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MaleEdge Penis Extender: A Length that can Fill any Depth!



Are you lacking confidence in bed? Is your sexual life getting affected due to your small penis size? Just remember there is nothing to feel ashamed of. Fifty percent of the world population suffers from various penile problems that can be due to its small size, or not having appropriate girth or maybe even crooked ones! Hence unsatisfied.

Reproduction is the fundamental life process in every individual, biologically we are here to leave our genes behind, and in order to make this process a success we need very good tools, and in this case, in males, it is the penis! But the process is not always which we look into, enjoyment, satisfaction also plays a major role. It is true larger the penis more erogenous zones it can discover inside the vagina unlike a small penis.

So, if you want to make the essential life process not just a boring regular one it’s time to go carefree as MaleEdge has brought to you a penile extender tool which will give you your desired result and will definitely make sure your every night counts!

What is MaleEdge?

Male Edge is a penis extender that works in a most natural format. To increase your penis size to your desired length and girth no need to undergo any painful surgeries.

The tool is effective even in correcting the curvature of your penis. Just a simple tool when used properly will make you the ultimate hero at the bed. A bigger penis leads you to discover your maximum potential and you can feel more confident about yourself and in front of ladies. You will also feel an extreme sense of satisfaction that with MaleEdge you have achieved what you only dreamt of once. It is one of the most trusted and wanted products which has promised to give a 100% result and is also approved and medically tested by health care professionals.

How does MaleEdge work?

The basic science remains the same when it comes to inducing growth of cells naturally. When you work on your muscles how do you build it? You pick up heavyweight so that muscle tissues wear off and in return when the tissue starts repairing it builds up. The traction method uses a similar principle.

The extender implies pressure on your penis forcing the penile tissues to tear off gradually but continuously. Hence when you stop the application the penile tissues get enough time to heal and repair by generating more and more new cells hence increasing the length and curvature of your penis even during the flaccid condition.

The device needs to be worn on your penis, which will cause stretching of the penis for an extended amount of time. When your penis is continuously stretched the cells and the tissue react by dividing and multiplying. This leads to all the way the generation of a new penile tissue and cells which will compensate for the stretched length. That gives you a thicker and a longer penis.hence in one word it can be said that MaleEdge works on the basic principle of Phylogenetic Traction.

The result is not noticeable within just a fortnight but MaleEdge penile extender really works. There have been ample amounts of studies where reputed scientific and medical journals have proved about effectiveness. In fact, according to several experts, the use of penile extenders like MaleEdge should be the first choice for those who wish to enlarge their penis. The penis extender is used carefully, and can be used for a long period of time.

You need to have patience and trust in the product. It works externally only and uses the body’s own mechanism to bring about the change, so only applicants who have the complete perseverance can enjoy the product’s effectiveness. Depending upon how much enlargement you require and how much traction pressure you can take MaleEdge has brought to you three versions

What is the recommended usage practise of MaleEdge Device?

The penis extender needs to be worn on a regular basis for eight to nine hours to obtain the desired result. Even if you have achieved what you aimed for in order to make the effect last for a longer period of time,continue wearing the contraption for a shorter duration of time maybe for two to three hours daily. To achieve the best result, it should be worn for a longer duration in the first six months and then for a shorter duration in the following three months.

With the use of the penis extender, you will be able to enjoy your sexual intercourse for a longer period of time. Moreover, since the whole thing is externally operated there is no fear of incorporation of any pills or injections that will interfere with your hormonal balance and cause any ill effect. It is a very good alternative to any kind of synthetic pills or supplements.

Directions of Use

The majority of men are afraid of using such devices thinking of the fact that they might get hurt. But no need to worry as the manufacturer has carefully designed the penile extender tool for you.The understanding becomes all the more clear and easy as you can always go back and watch the instructional video numerous times until you are sure how to utilize it.

You have to start by inserting your flaccid penis at the base ring, such that your penis is set between the two tension rods which can be extended by rotating them clockwise and pulling downwards, the rods then turned counterclockwise to secure the position. The front part of the tool supports your penis head and can be secured with the accessories provided such that the penis is kept at a place. The tension rods can be adjusted as per the traction force required by you.

It is important to note that for best and effective results proper traction level needs to be maintained. It should not be too strong that you start feeling uncomfortable and hurt yourself, neither should it be too loose such that no effect on the tissues takes place.

Initially, the tool will make you feel uncomfortable so it is recommended to use the least traction pressure and for a shorter duration of time as and when you become habituated increase the pressure as well as the duration.

The traction pressure is available in three weights that are 800 grams,1200 grams, and 2000 grams.

General Tips:

  1. With the tool on you will have to be careful as you will not be able to do strenuous exercise. Masturbation, urination, or while having sex, the tool needs to come out from your penis.
  2. If you do not move much during your sleep then only the device will be useful and safe for overnight purpose sleeping on your stomach can be disastrous.
  3.  Improvement and best results will be seen in four to six months of regular use. It is just like medicine where you don’t know how long your body will take to adapt to it moreover other factors like general health and age also play a crucial role in producing the result.
  4. It is recommended you click before and after pictures to ensure that the tool has been worn correctly.
  5. Always use the foam and the binding tapes to prevent getting hurt due to the clasps.
  6. Before utilizing the product be positive and learn to trust


The product has a large number of benefits

  1. The design and the material of the product are such that when worn under clothes it can be worn anywhere without being noticed at all. So, you don’t have to invest a special time of the day to incorporate it into your life.

  2. Although you may feel discomfort in the beginning, with little time and use you will see it becomes just like part of your body and you do not feel uncomfortable anymore.

  3. The product is extremely safe, highly effective, and painless.

  4. The product is endorsed and clinically studied by the medical community 

  5. The working principle behind is simple biology that is traction.

  6. This penis enlarger can cater to issues like Chordee and Peyronie’s disease.

  7. The material which MaleEdge is made up of is all FDA approved.

  8. The penis extender is very light and does not involve any complicated mechanism for wearing.

  9. The extender tool successfully helps extend your penis by almost 28 percent and penis girth by twenty percent. Even though it will depend from person to person.

  10. The extender ensures harder and stronger erections and better control over your ejaculations.

  11. The distance of the extender can be adjusted as per your requirement and you can also completely control the pressure of the traction.

  12.  The results are permanent.

Why choose MaleEdge over other Penis Extender brands in the Market?

  1. MaleEdge is affordable when compared to other brands.
  2. The brand is a reputed one.
  3. The material used for making the product is completely safe and made of genuine materials that have been clinically reviewed.
  4. The product is well packed so that none other knows your business and it can be taken comfortably anywhere.
  5. For unsatisfied customers, there is a hundred percent money-back guarantee any time during the first nine months.
  6. The manufacturer also offers a 1-year warranty
  7. Full-time staff and doctors are available for support.

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Does Male Edge have any Side Effects?

MaleEdge penis extending tool has been very carefully designed with the best quality materials so that its effectiveness is never compromised. But as we all know greed is something which is not at all advisable.

According to a urologist at Rush University Medical Centre, Chicago Dr. Deane: “There’s potential for risk in terms of skin issues and pain if it’s applied incorrectly. You can avoid injury altogether provided that you listen to your body very closely and immediately stop everything as soon as something feels wrong.”

Hence overusing the product and ignoring your body’s constant sign of resentment can lead to damage to the penile tissue reversing the whole process. There may also be irritation, itching, brushing, numbness, and even broken blood vessels if the instructions are not read or followed properly. Always feel free to recommend a doctor if there are any side effects caused due to overexertion.

Overall, the product is legal and completely safe. There can never be an alternative to such a basic design. Say goodbye to painful surgeries and synthetic drugs, it’s time to Score your happiness and experience the ultimate satisfaction of life with MaleEdge.

Will the product work for me?

MaleEdge has carefully and quite scientifically designed the structure of the penis extender tool. It permanently increases the size to your desired level. It is completely harmless and safe and can be used by men above the age of eighteen. Ensure you read the instruction and go over the instructional video before use.

Top 5 reasons to buy the product

  1. Legal and safe
  2. Improves penile length and girth
  3. Caters to diseases like Chordee and Peyronie’s disease
  4. Lightweight, comfortable and durable
  5. Results permanent.

What is the Price of Male Edge?


MaleEdge is one of the most talked-about products among those who have utilized it and here are some of the valuable testimonials which will make clear how dynamic the product is-

Tyler, New Zealand “MaleEdge is a fantastic tool. No need to give a second thought, it will definitely work on your penile length and curvature”

Toby, New Zealand “I am an introvert and am not quite vocal about such types of reviews but I couldn’t hold back myself. The product is genuinely good, I can’t wait to see the result after six months”

Dylan, New Zealand “I tried using various supplements and pills available in the market but none worked up to what I expected. It is MaleEdge that brought zing back in my life. My penis size increased by almost ten percent in a fortnight.”

Ryder, New Zealand- “I am thirty-two and I was suffering from Peyronie’s disease, my sex life had almost ended and I was suffering from low self-esteem to a much extent. Doctors did have medicine but also recommended MaleEdge. I was baffled to see the positive effects of the product. It changed my life completely. Thank you MaleEdge”


Many men are quite apprehensive about their dissatisfaction when it comes to penis size, some even face serious situations like Chordee and Peyronie’s disease.but its complete loss if you are not able to speak up for yourself. MaleEdge special penis extender tool will hundred percent show its effect when it comes to increasing the length and girth of your penis. It might cause a bit of discomfort at first but trust, faith, and perseverance are the ultimate mantra to give you back your lost confidence. The product comes with a danish design and maintains the highest quality standards. The product has a European CE mark and is approved by the Danish Ministry of Health. So it is pretty evident how much the product is safe and causes no injury.Now enjoy your life like never before.

Recap Table

PriceMaleEdge Basic dollar 149.99 MaleEdge Extra dollar 174.99 MaleEdge Pro    dollar 199.99
PrescriptionNot required
Is it legal?Yes
Is it safe?Yes, made of natural material
Where to Buy MaleEdge in Online?  Easily available on the Official Website  
How to use it?  Directions provided along with the tool
Money back guaranteeHundred percent money back guarantee
Other offersOne-year warranty