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Let the Gains Begin with Nutrigo Lab Mass

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Do you know– the worst thing you can be is the same as everybody. You are unique, there is potentiality, determination, and power in you. You are here to conquer not get suppressed. The body has to be taken under control so that you can rule the body and make it the way you want it to be.

Bulking up muscles not only makes you stronger and attractive but also gives you the POWER you deserve. Bodybuilding is a mission, every person who knows about the intensity of bulking up muscles, knows it all about life. Building muscles is no less than a journey, there’s a lot of hard work and time that one has to put behind the muscles. But sadly, only hard work has never helped anyone for getting those perfect brawny muscles.

Well, hard work is mandatory but you need the power to put in that hard work. But where will you derive the power from?

You need both the physical as well as mental power. And the only place, you can derive both the power, it is from Nutrigo Lab Mass.

What is the Nutrigo Lab Mass?

Nutrigo Lab Mass is the best food supplement if you are someone who craves a bulky body. This food supplement is made of ingredients that help you grow stronger and gives you adequate power so that you can easily go with rigorous workout training.

This Mass Builder will elevate your performance at the gym to give you the best beefy muscles in the shortest period. Building Muscles has never been that easy for every body type. This deliciously flavored mass builder tries to make muscle building a cakewalk for everyone.

How does the Nutrigo Lab Mass work?

The composition of the Nutrigo Lab Mass will shock you. It is packed with power that your body must be craving for. The composition of the three different types of protein in a single mixture shows the best result for everybody. On consuming the mix, you notice an effective growth in your muscle mass. The mix has the ability to absorb amino acids faster, repair damaged muscles after the rigorous workout session, and achieve your goals in the quickest time possible.


Let the Gains Begin, with Nutrigo Lab.


The components have passed several clinical studies before adding into the formulation.

Does Nutrigo Lab Mass have any Side Effects?

The core ingredients of the Nutrigo Lab Mass supplement are chosen specially. On consuming the mix to date, no one has faced any side effects.

The formulation is risk-free and powerful for consumption. The right amount of every ingredient makes it worthy of consumption. There is no excess component in the formulation that may have shown complications.

Because here, more than anything else your health is given first preference, and then comes everything else.

Direction to use

Step 1: Pour 4 cups of Nutrigo Lab Mass into a shaker

Step 2: Add 200 ml of milk or water (as per your preference)

Step 3: Shake Well

Step 4: Drink twice a day; post-workout or between meals.

Will Nutrigo Lab Mass work for me?

The deliciously flavored supplement has worked for anyone and everyone. The mix has the right proportion of proteins, carbs, and creatine so that all bodybuilding enthusiasts can benefit from it.

There is no mandate rule to consume separate powders for whey protein, creatine, and carbs separately. The Nutrigo Lab Mass is a powerpack that you definitely need in your bodybuilding journey if you want to grow your muscles.

Why choose Nutrigo Lab Mass over other Protein Powders for Bulking? 

This product gives too many reasons to opt for this brand in particular. Let’s look into some of the reasons:

On the contrary, there are thousands of supplements available for building your body. But the activeness of the supplement is a big question. Most supplements are made of ingredients that are not in the proper proportion. Consumption of the wrong amount of proteins, creatine, and carbs can be harmful to the body. If the formulation of the products is not advanced then that may be hazardous for consumption.

There is almost an 80% chance that you will face severe side effects or complications in consuming the wrong product. And there are hardly any supplement mixes available that are delicious to drink, Nutrigo Lab Mass is available in two flavors, you can choose whichever you like the most. And lastly, whenever you place an order of any random product, you will have to wait for weeks to receive it, which is not the case with Nutrigo Lab Mass.

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What are the safety levels of Nutrigo Lab Mass?

The supplement mix is specially made for all men. To purchase the product the only aim you need is to get BULKED-UP Muscles. And Nutrigo Lab Mass is here to do the job. The formulation is not suitable for anyone below 18 years of age. If you have any existing health issues, then you are advised to see the doctor before consuming the supplement.

How to maximize the effects of Nutrigo Lab Mass?

You will achieve the utmost results by consuming the supplement mix itself. But there are a few tricks and tips you can follow to make the journey more exciting.

Try to add the following food items to gain muscle mass:

Try to do the following things to enhance the results of the supplement:

While consuming the delicious mix daily, try adding the tips and tricks to make it even better.

Top 5 reasons to buy the product

  1. Advanced Formulation for Muscle Gains
  2. Works Naturally inside the Body
  3. Comes in Two different flavors
  4. No side effects recorded
  5. Express Delivery available.

Both Vanilla and Chocolate flavors are priced the same.

What is the Price of Nutrigo Lab Mass? 

Best Value PackageStandard PackageBasic Package
Buy 3 items, Get 3 FREEBuy 2 items, Get 1 FREEBuy 1 item only
6 months supply3 months supply1 month supply
$54.50 per bottle$ 72.66 per bottle$ 109.00 per bottle
Total: $327.00Total: $218.00Total: $109.00.

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Adam Carter, USA
“Bodybuilding was not that easy for me initially, tried really hard at first but achieved zero results. Then Nutrigo came to my life to change my total body structure. I gained bulky muscles in just 2 months which was really astonishing.”

Jose Fletcher, New Zealand
“I went to get big muscles, I worked out for almost 1 year and gained no muscle at all. I was heartbroken, even my trainer did not know what to do with me. My trainer then found out about the best-flavored supplement, and he recommended me. Truly it worked wonders.”

Ander Oxley, UK
“ I never thought a delicious supplement mix like Nutrigo Lab Mass could work. I used to take it every day because it tasted great and worked out daily casually. Then with time, I started noticing some fantastic changes in my body.”

Xavier Page, Canada
“Thanks and tons of thanks to Nutrigo Lab Mass, the best mix supplement in the market right now. It tastes so good. I wish I could have it more than just twice a day.”

Vik Jones, Australia
“I would highly recommend Nutrigo Lab Mass to every bodybuilding enthusiast. If you are looking for the best then you are in the right place.”

Quick Recap

Getting the perfect bulky muscle is still a dream for many men. Many dream day and night to gain muscles. So, try Nutrigo Lab Mass to boost overall physical endurance, faster muscle gain, aid fat loss, and boost testosterone naturally.

To gain all the BESTs– Hurry Up to Buy Nutrigo Lab Mass.

ProductNutrigo Lab Mass
PurposeProteins for Your Muscles
Price per bottle$ 109.00
Dosage:Drink twice a day.
Guarantee:Quality Guaranteed
Suitability:For all men.
Where to Buy Nutrigo Lab Mass?Visit Nutrigo Lab Mass Official Website.