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MaleExtra: The Cock that Runs around the Clock!

Male Extra


The emerging need for sexual competency is considered as one of the most crucial considerations for men to have a personality. In today’s time of growing speed and workload men often considers oneself to be incapable of running away from several such established standards that has been cooked altogether by the society as a whole. It is absolutely inescapable and we often find it necessary to stand tall on these pedestals to achieve the primary sanctions of being a man in all true sense. Thus, tensions like shrinking penis, small penis size, along with erectile dysfunction and so on has been growing on the face of life. These perennial issues not only result in giving rise to sexual stress, they also land up making our lives miserable.

Since, these tensions has grown to be unavoidable in complete sense, so we often expose ourselves to several steroids and penile surgeries that can bring us a jarring plight. Therefore, Male Extra brings you a journey to bigger, harder and stronger erections in a safe and natural manner.

Male Extra©: Restore Your Imperishable Manhood

Male Extra is invented as male enhancement product that manifests in making your erection last longer by enhancing and improving your blood flow to your penis. This supplement does not involve any wizardry and functions in a simple yet magnificent manner. Male Extra sets its functions into by helping all those who faces a truckload of tensions regarding sexual capacity and erections and ensures them constant support to fulfill their sexual desires. This magic pill was launched in 2009 and has been purchased by more than 3, 00,000 customers across the globe thereby flooding the market ever since. This product also incorporates all natural and organic ingredients that gives you sexual agility simply through the power thereby curbing all standards of safety issues.

Male Extra has also been strictly manufactured in FDA-certified laboratories and has been approved by several doctors and physicians all over the world. As this product has achieved quite a lot of popularity and purchase rates among men, it increases its authenticity through the customer feedbacks. It has been statistically observed that more than 320,000 men have purchased the supplement with an overall response that seems to be immensely positive. There are a wide range of quality features of this supplement that makes the brand easier to trust. It brings along a satisfaction guarantee and there is also no auto-ship program that you generally worry about. This product also promises a penis enlargement in an erect state by not less than 1 inch in length and 0.5 inches in width, as a bonus. This supplement comes with discrete shipping which also ensures all standards of privacy and loyalty.

The way it sets into doing all the wonders!!! How it works?

The process of considering whether Male Extra will work requires a few things that has to be looked at. We are able to draw conclusions on how well this supplement will work for men with the quality of sexual agility, as well as those who are not satisfied with their erected penis.

As we begin to find out how the product works, it can definitely facilitate us with a view on whether or not it will stand tall as a beneficial supplement in our own life. The primary objective of Male Extra is to enhance the amount of blood that flow through the veins of your penis. This is considered to be pivotal psychological factors that causes a man’s erection.

The basic process of erection is vascular supply and this is also one of the primary ingredients ensuring a proper erection. The several muscles located at the base of your penis permits blood to enter the two chambers situated inside the male sexual organ. Therefore, as blood flows through the penis, these essential muscles contract guaranteeing the blood to stay inside the penis.

Blood starts to flow across the surface of the penis, the penis is caused to swell up. This primarily helps in ensuring natural erection to take place. The penis is also seen to remain erected for as long as it will contain blood inside the region. Therefore, as the muscles located at the base of the penis expands, blood will start to flow off the chambers causing the penis to become flaccid after the process.

This product alongside improving erectile function also manifests in helping a man gain an enlargement in their erection’s size. The amount of blood flow is critical for an erection take place, thus the amount of blood that flows into your penis also decides the amount of erection you’ll achieve. The penis in its erected form also calls for a bigger size. There are men who are dissatisfied with size of your penis, as in such a scenario there may be capacity for extra blood. This supplement makes sure that there is enough flow of blood that flows to the penis when you face an erection and you witness your penis to be bigger than usual. The cannon principle holding the mechanism on which this functions, revolves around the amount of blood your penile tissues can hold causing you a larger penis size along with enlarged erection.

The natural and organic ingredients that solely does all the magic!!!!

This product primarily incorporates ingredients that are completely natural and organic in nature, ensuring standards of safety from side-effects that is often accompanied with several penile surgeries and steroids. The proper study of these ingredients also reveals the extent these ingredients are considered to be efficacious and beneficial. The manufacturization of these product has been strictly made by FDA-certified laboratories and also encompasses several organic ingredients as follows,

This is naturally extracted from the pomegranate fruit that we are all aware of. The pomegranate used in this ingredient also contains 40% Ellagic acid rating. This ingredient sets itself to help in the increase of blood flow to the penis. Researches has established that Ellagic acid promises an enhancement of vascular health. This also comes forward and assists in vasodilation of arteries in the groin area of the organ which cause enlarged erection.

The L-Arginine HCL is considered to be another crucial ingredient of this product. This type of L-arginine is synthetic in nature and is also a prominent amino acid in the human body. This ingredient enables vasodilation which causes erection. It also helps the body to convert this amino acid into nitric oxide. Nitric acid ensures proper relaxation of blood vessels. As these blood vessels are put to relax it can accommodate more rapid flow of blood without increasing the blood pressure.

This ingredient is also referred to as Methyl Sulfonyl Methane which is also considered to be a mineral. It is also used in its absolute organic form of what is known as sulfur. Sulfur as a mineral has some plenty of benefits to shell out for the body. Amongst a room full of benefits this ingredient involves rapid enhancement of blood circulation. MSM is referred to be essential for ensuring cells to remain strong and healthy for a lifetime. The body depends on this ingredient as it gives quality assistance in making new cells for your penile tissues.

Male Extra focuses on helping men in all areas of sexual health. This includes improving ejaculatory control in men. Premature ejaculation is considered too common among the male population and sex might fall out be extremely dissatisfactory for you along you’re your partner. L-Methionine helps in preventing this as this ingredient incorporates a lot of histamine production. It creates a staunch blockage in the process of converting histidine into histamine by the body. This also effectively delays ejaculation helping you to last your capacity longer during sex.

Low libidinal energy is also considered to another rising problem amongst men. This can even cause to fast and staggering erections, as men simply often catches themselves to not have the mood for sex. Cordyceps is an extract derived from plants thereby causing no side-effects whatsoever. This is considered to one of the famous ancient Chinese medicinal practices. This also falls under the category of an effective aphrodisiac since a long time. It shall help to stimulate your libidinal energy making you strong and agile in bed.

The innumerable benefits that comes with this product:

Male Extra comes with a hall full of perks and you already must be quite drawn with the idea of having this product all by yourself as it is nothing but remarkable journey to sexual agility and potentiality. We have already gone through the various ingredients that this product incorporates and in the following column you shall gather knowledge about the endless benefits of this product. There are as follows,

Alternatives are plenty!!! Why choose Male Extra???

Male Extra has not been flooding the market in company of a lot of corrivals that exists. Enhancing your sexuality gives you a remarkable opportunity not only to restore sexual tenacity but also helps in conquering new heights of life. This product is manufactured in FDA- certified laboratories incorporating natural and safe ingredients that keeps your away from all sorts of side-effects. This product is also prescribed by several doctors and technicians against steroids and penile surgeries that can hurt you for life. It will give you penis enlargement in length and girth, increased longevity of erection and enhance your orgasmic contractions.

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What about the safety nets? How to use this product?

Every supplement comes with a set of guidelines and instructions of consumption and usage, not following them and expecting great results is not very ideal in our part. It is advisable of us to not exceed the daily prescribed dosage and also follow all the additional precautions that comes along with it for fast and effective results. The recommended dosage for this supplement is three pills per day, preferably taken alongside a meal. This strictly encompasses organic and natural ingredients; thus, it does not create any harm whatsoever if taken in the prescribed fashion.

Top 5 Reasons: Briefly, an armor of manhood

  1. This product promises your larger and harder erections along in a solid and reliable form with increased longevity.
  1. It also facilitates you with powerful orgasms cause through the increased blood flow to your penile tissues.
  1. It also heightens your sexual drive which promotes your capacity to increase your sexual desire along with magnifying your libido.
  1. It also improved performance by charging in you enhanced stamina that will help you staying in full power even in workplace
  1. Male Extra also increases your self-confidence which not promotes your sexual performance but also every corner of your masculinity.

What is the Price of MaleExtra?


Vexon Gray, 8/19/2019

This product has changed my life forever. I have always had issues concerning my sexual tenacity so and so I was even tempted to take up penile surgeries and steroids. My doctor suggested me this product, I’m using this for a year. It has given great results minus side-effects. I feel both alive and in heaven.

Richard Tiedemann 6/2/17

It’s been years of my wife complaining and cribbing in the bed for my sexual incapacity. I started using this product four months ago and has been using it since then. It has truly saved and my shaking marriage. This surely took me wonderland and makes me last for hours in bed.


The umbrella of issues that men have to face involve lacking a large or potent penis and the sexual virility that it brings along. A concept like this has also been televised and has even been conditioned from generation to generation through internet porn and so on. Whenever we think of buying a supplement for enhancing our sexual performance and penis size, the most important question that rises in our mind is whether or not the product actually is beneficial. Witnessing such a large number of supplements available on the market, it gets quite hard to determine the ones that will shell out a good outcome. According to various proficient doctors it is notable safe and effective way seen to increase the erection size and improve your erectile functions. Therefore, Male Extra is worth every minute of yours.

Quick Recap

Ingredients:All organic and natural.
Purpose:Erection Improving Supplement
Caffeine:No use.
Benefits:Makes your erection larger.
Erection lasts longer.
Heightened sexual drive.
Recommended dosage:Three times a day.
Suitable for:Men belonging to the age of 18 or above.
Guarantee:100days money-back guarantee.
Shipping:Free, fast and effective.
No. of capsules in a box:90 capsules.
Where to buy?Visit Male Extra official website.