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Love Scent: Let People Fall for your Pheromones

Love Scent


What attracts a person more than appearance, intelligence, and fashion? The scent or the smell of a person, right?

Don’t you think how a person smells can change everything! The scent talks a lot more about a person’s personality. Your pheromones can pull anyone closer, and make that person your parasite. Before moving into pheromones, let’s take a sneak-peak of what pheromones are actually.

A pheromone is a discharge and advanced chemical factor that triggers a social response among the species of the same kind. Pheromones are compounds that have the capability of performing like hormones outside the body of secreting individuals to influence the behavior of receiving individuals.

The pheromones have a significant effect on human behavioral reactions. Smell good is not only important to attract or make an impact on people but it is also self-care and self-love.

What are the benefits of smelling good?

When smelling good has so many benefits, then why not add some tempting cologne to your cabinet. Because pheromones are here to do wonders.

Finding a specialist for pheromones was never an easy task. Now, the Specialist or Love Scent is here to offer the top-graded pheromones.

Find a variety of pheromones products of your choice for both men and women.

When you think about Pheromones, you know where to come! Love Scent.

About the Company

Love Scent is the one-stop online pheromone superstore. You will find the top-class pheromone perfumes and cologne fragrances that do not just deliver the best smell but are also risk-free to use. If you do not like strong pheromone perfumes, there are also unscented pheromones available to suit all your mood.

What do they sell?

You will find numerous pheromones perfume, fragrance, and unscented pheromones for both men and women.

The products available for you to buy are:

Men’s pheromones

Scented Pheromones

Unscented Pheromones

Pure Men’s Pheromones

Men’s brand cologne

Women’s Pheromones

Scented Women’s Pheromones

Unscented Women’s Pheromones

Pure Women’s Pheromones

Women’s Brand Cologne

Benefits of Love Scents

Laboratory Tests and Certifications

Love Scent is the most trusted brand as it has passed acquired certifications for:

  1. SecureTrust Trusted Commerce
  2. Bizrate Customer Certified
  3. BBB Accredited Business.

The Bestsellers

Among all the products available on the site, you are recommended to try the following scents and pheromones. Because once you add these in your cabinet, at least two among the group will be your go-to products.

Definitely give these a chance, because it is believed you will surely fall in with them. And if you are lucky enough, you may also get some winning offers on the bestsellers.



There are hardly any significant cons with Love Scent. But there are some things which could have been a little easy on your pocket.

Why opt Love Scent over other Pheromone Brands?

By now, you might have realized this brand will not only make you fall in love with fragrances and understand the essence of pheromones but also help you fall in love with yourself and the people all over again. Let’s look into the reasons why Love Scent is better than other brands.

On the contrary, other brands solely do not offer pheromones and fragrances. Most brands aim to earn lumpsum profit and deliver products that are not powerful enough to do its job. The brands say something and do completely the opposite. When you are using something on your body, you should always choose something much more reliable. Sometimes using cologne or pheromones containing chemicals and harmful substances can be dangerous for the skin.

So, wisely choose a brand that has the best to offer you! Click Here to stop at Love Scent Official Website.


Usually any cologne or pheromones brand does not provide any special offers. But Love Scent is unique. You will always find the best deals on their official website.

What is the Price Range at Love Scent?

Price for the Men’s range of pheromones and fragrances starts from $9.95 to $89.95.

Price Range for women’s pheromones and cologne starts from $9.95 to $149.95.

Where to purchase the products?

To get the products at the best price, check out the official website: Click Here to visit Love Scent Official Website.

Payment Mode

You can make the payment through your MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover Cards. The payments are made through 100% secured gateways. For making any online transaction Love Scent uses Globe Sign by GMO.

So, there is absolutely no basis to think over the security of your card or transaction.


All the orders are shipped between Monday to Friday and except national holidays. The orders that are placed before 11:00 PST Monday to Friday will be shipped on the same day as the order is placed. Or else, it will be shipped the next working day. Orders that are placed inside the US are shipped as per your choice of delivery, that is whether you opt for Fed EX or US Postal Service Options. The price for the shipping will be communicated live on the website from the senders.

For International Destinations, orders should have postal shipping choices and 2 Fed Ex options. The price of each shipping option will be given live on the website from the shipping firm when you check out.

All packages are discreetly packed and wrapped in plain Manila Envelope cover with the return address Love Scent Products.


If by chance you are not happy with the product for any reason, you can either return the product or replace the product. The return of the product is only admissible if it is returned within 60 days from the date of purchase.

If you wish to return or get it exchanged, kindly pack the product (even if it is half empty) with a note stating the reasons for return or exchange. Do not forget to insert the order number or invoice number on the note.

Return all the products to the following address:

Love Scent Inc.
3595 Western Dr.
Eugene, OR 97401.

For any other inquiry, you can always reach customer support.


1.Is Love Scent a Trusted Brand?

Answer: Love Scent is the most trusted brand with business accreditation.

2. Is customer service easily reachable?

Answer: Whenever or whatever query you have, you can always reach Love Scent either via a call or mail. Your question will be responded in the quickest time possible.

3. Does Love Scent offer samples?

Answer: From time to time you can also receive samples.

4. Are the pheromones and cologne safe to use?

Answer: The pheromones and fragrances are absolutely safe to use on the skin.

5. Are all the customers satisfied with the products?

Answer: Almost 98% of the customers of Love Scents are utterly satisfied with the product they have purchased.


Julia Hobart, Sydney, Australia

“Whenever I use the cologne by Love Scent my mood is uplifted. I feel more energized and confident. My favorite ones are Shahana Gold, New Brand Rich Gift, and Blue Sight Gift Set.”

Fiona Walker, New York City, USA

“I could noticeably see people are more attracted to me after using the pheromones by Love Scent. Trust me this brand has the top class pheromones.”

Tatiyana Fredrick, , Glasgow, UK

“The fragrances smell eternal and bliss. The shipping is super fast and the website has the best offers.”

Andrez Hernandez, Vancouver, Canada

Love Scent is the best. Such powerful Pheromones at affordable rates are hard to find. I am in love with this brand. Truly splendid products for both men and women.”


Pheromones and Fragrances are something to swear by. Add the No.1 pheromones cologne and fragrances byLove Scent to make living all worth it. Become confident and change people’s perception about you, attract your dream man/woman or intensify the love in your current relationship, and lastly, create an impact socially all with Love Scent Products.

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