminating ingredients such as mulberry and bearberry extracts to create a stable but terrifically potent cream for skin lightening. Very few skin bleaching products give so many benefits as this wonderful cream. This fantastic skin whitening cream not only even outs skin tone, but also diminishes skin discolorations and repulsive acne scars and other blemishes.

This modern but uniquely natural skin brightener has been created without any kind of harsh chemicals or perfumes which may irritate the skin. There are products in the market that contain hydroquinone which leads to excessive burning and skin irritation. On the contrary, Epibright contains only clinically-tested organic ingredients and especially contains a more updated version of arbutin known as Alpha-Arbutin in larger amounts which will help you to get long-lasting flawless skin. Moreover, the most outstanding feature of this wonderful cream is its lasting lightening effects owing to the extraordinary benefits of kojic dipalmitate which is extremely notable compared to other skin bleaching products on the market.

The most remarkable characteristic of this effective skin lightening cream, when compared to other bleaching creams, is that it not only lightens skin tone but also leaves skin feeling refreshed, soothed and moisturized. Furthermore, this skin whitening cream gives drastic skin lightening results quite unlike other skin bleaching products.

Thus, Epibright is the perfectly safe and powerful skin lightening cream for long-term use.

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Does EpiBright have any Side Effects?

Epibright skin lightening cream is made from natural ingredients that are good for the skin and do not damage it so users will not encounter unwanted side effects. It does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals or artificial additives to cause skin irritation or inflammation to your skin. Hence, this skin whitening is entirely free of side effects and is mild and gentle to your skin.

Will Epibright work for you?

Having a fair, bright and spotless skin is a dream for most women around the world. With age you may have noticed uneven pigmentation, skin discolorations, freckling, sun spots and stubborn scars on your facial skin. Epibright skin lightening cream understands every woman’s demand for a fair and flawless complexion and so it has been designed to provide you the perfect skin care treatment which will definitely suit you! With many years of dermatological expertise, Epibright has helped thousands of women achieve fair and beautiful skin in an effective, safe and healthier way.

Furthermore, this skin brightening cream has been engineered to maintain the radiance and health of your skin over time. This is made from the finest all-natural whitening ingredients from anywhere in the world. The manufacturer Sisquoc Healthcare has dedicated years of research into testing the best and the most potent skin-lightening ingredients from nature that can whiten skin complexion instead of using harmful and unsafe chemicals to reduce melanin. Unlike most skin whitening products that use chemicals in it like, hydroquinone, steroids and mercury, Epibright uses Alpha-Arbutin and Kojic dipalmitate along with other organic lightening ingredients to brighten skin and then lock in that fresh look that so many of you desire.

The super-effective extracts such as mulberry and bearberry work along with alpha-arbutin to reduce your skin inconsistencies and ugly dark spots. The result is a clear and even toned facial skin that maintains its youthful look and beautiful radiance. This wonder skin whitening cream gives you long-lasting fairness and softer and smoother skin. The secret of the extended skin brightening is the presence of kojic dipalmitate. This remarkable skin whitening element helps Epibright deeply adhere to facial skin for an extended period of time allowing the active ingredients to penetrate and lighten the darkened areas. The outcome is gorgeous, vibrant skin, full of shine and smoothness that stays with you for weeks and months on end!

Recommended Usage Instructions

It is recommended to use Epibright skin lightening cream twice daily for maximum effects. Do apply it on washed and dried skin and gently rub the cream with fingers until fully absorbed. After applying Epibright, be sure to apply a sunscreen product of at least 30 SPF.

How to use Epibright?

It is advised to use this wonderful skin whitening cream in the following manner:


It should be kept away from the reach of children. People with sensitive skin or who are taking medications due to any skin conditions should consult a dermatologist before using it. Pregnant and nursing mothers and individuals who are below the age of 18 should not use this cream. As with any cream if you are allergic to any of the ingredients make sure to consult your dermatologist.

How to maximize the benefits of Epibright?

This is an excellent skin whitening cream which is designed to give you smooth, spotless, soft and fair skin, but if you wish to get the optimum benefits out of this unique cream, make sure to follow the following tips:

What about the safety levels of Epibright?

This powerful and safe skin brightening cream contains no harsh chemicals or skin irritating bleaching agents like hydroquinone. It is created with safe and 100% organic whitening agents and herbal extracts to give you long-lasting spotless beauty and radiance.

This skin whitening cream being a completely organic product will not cause you any kind of discomfort, burning sensation or skin irritations. This skin bleaching product is highly mild and gentle to your skin as it is composed of only botanical and natural extracts which is safe for long-term use and does not cause any side effects.

The manufacturer Sisquoc Healthcare has used scientifically-backed, powerful and safe whitening agents in this formulation after conducting rigorous clinical trials on them. Hence, this skin illuminating cream is entirely safe to use as it will give you flawlessly fair skin without causing any side effects.

Top 5 reasons to buy Epibright

  1. This skin lightening cream uses scientifically proven organic ingredients to lighten facial skin.
  2. There are no harsh bleaching agents or chemicals in this cream and so this cream does not cause any side effects.
  3. It erases hyper-pigmentation, skin discoloration, blemishes, freckles and fine lines from your facial skin.
  4. This cream evens out your complexion and moisturizes your skin, giving you a healthy, luminous and fair complexion.
  5. The product offers you a generous 60-day guarantee.


The innumerable consumers who have used this extraordinary skin brightening cream are extremely elated after experiencing the results. A few of the positive customer reviews are:

Della: “It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve used Epibright and I can observe a tremendous amount of improvement. The acne marks and freckles have faded a lot, and my skin looks brighter! I’m hugely satisfied with this amazing product!”

Natasha: “I’ve tried a lot of skin bleaching products, and so far, Epibright has been really great! My dark spots are getting lightened after just 2 weeks of usage, and my face doesn’t feel dry at all.

Tina: “Epibright not only enhanced my complexion, but also proved to be a good moisturizer. It smells good and is very gentle on skin. Also, all my marks have faded away!”

Roxanne: “It’s an amazing cream! No irritation at all and within a month of using it I have seen a drastic change in my skin tone, all thanks to Epibright!”

What is the Price of Epibright?

EpibrightToday’s Special Price
1 Bottle (1 Month Supply)$39.95
Buy 2 and Get 1 Free (3 Months’ Supply)$79.90
Buy 3 and Get 2 Free (5 Months’ Supply)$119.85
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If you are looking for an effective skin whitening cream it is best to opt for a product that is made from all-natural ingredients to reduce the hazard of adverse effects on your delicate skin. It is advisable to use a cream that has a perfect balance of moisturizing and brightening components. The skin illuminating cream you choose should be powerful in giving you a spotless fair complexion, but it should be gentle on your skin. Epibright skin brightening cream appears to meet all the criteria of an ideal skin whitening cream. This cream not only gives you a radiant, blemish-free complexion, but also moisturizes your skin making it softer and smoother.

Therefore, this scientifically formulated skincare cream proves to be a stand-out skin lightening product which assures to fulfill your dream of achieving a flawlessly gorgeous skin. So, go grab it!


Skin brightening creamYes
BenefitsDiminishes dark spots & hyper-pigmentation
Side effectsZero
Recommended usageTwice in a day on washed, dried facial skin
Suitable forWomen only
To be used by peopleAbove 18 years of age
ResultsFast & effective
Guarantee60-day guarantee
Satisfies customersYes
Where to buy Epibright Online?Visit Epibright Official Website