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Hand folded mother spread the stardust in the Colostrum to bloom her child. But not everyone is utterly blessed with adequate Colostrum. In the 21st century, it is no big deal at all. No problem can remain unsolved. As long as there is a science field, there is a remedy. Colostrum initiates a healthy start to life. Life will have no relevance if this aspect stops working. It is the catalyst, the stimulator.

Immune Tree is here to provide the top-notch Natural Colostrum Supplements. Just imagine finding all the organic Colostrum products under one roof. Isn’t that amazing?

About Immune Tree

This website is mostly like a banyan tree; under the same Tree, you will find several beneficial products related to Colostrum. Immune Tree was first created by Nutritional Scientist Ph.D. Colostrum Authority, Dr. Anthony KleinSmith.

Dr. Anthony KleinSmith is one of the leading authorities on Colostrum and holds a Ph.D. in nutritional science. He wrote numerous articles on various health magazines. And also wrote a book on Colostrum, appeared on the TV, and his voice is frequently heard on national radio shows. This is how he created his brand for natural supplements, Immune Tree.


The total number of products are divided into four segments:

Contains natural biological factors (immune, metabolic, and growth) so that you get 100% support throughout all ages.

3% of lactoferrin, 25% of immunoglobulins, and 24% of Proline-Rich Polypeptides.

Colostrum 6 +210% Vitamin C= Peace of mind of the parents. It absorbs readily for bioavailability. The chymosin is also known as rennin, is a proteolytic enzyme. It bypasses stomach acids and increases the absorption rate. 

This product is absorbed readily for higher bioavailability, and the kilos make the athletes in love with it.

The higher absorption rate of the tablets makes it natural and better for the system.

The only oxygen supplement in the liquid form available in the market. It is highly concentrated with oxygen molecules, contains 12000 ppm oxygen molecules, which mean 1000 times more oxygen than an equal volume of tap water. The alkaline nature contains negatively charged oxygen electrolytes that neutralize the acidity level inside the body. The nontoxicity has negatively charged oxygen ions that create free radical activity.

It helps increase strength, respiratory efficiency, eliminates toxins, boosts energy, enhances the utilization of nutrients, improves mental alertness, and balances PH.

It has all-natural nonsynthetic anti-aging ingredients that include:

DIM (Diindolylmethane): A phytonutrient promoting better estrogen levels in athletes.

Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL: It is an amino acid with a higher absorption rate that results in more energy during the workout.

Methoxyisoflavone & 7 -ISO: It is a natural anabolic for steroid-like effects but without side effects. This component helps transport nutrients to your lean muscles.

ZMA: Increases testosterone level, muscle strength and power, and enhances muscle recovery and regeneration processes.

The powder contains leptin, the starvation hormone. Leptin is the way your fat cells instruct the brain that energy thermostat is set right. When the mind realizes the body has enough energy, more robust support is given while losing weight.

The powder contains leptin, the starvation hormone. Leptin is the process your fat cells direct the brain that energy thermostat is set right. When the brain receives the body has enough energy, more powerful support is given while striving to lose weight. It will make you fuller and satisfied for a longer time.

The capsules give you inner support when you feel like overeating so that you can eat less. Shows your body and brain the support required when thinking about sweets and carbs. The thyroid (thermostat) is also influenced, as it has an impact on energy levels. This capsule has a blend that works with your lean muscle mass, which gradually reduces some pounds.

This formula is collagen-based that works with the body’s natural sleep processes. It also helps in balancing the internal system so that you get a glowing appearance.

 3% of Lactoferrin, 25% total Immunoglobulins, 24% Proline-Rich Polypeptides.

Benefits of opting for Immune Tree

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Laboratory Tests and Certifications

All the products are produced after passing several independent tests and clinically. 6-hour products are tested and certified. These tests show the intensity of the safety of the products.

The Best Products of Immune Tree



Why opt for Immune Tree over other brands?

In contrast, other brands usually provide colostrum products that are ineffective and not medically backed. A colostrum specialist constructs this brand, but other brands are developed by practitioners who only want to profit. Immune Tree strives to provide active, perfect, and safe products for all users because health is what the brand pays attention to.


The best and safe products of Immune Tree are rightly priced. Not a single penny is overcharged. You will be more than convinced after using the products.

What is the Prices Range of Products sold at Immune Tree?

Where to purchase?

You can check all the supplements and their details on the official website. The official site of the Immune Tree, Tap on this Link to Visit.

Payment Mode:

All the transactions are made through secured payment gateways so that you experience a hassle-free transaction. You can pay your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro Card, Discover, and American Express). 

Shipping and Returns

Due to the quality control policy, consumable products that have been opened cannot be returned. It is quite apparent, and you shouldn’t buy from a company that takes back available consumable products. It is because the consumable products can be easily altered, which becomes difficult to determine.

Every product is checked properly before dispatching to you. But if within 30 days, the consumable product is unopened, you can definitely return the package and get your money back with a 20% restocking fee and shipping fee charged. To get a refund, you need to send the product in an undamaged, resalable condition at your own expense. If the product is not in a vendable condition, it will be treated as an opened product, and therefore, you will not receive any refund.


If your order is above $99, the shipping is absolutely free. But if it is less than $99, you will have to pay for the shipping charges. That is why I recommend investing in Immune Tree products because you will gain whatever you spend. But paying for the shipping is unnecessary, as you are gaining nothing out of it. Try placing an order above $99, because it’s going to be worth it.


1.Do the products harm the Calves?

Answer: The needs of calves are first met, then the excess is used. Research shows calves need at least 2 quarts of Colostrum, and Immune Tree makes sure calves get whatever they need. SO, first calves are served, then comes the humans.

2. What is Colostrum?

Answer: Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid from the mother’s mammary glands during the first few hours after the birth for human mothers, mostly 72 hours. The provides life-supporting immune and growth factors that ensure the growth and vitality of the newborn.

3. Does the form of Colostrum make a difference?

Answer: Not really; what matters is the bioactivity should go into the system that Colostrum provides. It is essential to consume Colostrum on an empty stomach with a fair amount of water.

4. Is colostrum harmful to pregnant and nursing women?

Answer: It is recommended to always consult a doctor before taking Colostrum during pregnancy or nursing.

5. Is it acceptable to take Colostrum with other supplements?

Answer: Well, it is absolutely fine to take other supplements with Colostrum. Many times, people experience side effects from other supplements.

6. Can pets take Colostrum?

Answer: The bovine Colostrum is not species-specific. It has been shown to work for cats and dogs.


Anaita Giberson

“This brand is such a lifesaver. After trying mostly 5 to 6 of their products, I feel the best of myself. I have also given it to my children and friends, even though they loved it.”

Karina Thomas

“Finding the perfect Colostrum Products is difficult. Being a nutritionist, I am now so well aware of that. People constantly asked for the best product. Then I came across Immune Tree by Dr. KleinSmith; being a nutritionist, I always worshiped him. Today not only are my patients benefitting from the products but also me. Do give it a try.”

Tatiyana Diaz

“Immune Tree has the safest products for Colostrum, weight loss, and anti-aging. The products are so rightly priced and worked really well for my family and me.”

Jizyah Murmu

“Not many realize the benefit until they use it. The products are super amazing and even, the shipping was really speedy highly recommend “Immune Tree to everyone.”

Suzanna Fernandez

“The products colostrum pineapple lozenges, the breakfast chocolate shake, and colostrum Moo chews are my favorite among the lot. It does not even feel like any supplement, and these are so good. Now, I feel more healthy and confident about myself. And it truly did put me back in a balanced position.”


Amidst all the chaos in life, you forget to take care of yourself. To put you back in a more balanced position and give the best of Colostrum and make you understand the true essence of the Colostrum–Immune Tree is here to guide you.

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