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Stop Your Hair from Greying with Foligray

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Have you got upset after you noticed a grey hair staring back at you when you looked at yourself in the mirror? Well, it’s natural to get put out as grey hair is one of the signs of aging and nobody wishes to age before time or never to be more appropriate.

Grey hair makes you lose out on your confidence as it spoils your appearance. With age, the production of melanin in our hair follicles slows down which triggers greying of hair. But nowadays even the young are also affected because of nutritional deficiencies owing to improper diet and lifestyle and excessive stress in their lives.

Hair forms a major part of our appearance and lovely-looking dark mane without a trace of grey is what everybody desires. But greying hair has lately become quite common not only with the aged but also with the youth.

So, if you want to support your body’s pigmentation process then you can rely on Foligray to do that. This health supplement will facilitate in giving your body the much-needed push for increasing the pigmentation process required to stave off the greying of hairs.

Let’s find out how this useful and wonderful supplement helps in delaying the greying process.

What is Foligray?

In today’s world, early greying of hair is being faced by men and women equally even at a younger age. They are not supplying their bodies with the optimum nutrition that is required to keep their hair healthy due to erratic work schedules and an unbalanced lifestyle. Only well-balanced nutritional support can prevent further greying and restore complete health to your lackluster greying mane.

Foligray is a natural dietary supplement for daily hair pigment care and nourishment. This is a simple-to-use health supplement that will help in triggering the healthy hair pigmentation process. This nourishing formula is a product of the well-known health and wellness U.S. based company called Vita Balance Inc.

This nutritional formula aids in giving your hair the natural color support on an everyday basis. This hair color supporting food supplement is made up of an effective blend of natural ingredients designed to impart nutritive support for healthy-looking hair and its pigmentation.

This anti-greying nourishing formula contains a potent mix of the best nutrients that help in maintaining your hair’s health and provides healthful hair pigmentation. This is a purely organic dietary supplement that contains herbal extracts, highly efficacious vitamins, and minerals that nourish your hair right from its root to the tip.

How does Foligray work?

Our hair derives its color from a cluster of pigment molecules called melanin. There are two types of melanin which particularly contribute to hair color and they are known as eumelanin which imparts darker shades and pheomelanin that renders lighter shades of hair. The proportion of these two molecule sets determines the color of your hair. This coloring matter is enclosed within cells called melanocytes, which are found in the hair follicles. Melanocytes pigment the hair as it is grown from the follicle, subsequently, it results in your hair strands carrying a similar color as your melanin composition.

The melanocytes of your hair tend to produce less pigmentation to infuse into your growing hair owing to several factors such as aging, oxidative damage, or physical ailments. This lack of pigmentation, therefore, leads to pre-mature greying or lighter hair color.

Thus, this Foligray nutritional support for hair contains all the necessary natural ingredients that improve hair growth and prevent early greying of your hair. This anti-greying food supplement contains a high-potency enzyme called Catalase that catalyzes the transformation of hydrogen peroxide into water. High amounts of hydrogen peroxide have been responsible to disturb the production of melanin and so this hair nutritive formula contains the perfect quantity of catalase that reduces hydrogen peroxide and halts its greying effects on hair.

Other natural botanicals and nutrients like Pantothenic Acid, Copper, Zinc, and many other ingredients promote hair pigmentation, encourage hair growth, and reduce the oxidative stress on the hair follicles. The essential natural ingredients of this formulation decrease the harmful impact of environmental and lifestyle factors that may result in the greying of the hair.


This anti-greying nutritive formula contains active plant extracts and vital vitamins and minerals which are:

 Other Ingredients include


This hair stimulating and health-giving elixir provides a whole lot of benefits like:

Why choose Foligray over other anti-grey hair supplements?

Foligray is the healthiest and most natural of all hair-nourishing dietary supplements. This anti-greying nutritional supplement is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts that stimulate and nourish the healthy hair pigmentation process without causing any harmful side effects. Other hair health-supporting supplements contain artificial additives and synthetic fillers that may result in long-term health hazards.

On the contrary, this hair nurturing food supplement does not contain harmful fillers but only vital and important hair-friendly and hair-nourishing natural ingredients and herbal extracts.

This anti-greying nutriment formula unlike other hair supplements not only promotes healthy hair structure, quality, and rich hair pigmentation but also strengthens your hair and halts hair loss. Unlike other products in the market, this grey hair preventing dietary formula is a completely scientific supplement containing high-quality and clinically proven natural ingredients that target all the root causes that lead to greying of hair.

Foligray contains Catalase which is a potent enzyme that nullifies the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide which is responsible for hair greying. Other available supplements fail to target the root causes of hair greying, whereas this unique hair nourishing formula aims at maintaining healthy levels of Catalase that diminishes with age.

Moreover, this clinically potent hair formula contains all other hair pigmentation promoting nutrients like L-Tyrosine and Copper and hair-boosting nutrients like Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Silica, and Biotin that also promote hair growth and reduces hair loss. Thus, this supplement is a complete hair food formula that presents you with shiny and strong mane without any trace of grey.

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Does Foligray have any Side Effects?

Foligray is a totally plant-based organic dietary supplement that supplies your body with only vital nutrients as there is no synthetic filler in this formulation which may prove to be detrimental to your health. Hence, this hair food supplement does not cause any side effects.

Will Foligray work for you?

Yes, absolutely! This anti-grey food formula will suit you amazingly, whether you are a male or female. This is a powerful anti-greying hair nutriment that aims at eliminating all the factors responsible for the greying of hairs. First of all, this is an organic food supplement containing necessary nutrients and botanical extracts that primarily provide complete nourishment to your hair and prevents hair greying, hair fall, hair breakage, and many other hair-friendly benefits.

Since this is an entirely natural food formula, so you do not have to worry about any negative side effects. All this formulation contains is vital and essential vitamins and minerals that are required by your body to produce lustrous and deeply-hued thick hair.

Secondly, this clinically potent hair formula maintains all your body’s decreasing levels of Catalase, Copper, Zinc, L-Tyrosine that help in preventing grey hair.

So, this is the most powerfully nourishing health supplement that will fulfill all the nutritional deficiencies that your body is going through which is the main cause behind greying hairs.

Thirdly, this effective hair strengthening formula addresses other hair–related issues like hair loss, brittle hair, and lackluster hair through its high-quality and high-potency nutrients. Finally, this health-giving hair supplement also boosts your immune system and so you get to enjoy a wide array of benefits.

Recommended Dosage

It is recommended by the manufacturer that one should take 2 capsules in a day.

How to use Foligray?

It is advised that you should take one capsule of this hair nourishing formula in the morning after having breakfast and one capsule after having dinner with a glass of water.

To get the maximum benefits you should take this supplement for 90 days at a stretch and then give a break of 15 days, after that again start taking it.


It should only be taken by individuals above the age of 18. Pregnant and nursing mothers should strictly avoid taking this supplement. Individuals who are undergoing any medical treatment should consult their doctors before taking this supplement. One should never exceed the recommended dosage otherwise it might cause undesirable side effects.

How to maximize the benefits of Foligray?

This hair nourishing formula for healthy hair and pigmentation is an all-encompassing and nutritious food for your hair and so if you wish to reap the maximum benefits out of this product you need to follow certain tips:

What about the safety levels of Foligray?

This anti-greying food supplement contains carefully chosen natural ingredients which are essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the wellbeing of your health. This hair nutriment also contains vital herbal extracts that are beneficial for the human body. The formulation contains a naturally safe and effective blend of ingredients that strengthens your hair and boosts your hair’s pigmentation process without causing any damage or negative impact.

This hair nourishing formula has been manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and GMP-certified laboratories of the USA by using high quality and efficacious imported and domestic natural ingredients under strict safety guidelines. Hence, this food supplement for the anti-greying of hair is completely safe.

Top 5 Reasons to buy Foligray

  1. This is a scientifically nutritious food supplement to prevent hair greying.
  2. It is a safe and natural formula that provides your body with all the health-giving advantages and boosts your immunity.
  3. It nourishes your body and is a great source of all the daily nutritional requirements for getting lustrous, strong, and deeply vibrant hair.
  4. It is a reliable food supplement manufactured in the USA.
  5. It prevents and reverses premature greying in a natural and harmless way.


Let’s have a look at the several reviews given by satisfied customers who were extremely happy with the results:

Peter, New Zealand:Foligray is an excellent formula to stop grey hairs. I am quite happy with it as there are only a few strands of grey on my head.”

Samantha, USA:I have recommended Foligray to all my friends as ever since I spotted some grey hairs, I have been taking this supplement for several months now and there isn’t a single grey hair! It looks like this amazing product not only stops hair from getting grey but also reverses greying.”

Bob, UK:I am always traveling due to my work and my diet is extremely inadequate in matters of nutrition, and so I started using Foligray to prevent further greying. I am impressed with the changes that I see now as my hair is shinier, strong, and no greys!”

What is the Price of Foligray?

 Regular Retail PriceSpecial Sale Price
1 Bottle (60 Capsules)$24.95$24.95
Buy 2 (120 Capsules)$49.90$44.96
Buy 4 + Get 1 Free (300 Capsules)$124.75$89.92
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If you are someone who simply cannot live with grey hair and refuse to bear the sight of a single grey hair, then it’s time to check your daily nutritional intake. Amidst the environmental and emotional stresses of life, we tend to neglect ourselves and the result shows in the form of grey hairs. There are many who cover up their grey hair by going for expensive hair treatments and harmful chemical-filled solutions. Instead, you should nurture your body with an efficient and nourishing dietary formula like Foligray which takes care of all your nutritional requirements.

This potent health supplement is designed to prevent premature greying of hair and will ward off all your grey hair fears by reversing hair greying. This is the perfect solution for not only averting grey hairs but it also enhances the quality, structure, and growth of your hair immensely.

So, therefore, you get to flaunt a head full of strong, shiny, voluminous hair without a speck of grey.

Recap Guide

Natural Hair Colour Nutritional SupportYes
BenefitsPrevents and reverses hair greying
Side effectsZero
Recommended Dosage2 capsules a day
No. of capsules in a bottle60 capsules
Suitable forBoth Men & Women
To be consumed by peopleAbove 18 years of age
ResultsFast & effective
Satisfies customersYes
Where to buy Foligray Online?Visit Foligray Official Website

Foligray – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Foligray take to show some results?

The results vary from person to person and it is best if you take this supplement for a period of 90 days for best results.

Do I require a prescription to buy Foligray?

No. You can easily buy Foligray without any prescription.