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HFL CholesLo Review


Heart disease has become a common occurrence these days. Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, extreme stress levels, work-place deadlines, and many more factors can be held responsible for heart disease. So, have you been agitated by your doctor’s several warnings and your mounting cholesterol levels? Just don’t lose heart as CholesLo has come to your rescue!

High Blood Cholesterol is the major culprit behind heart diseases. It’s not that cholesterol itself is bad for your health. Your body needs some good cholesterol to make hormones, vitamin D, and digestive fluids. Cholesterol also helps your organs function properly.

Cholesterol is a waxy, fatty substance that is needed to build cells. The liver makes most of the cholesterol required by your body and the remaining comes from the foods you eat. Cholesterol travels in your bloodstream in clusters called lipoproteins. Cholesterol comes in two forms:

  1. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) which is the “bad” and unhealthy category of cholesterol. And such cholesterols can build up in your arteries and form fatty, waxy deposits called plaques.
  2. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is the “good” and healthy category of cholesterol. It transports the excess amount of cholesterol out of your arteries to your liver, which removes it from your body.

But a high concentration of LDL cholesterol can be a problem. High LDL cholesterol over time can damage your arteries and can contribute to heart disease and strokes!!

So, if high cholesterol is a serious concern for you, then CholesLo can be a saviour in your case! This can improve your cholesterol and lipid levels in the most natural way.

What Is CholesLo?

CholesLo is a trusted natural cholesterol lowering non-prescription supplement. It is a product from HFL Solutions which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its main task is to lower your LDL (Bad cholesterol) and raise your HDL (Good cholesterol) levels and lipid levels. You can effectively improve on your increasing cholesterol levels naturally without having to resort to harmful drugs, or having to follow a super strict diet and exercise regime.

CholesLo is an “all-in-one” remedy and a widely-used product which combines the qualities of 5 products in one supplement. It is known to contain 17 scientifically proven cholesterol lowering herbal ingredients, amino acids and vitamins. This supplement very quickly aids in promoting healthy cholesterol levels, optimal HDL/LDL ratios, lowers fatty triglycerides, improves Homocysteine levels and cleanses the liver. 

This is a natural and organic formula which is an excellent heart supplement and is famous amongst numerous users. So, if you are searching for a safe product for improving your cholesterol levels and managing your heart health, then get hold of CholesLo!

How does CholesLo work?

The founder of CholesLo is Dr. Sam Robbins who has many years of experience as a medical doctor. He had formulated CholesLo for his parents because they were having too many negative side-effects from their prescription, cholesterol lowering “statin” drugs. Healthy diet and exercise program were not enough for Dr. Robbins’ parents. Thus, it can be deduced that cholesterol issues are primarily caused by a negative change in hormones due to ageing.

So unfortunately, the older you get, the worse your cholesterol or lipid levels become. The negative changes in your lipid levels, decreased blood flow and plaque buildup, which increase your risk for a heart attack or stroke! Through CholesLo, you can naturally and quickly have healthier cholesterol support and lipid levels.

This supplement is made up of 5 combinations of natural components, each targeting at improving your cholesterol levels and heart health.

The product works by integrating its 5 systems:

The primary task of the supplement is not only to lower the levels of the LDL (Bad) cholesterol, but at the same time also to increase the levels of the HDL(Good) cholesterol, thereby generating the right balance between the two types of cholesterol. All the components are perfectly synthesized into the 5 systems with the exact quantities to ensure the maximum effectiveness.

What are the Ingredients of CholesLo?

The natural ingredients contained in this supplement makes CholesLo special and unique. It comprises 5 blends of ingredients. Let’s have a look at the ingredients:

Lipid Optimizing System: This helps to control cholesterol, HDL/LDL & Triglycerides. These extracts are the prime reasons for the success of CholesLo. This blend contains the following:

  1. Artichoke Leaf Extract
  2. Phytosterols Complex
  3. Garlic
  4. Pantesin d- Pantethine
  5. Co-Q10 (Ubiquinone)
  6. Guggulsterones
  7. Policosanol

Liver Cleansing Formula: These ingredients are very effective in maintaining a healthy liver. The second of the blends contains:

  1. Milk Thistle
  2. NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine)

Insulin and Blood Sugar Regulator: The third blend containing:

  1. R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid (r+ ALA)

Inflammation Reducer: These ingredients help reduce inflammation which causes various problems. The fourth blend contains:

  1. Turmeric – Great Immunity booster and antibiotic
  2. Mixed Tocotrienols

Homocysteine Reducing Formula: These B vitamins help increase energy levels. The final blend comprising:

  1.  Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL)
  2. Vitamin B12 (Methyl cobalamin)
  3. Folate (5- MTHF)
  4. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

The other ingredients are: Plant-derived cellulose gelatin and Rice flour. This is a Vegetarian product.

What are the Benefits of CholesLo?

CholesLo claims to address one of the core causes of high cholesterol levels which is the change in hormones due to ageing. Some of the life-changing benefits of this product are:

Why Choose CholesLo over Other Anti-Cholesterol Drugs in the Market?

This heart-friendly and gluten-free vegetarian product is said to address the main causes of high cholesterol levels in a holistic way unlike other similar products in the market. It is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, and it is recommended by some doctors. The supplement is formulated with a higher concentration of natural and herbal ingredients unlike other supplements.

Furthermore, unlike other products this product claims to drop cholesterol levels rapidly within a stipulated time and comes with a guarantee. Also, CholesLo is manufactured by the reputed HFL Solutions Inc. This has been formulated in one of the GMP-Certified labs of HFL Solutions with clinically-proven and plant-derived ingredients.

More importantly, this supplement is a very effective alternative to prescription drugs and medications. This cholesterol decreasing supplement boasts of a unique and astoundingly efficacious formulation with its group of elements that make it a class apart from the rest of the supplements available out there. Thus, this product claims to be a 20 + year proven formula unlike others.

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What are the Side-Effects of CholesLo?

There are no known side-effects tied to this cholesterol-supporting formula. However, as with any food product, there might be sporadic and atypical highly sensitized reactions linked with this or any other nutritional supplement. If such a reaction occurs, you should consider discontinuing use of or any other product.

It is suggested that people with sensitive stomachs should take this along with food. Otherwise, this cholesterol lowering supplement which mainly consists of safe and natural substances causes no side-effects whatsoever. Hence, it is a mandate to stick to the recommended dosage very strictly.

Will CholesLo Work for You?

CholesLo will definitely work for you if you have been facing health issues with regard to high levels of bad cholesterol in your bodies. If you have been undergoing a strict diet and exercise regime, but still have not experienced a satisfying outcome, then CholesLo will surely give you relief.

It will help you achieve the needful in the shortest possible time. This is an Organic, natural, scientifically researched and proven product containing GMP Certified ingredients and extracts that will ensure that you embrace good health sooner than ever.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy CholesLo

  1. It is a natural and doctor-formulated cholesterol-lowering supplement.
  2. All the individual ingredients lower cholesterol levels and help in achieving an optimal HDL/LDL ratio.

  3. It helps you to stave off heart disease and ensures good blood circulation.

  4. This supplement contributes towards the cleansing and maintenance of the liver.

  5. This safe and plant-based product comes with an amazing refund policy.

Recommended Dosage

You should ideally take 2 capsules, twice daily with 8 oz of water (with or without food). Follow this during the week (5 days on) with the weekends off (2 days off).

Are there any Pre- Cautions while using CholesLo?

If you are pregnant, trying to conceive, under the age of 18 or taking any medications, you should consult your personal healthcare physician before using this dietary supplement.

Moreover, if you are suffering from any serious health issue, you should again consult a health care practitioner before using it. You should strictly refrain from overdosing yourself. You should also quit smoking and abstain from alcohol while taking CholesLo, in order to gain the maximum benefits. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly will go a long way to get you fitter and healthier.

What is the Price of CholesLo?

 Retail PriceSpecial Discount Price
One-Time Purchase$69.97$49.97
Where to Buy CholesLo? Visit CholesLo Official Website.


CholesLo has gained a number of positive reviews from around the world which are quite impressive. Some of them are:

“My cholesterol dropped 130 pts. and triglycerides an astounding amount at 189 pt. drop. I can’t express how elated I am …I feel so better and my liver enzymes are back to normalcy!”Sharon

“After 2 months of using CholesLo, my cholesterol has dropped a whopping 50%- That’s AMAZING!”Peter

“I started using CholesLo at a low dose for a month, and experienced nothing bad. I then increased it to the recommended dose of 2 caps, 2x daily wherein I took the weekends off. I simply did that for a few months before my yearly check-up with my doctor. The Results were Absolutely WOW! I couldn’t believe it – almost a 100-pt. drop!!”Rita


Well, there were numerous facts which can help you to decide taking CholesLo to restore your body’s good cholesterol as this will definitely work for you. CholesLo appears to deliver on its promise of providing a safe, natural way to not only lower your body’s LDL and triglycerides, but also strikes a balance in your HDL/LDL ratio. It is observed that there are hardly any negative reviews on the product. On the contrary, there are loads of positive reviews about its surprisingly appreciable results. It is clinically studied and tested, using Organic and natural ingredients which are potent and doctor recommended. Furthermore, it has been formulated in high quality, GMP-Certified laboratories and is a completely vegetarian supplement.

Hence, the CholesLo is the best alternative to several cholesterol medications and statin drugs that are used to treat cholesterol and high blood pressure. It therefore works as an all in one solution to any health issue that involves cholesterol.

Thus, it is a safe to use product complying the highest standards of purity by HFL Solutions. However, in case CholesLo does not work, the company provides you with a full money back guarantee.

CholesLo FAQ’s

Q. What about the results of CholesLo?

A. As with most health supplements, results may vary from person to person.

Q. How to maximize the benefits of CholesLo ?

A. If you want to reap the maximum benefits, then try to monitor your diet and follow an intense exercise regimen.

Q. Can I take other medications with CholesLo supplements?

A. Consult a physician or your personal healthcare professional to determine if your medications and this supplement would work well together.

Q. Where can I purchase CholesLo ?

A. CholesLo can be purchased through their Official Site.

Quick Reminder

Cholesterol Lowering SupplementYes
BenefitsLowers Cholesterol & cleanses liver
Recommended Usage2 capsules twice daily
Suitable forBoth Men and Women
To be consumed by peopleAbove 18 years of age
ResultsFast and effective
Guarantee30 days money back guarantee
Satisfies customersYes
Where to buy in Online?Visit CholesLo Official website