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Boost your Brainpower with LumUltra



Are you struggling to remember where you left your important office file? Have you forgotten what you were supposed to buy in the grocery shop? With a chaotic lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, and a largely busy work routine, innumerable people around the world are experiencing hurdles related to their focus, concentration levels, performance, and memory. So, in today’s fast-paced world, all of us are striving to have an ace in the hole in our respective fields of work. You need to have an edge over your competitors in matters of achievements, prosperity, and even happiness to savor a successful life. Whether you are a working professional, or a college-goer, or a retired senior citizen, or a sportsperson or even a parent, all of you need that extra impetus to improve your overall performance in your lives.

So, to gain that extra edge you need to nourish your brain properly and sharpen it to achieve peak accomplishments and for this, there is LumUltra –America’s No. 1 brain formula that will lead you to optimum success.

Let’s delve deeper into this fabulous product.

What exactly is LumUltra?

LumUltra is a dietary supplement that has been designed to help individuals improve their brain function, memory, thinking capabilities, and focus. Our brain is a complicated and sophisticated organ with millions of neurons. Sometimes due to the stress and strain of our daily lives, we tend to get mentally exhausted. Many of us even fail to recollect the most elementary things in our lives. Such diminishing brain performance requires brain enhancement supplements that will hone your focus and memory.

Nootropics or brain supplements have become necessary and famous products in the market due to its immense benefits. They help you to enable your brain to unlock your full potential. These cognitive enhancers improve an individual’s memory, boost his or her cognitive capabilities, and make the person mentally sharper.

LumUltra is a top-notch brain supplement and is claimed to be America’s No. #1 nootropic supplement. It is manufactured by the U.S. based company Avanse Nutraceuticals, which is a renowned name in the world of health supplements. This cognitive enhancer has been carefully designed to enhance your brain function and unleash its maximum capabilities.

This brain enhancer stimulates your cognition and gives your memory a major bolster and aids you to achieve peak performance. This elevates your brain’s potential and perks up your memory, creativity, focus and concentration levels. Besides sharpening your memory and cognitive abilities, this nootropic supplement helps lower your stress levels and will keep your anxiety levels at the minimum.

How does LumUltra work?

We are constantly in the quest of becoming the best performer in our respective fields of work and also want to attain true success in our lives. For this, we need to nourish and nurture our brain with the right kind of nutrition which can empower our brains. LumUltra is a potent nootropic that sharpens your focus, expands and strengthens your memory, intensifies your processing speed and heightens mental precision. This powerful brain supplement will help you to overcome any sort of feelings of apprehension, anxiety, and jitteriness.

This smart drug contains a synergistic blend of the safest, most authentic, and effective ingredients. The powerful combination of ingredients makes this product more potent. This brain supplement contains Noopept which is a powerful component that helps in improving memory, mental clarity, and mood.

Noopept along with other natural ingredients aid in the promotion of mental peak performance, including enhanced memory, concentration, mental agility and cognition. Your overall brain function gets elevated due to which you become mentally alert and gain the confidence to discharge your day-to-day work efficiently.

The natural ingredients of this super-charged nootropic help in lowering your cortisol levels enhance blood and nutrient flow to your brain and aids in amplifying your processing speed. This smart drug prevents oxidative stress, promotes vasodilation and stimulation of neurotransmitters which bolsters your memory and focus, and reduces mental fatigue and increases cognitive performance.

LumUltra Ingredients

This mighty vegetarian nootropic contains proven natural ingredients that make this supplement special. Here is the list of the active ingredients contained in this:

Benefits of LumUltra

This vegetarian and robust nootropic gives an array of grey matter-boosting benefits which are:

Why choose LumUltra over other nootropics in the market?

Nootropics are quite popular supplements and there are a wide variety of them available on the market. But what makes LumUltra different from other nootropics is its content. This brain support supplement commands a special position due to its organic nature and the impressive list of essential and natural ingredients. This powerful nootropic is a quality memory enhancer containing clinically proven ingredients that enhance memory, reasoning and processing powers without giving off any known side effects.

Unlike other supplements, this potent nootropic contains the revolutionary Noopept component which alone has an overwhelming effect on your mood, memory, and mental prowess. Moreover, this smart drug also has Guarana which increases the cognitive-enhancing powers of other constituents in this supplement. These effective brain pills contain the safe and ideal quantities of the ingredients that give you peak brain performance and focus.

Moreover, you can hardly find a brain enhancer like LumUltra that provides both instant and long-term cognitive benefits. These brain pills have undergone rigorous scientific testing and trials which make them all the more powerful, safe and different from other brain boosting products.

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Does LumUltra have any Side effects?

The manufacture claims that the ingredients contained in this product are pure and natural and have undergone several clinical trials that make this nootropic supplement completely safe. Therefore, this brain supplement does not cause any adverse side effects. However, you should always check with your doctor if you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in it.

Will LumUltra work for you?

Yes, this will definitely work for anyone who is looking for a balanced and vegetarian nootropic supplement filled with dominant herbal extracts and vital vitamins and amino acids. If you wish to improve your cognitive abilities and ideal brain health, then you will positively benefit from this cognitive enhancer. The following people can get benefitted from using this brain support supplement:

What is the Recommended Dosage?

The recommended dosage suggested by the manufacturer is 2 capsules in a day. You should ideally take 1 capsule in the morning with breakfast and 1 capsule in the afternoon along with lunch.

How to use?

As it is advised by the manufacturer to take 2 capsules in a day, it would be preferred if you start with just 1 capsule in the morning. This will enable your body to get habituated to the supplement. After a few days, you can start taking 2 capsules in a day.

In order to avoid any tolerance that your body might develop towards this smart drug, you should give your body occasional breaks. For instance, stop having the supplement for 1 month after you have consistently taken it for 3 months. This way you will enhance this supplement’s efficacy.


This nootropic supplement should only be used by those who are above the age of 18 and it should strictly be kept away from the reach of children. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not use this. You should refrain from using this smart drug if you are already going through some kind of medical treatment or taking any medications. You should consult a doctor before starting this supplement.

How to maximize the benefits of LumUltra?

You can optimize your brain function if you take this powerful smart drug as well as follow certain lifestyle tips:

What about the safety levels of LumUltra?

This brain enhancing supplement has been formulated after years of research and development by several experts. All the ingredients included in this nootropic have undergone rigorous safety tests, clinical trials and have been backed by scientific studies, which render this supplement to be perfectly safe for consumption.

LumUltra has been hailed as the best nootropic supplement not only due to its natural and herbal ingredients but also because the manufacturer Avanse Nutraceuticals has adhered to the highest safety standards of production. This smart drug has been formulated in FDA-approved and GMP-certified laboratories of the USA.

Thus, it can be said that this brain enhancer is a completely safe supplement.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy LumUltra

  1. It contains the powerful brain-boosting component Noopept and is a vegetarian-friendly product.
  2. This contains herbal extracts and is manufactured in FDA-approved and GMP-certified laboratories.
  3. This enhances brain function without causing any side effects.
  4. This sharpens memory, focus, concentration, and energy levels and alleviates brain fog, mental fatigue, and anxiety.
  5. This offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.


LumUltra has gained enormous popularity owing to its performance-enhancing and memory-boosting effects on numerous users. Some of the happy customer reviews are:

William: “LumUltra surely cleared all my brain fog issues and helped to overcome my mental lethargy.”

Brian: “If you are looking for fantastic motivation, focus and endless energy, then turn to LumUltra. It has definitely worked for me and I am damn sure it will do for everybody.”

Tudor: “LumUltra works amazingly! I was not very enthusiastic about it when one of the friends suggested me. But since I’ve started using it, my memory and attention levels have improved a lot. I can concentrate more now and have enormous energy and I have overcome all my nervousness.”

Natasha: “I wanted that extra edge to clear my medical exams which LumUltra gave me big time! I am impressed by the way I am functioning now with increased focus, memory and all my mental stress have vanished. I feel more alert and mentally active now. All thanks to LumUltra!”

What is the Price of LumUltra?

 Retail PriceSpecial Sale Price
1 BOTTLE DISCOVERY PACK (60ct)    $79.98$59.97
3 BOTTLE VOYAGER PACK (180ct)  $239.94$119.97 + Free Domestic Shipping
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Nowadays people are struggling with memory issues, lack of attention, and poor concentration levels, all thanks to the tremendously unbalanced lifestyle, work-related and career-oriented pressures. Our brains are overloaded with vital information that requires to be remembered from time to time. In such circumstances, your brains need the utmost nourishment and sharpening that can be provided by only an excellent cognitive enhancer like LumUltra.

This phenomenal nootropic boosts brainpower along with mental focus and vigilance through its organic ingredients in a safe manner without the fears of any side effects. Hence, this smart drug looks like a promising brain enhancer which will help you to discover your full potential by unlocking all your brainpower.

So, give this amazing nootropic a test run and watch yourself turn over a new leaf!

Recap Table

Nootropic supplementYes
BenefitsImproves memory, focus, mental clarity
Side effectsZero
Recommended Dosage2 capsules in a day
No. of capsules in a bottle60 capsules
Suitable forBoth Men & Women
To be consumed by peopleAbove 18 years of age
ResultsFast & effective
Guarantee90-day money back guarantee
Satisfies customersYes
Where to buy LumUltra Online?Visit LumUltra Official Website