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Zotrim vs LeanBean vs HourGlass Fit: Defeat Craving the Best Way!

Overhauling your diet never really seems like a good plan, I guess! Sinking your teeth into sweets, fried food, and other junk foods might cause problems with your appetite and subsequently increase the carbohydrate intake. Therefore, to stop this excessive and impulsive eating, and to put a stop to bulging up, few people do get their hands on Hunger suppressants and weight loss supplements.

And Zotrim, LeanBean, and HourGlass are three of the best weight loss supplements that also suppress your hunger and cravings for junk foods.

What are Appetite Suppressants?

Appetite Suppressants are primarily anorectic in nature, that means it cuts down in excessive food consumption. It makes you feel fuller. It helps in weight loss and reduction in appetite.

What are the 3 Best Formula that helps Suppress Appetite?

The 3 best formula that helps Suppress Appetite are namely Zotrim, LeanBean, and HourGlassFit. Let’s get slightly more detail about each:

No. #1: Zotrim:

Zotrim is an herbal and natural weight loss supplement. It comes in the form of pills and efficiently focuses on cutting down fat depositions. The product is designed as a weight-loss supplement that functions by suppressing hunger, increasing metabolic rate but also keeps you energized so that your body stops craving for excessive food intakeZotrim has also proved itself effective for people who have problems like, “Binge eating”, “stress eating” etc.

The herbal combination of damiana leaf extract, vitaminscaffeine, and other such elements works together to make you feel full throughout the day. It is a potent supplement with long-lasting results for weight loss and brings about an upsurge in your stamina and energy level. Zotrim has also shown results with proper routine and a proper diet in about 4 weeks of regular consumption. Also, unlike other weight loss supplements, it does not use any harmful chemicals to provide you with the desired results. It is a non-prescription product, available online.

The brand also initiates a 100-day money-back guarantee to hold the trust of the customers. The purchase of this product is easy and safe. So, with Zotrim now you can get easy access to the figure you always craved for!

What are the Benefits of using Zotrim?

What is the dose of Zotrim?

The recommended dosage by the manufacturer states that one should be consuming 2-3 pills before a meal along with water. But for beginners, the dosage can be reduced. Therefore, people who will be using it for the first time can start with 1 pill after each meal and subsequently increase the dosage as and when it seems appropriate. But remember not to consume more than 9 tablets daily.

Does it really Suppress Appetite?

Yes! ZoTrim does suppress appetite. The main function being that of a weight loss supplement it acts as an appetite suppressor without any side effects. It cuts down on food consumption and also keeps you feel fuller (even with smaller meals) throughout the day without any trouble. It also keeps you energized with heightened stamina so that your body does not feel the need to eat often.

What are the ingredients used in Zotrim that help to Suppress Appetite?

Zotrim is designed with all-natural and herbal elements that are of the most premium quality and are proven to be very effective when it comes to acting as an appetite suppressant and a weight loss support. The unique blend of ingredients are namely: Damiana along with Guarana and Yerba Mate Extract acts as an appetite suppressant.

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No. #2: LeanBean:

LeanBean is a powerful and natural supplement for women. The main purpose of LeanBean is to initiate an active and healthy lifestyle that every woman deserves. LeanBean has been serving the purpose for a long time now and has remarkably been effective to provide a lean physique, a blast of energy, and a ton of confidence. By working hard along with taking the supplement you will get a flat tummy, toned arms, and legsfirmerstronger glutes

Leanbean targets the digestive system, it reduces your appetite and kick starts your metabolic processes. It also keeps you energized, allowing you to push through the intense workout session and keeps you in good shape. It reduces cravings and thereby reduces calorie intake, with the support of faster metabolism, digestion becomes easy, allows you to be more focused. Each LeanBean jar comes with a total of 180 capsules, i.e., a 1 month’s supply. LeanBean currently houses more than ten thousand happy customers, across the globe. Not only that, the benefits of it are endless, it also provides the customers with a 90 days money-back guarantee. It’s a non-prescription supplement so its availability is way easier and more convenient than any prescription drug.

What are the benefits of using LeanBean?

What is the dose for LeanBean?

The dose for LeanBean is fairly easy. The recommended dosage for the supplement is 6 pills a day. The jar has a total count of 180 capsules making the distribution of pills intake convenient and easier to memorize. Each LeanBean pill contains 3 grams of clinically proven appetite killer the “Glucomannan” also known as Konjac Fiber. It is expected that customers are giving at least a time stretch of 4 weeks of religious use before making any judgment of the product.

Does LeanBean really Suppress Appetite?

Yes! LeanBean does suppress appetite. Leanbean kick starts the body’s metabolic function and makes digestion easier, at the same time it does suppress the appetite by making you feel fuller throughout the day and this is all because of Konjac Fiber included in the blendIt helps in less calorie intake and taking resort tojunk foods. It also keeps you energized so, getting tired before your workout sessions are out of the question.

What are the ingredients used in LeanBean to Suppress Appetite?

All the LeanBean ingredients are natural and among so many other similar supplements the fact that makes LeanBean unique is that it does not involve any generic ingredient to make it more effective, all the ingredients in the blend are well suited for taking care of your appetite and inducing weight loss. The ingredient that is responsible for suppresses hunger pangs in LeanBean is Konjac fiber also known as Glucomannan.

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No. #3: HourGlassFit

HourGlassFit is also a natural weight loss supplement that significantly reduces food intake and helps in progressive fat and calorie burning.

HourGlassFit comes with an extraordinary blend of herbs and nutrients with which you can achieve extreme levels of body confidence. The product has been tailored for women to cater to the needs required by a female body. It has been devised keeping in mind the anatomy of women. With extended research works the brand has successfully been able to harness the powers of nature into the pills. So, this vegan formula stops you from binge eating, reduces hunger, it acts as an effective appetite suppressant. Not only that but, it also acts as a mood lifer and it defends your immune system.

With few easy steps, first exercising, the second following a healthy diet, and third, by popping in the supplement daily you can now achieve a body you have always longed for. Each jar of the pill consists of a total of 120 pills with 3g of Glucomannan in each serving

HourGlass Fit is a 2 in 1 revolutionary product, its meticulously designed formula is apt for all modern women who are working and are in constant search of a supplement that guides them to gain a better shape. It is also a non-prescription supplement and you can make an online payment to buy the product. This 2020 formula has further stepped up its game making it vegan friendly so that it covers up distinctive preferences as well when it comes to customer variety.

What are the benefits of using HourGlassFit?

What is the dose for HourGlass Fit?

HourGlassFit comes with a total of 120 pills per bottle which is a 1 month supply. Each serving of it consists of3gm of Glucomannan. The recommended dosage for it is 4 pills a day with a big glass of water, distributed evenly throughout the day.  

Does HourGlassFit Suppress Appetite?

Yes! HourGlassFit does suppress appetite. Its main claim is to make you lose those extra pounds accumulated around your body and it does so with help of an herbal blend that reduces appetite. It does burn out calories, but at the same time keeps you energized so that you don’t feel hungry very often. It also fastens your metabolic processes and works as a mood lifter.

What are the ingredients used in HourGlass Fit that act as an Appetite Suppressant?

HourGlassFit has proven itself by harnessing the different powers of nature in the supplement itself. It does not have any added chemicals or stimulants that lead to such an extraordinary result. The ingredients used in it that act as an appetite suppressant are Glucomannan, Capsimax, and Zinc.

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Common ingredients in Zotrim, LeanBean, and HourGlass

Common ingredients to Zotrim and LeanBean:

There are no common ingredients that are found common in Zotrim and LeanBean as both hold a different mode of approach in their composition and working. They are equally efficient and unique in their ways.

Common ingredients to LeanBean and HourGlassFit:

Unique ingredients to Zotrim:

The unique ingredient in LeanBean:

Unique Ingredients to HourGlassFit:

Comparing Zotrim, LeanBean, and HourGlass:

Purpose:Clinically Proven appetite suppressant.Weight loss and appetite suppressant2 in 1 formula that suppresses appetite
Suitability:For women only.For women only.For women only.
Dose:2-3 pills before each meal (max 9 pills a day)6 pills a day (2 capsules 3 times a day)4 pills a day.
Price:$59.99 (1 month supply)$59.99 (1 month supply)$55 (1 month supply)
Ratings:5 Stars4.8 Stars4 Stars
Guarantee:100 days money-back guarantee.90 days money-back guarantee.No guarantee.
Shipping:Free and fast shippingFast shippingFast shipping
Where to buy from?Visit ZoTrim Official WebsiteVisit LeanBean Official WebsiteVisit HourGlassFit Official Website

Which is the Best among Zotrim, Leanbean, and HourGlass Fit and why?

When we try to compare the 3 stated products namely, Zotrim, LeanBean, and HourGlass Fit it can be concluded that all of them are equally good and efficient in what they claim to provide. All the three show almost similar results, like flattening of the belly, burning off extra fat, suppresses hunger or appetite, it also acts as an immunity and energy booster.


All three products are equally good and effective. They all suppress appetite and aids in weight loss. Nonetheless, if we have to rank them in order, Zotrim can be ranked first, and then comes LeanBean and HourGlass Fit. All of them areunique in their own ways. They are also equally safe when comes to the fact whether you will be able to invest your trust and money in it.

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