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SizeGenetics Vs Phallosan Forte Vs Quick Extender Pro: Who’s the Best?

If for some reason you, as a male human being, are not satisfied with the way your penis looks like or if you want to increase its size then you must have searched heaven and earth and found something along the lines of a traction device.

And now, you want to know everything about it, what it is, how it works, whether it will work for you or not and if it is safe or not. 

Since the market is swarmed with all kinds of traction devices, in this guide we are going to tell you about the three best traction devices that are currently selling like hotcakes and tell you which among them is the better one for you.

But first, some basics…

So, your pee-pee is wrong?

As a male human being, someone’s penis is a great source of self confidence and a mirror to a great self-image. But when due to natural occurring reasons there is some bending in the penis or if your penis size is small, then that takes a huge toll on your self-confidence as well.

This in turn could cause a myriad of problems, problems like inferiority complex, uneasiness around people of opposing sex, depression, anxiety and even paranoia if not being accepted in the society as a prime dependable male.

And not just that, a smaller sized penis may not give you the mental satisfaction every time you have sex, a bent penis may make erections feel painful and an even more bent penis might just make sex impossible!

What causes this inhumane curse in males?

What causes a small penis size is a debate even the scientists are not sure of how to start and how to end, maybe it is thanks to your genes, maybe to your nutrition, maybe because of the low testosterone levels inside you, maybe all of them…it is not clear what causes a small penis size and what causes a large penis size.

And then there is another fact that even though you may have an okay penis size but it could be bent, a bent penis may make your okay penis size look small and god forbid if you have Peyronie’s disease which is when a penis is bent more than usual, so much so it makes erections painful and sex impossible to have.

There could be many causes of a bent penis like of course peyronie’s disease which happens to every 1 in 20 men. Other reasons for a bent penis include – maybe some injury to the penis when you were an infant, any autoimmune disorders or maybe some inherited fibrous tissue abnormality (collagen).

So, what can I do about any of these things to my pee-pee?

If you have a bent penis check if it is peyronie’s disease, when it is peyronie’s disease your penis will feel pain when erected in that case you might need some surgery which let me tell you right now is very costly and doesn’t guarantee a full un-bent of the penis.

There are also some medications but they are unreliable as well, they may work for you or they may not.

If you have a small penis size then there are no meds at all, there is just surgery and study says that it may not be that helpful for everyone at all.

If you want my advice then there is only one thing that can help you, you got to hit the problem where it originates from and no do not start hitting your penis.

What is a Traction Device?

Oh, you have seen a traction device in work, we have all seen it. Traction devices use pulleys and weights to put tension on some displaced joint or bone. The tension coming from the device helps a dislocated joint or bone get back in its proper shape. Like that grandma who uses neck braces in your block.

Traction devices are also used to put muscles in stretched condition for a long time to reduce muscle spasms.

So basically, a traction device is something that is going to pull an organ of yours gently so that it doesn’t stay loose.

How does that help in my condition?

Well, ask yourself, how does a muscle builder work on his or her muscles in the gym? They workout a lot then they take a healthy and nutritious diet and after some time they have bigger muscles than before? So how did that happen?

It happened because when those guys are working out like crazy, they are causing micro-tears in their muscles inside and when that happens the body instinctively sends cells over there to duplicate themselves and fill in those micro tears, during the cell duplication process, the body always makes a little bit more cells than the last time so you grow muscles!

That is the basic theory that also works with penis traction devices! These devices put your thingy in a constant stretched form and also maintain gentle force on it causing it to have small micro-tears inside your Corpora Cavernosa (it is a part of your penis which holds blood during erections) and when the body sends cell duplication processes there you get a larger and thicker penis!

And not only that, if you had a bent penis, penis traction devices can also make them all straight and beautiful looking, so there is that as well.

Don’t kid me around man, does it actually work?

A traction device works by putting tension on a penis in order to have cell duplication there, studies show that these devices actually work! Yes! But there is one simple catch.

These devices only give results based upon your perseverance and dedication with them, so the longer you work with them the better and faster they give results.

Any Side Effects?

Penis Traction Devices put tension on your organ gently, meaning you can use them for longer durations, and they adjust themselves according to your schedule. Just wear loose boxer shorts to your work under your trousers and if you don’t have a job that requires physical labour then it is all fine to wear it on the whole day.

There are no side effects of wearing these devices, the instructions come with them and if you follow them correctly then there should be no problem.

Any other ways to penis enlargement?

The only other ways are medications and surgery but they can cause more problems and headaches than they solve and they are costly like crazy plus they may not give you your desired results and on top of that they might not be totally safe.

And I hope you were not trying to address snake oils.

Why are traction devices better than surgeries?

Well first of all, those surgeries are expensive as crazy and demand you to make a lot of preparations before you go with them. These traction devices are…legit simple, just pure and plain simple, all you have to do with them is just put them on and just go with your daily routine as you were plus, they are cheap.

Surgeries do not guarantee you anything, furthermore you could feel all weird when you are done with them, traction devices guarantee you better results without making you feel all weird.

The best thing about all these traction devices is that you are in complete control, based upon your decision and perseverance with their usage you can keep getting better results.

So, what are the Best Penile Traction Devices available?

In this section today we are going to talk about three of the most famous penile traction devices in the market, they are 

  1. SizeGenetics, 
  2. Phallosan Forte and 
  3. Quick Extender Pro.

So, let’s find out some deets about each.

What is SizeGenetics?

If you are looking to get a bigger penis size or just want to straighten the curvature of your organ or maybe both, this product will help you get both the results.

It is made from MDA technology (Multi Directional Angling) that ensures you comfort and durability in any of your daily situations.

This product has been serving people for the past 19 years and has been giving them results in their want of a better working organ.

SizeGenetics is a type 1 medical device and has been recommended by many penis enlargement surgeons, it has even made its name in top magazines like GQ and Men’s Health.

This device is clinically tested and under the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) which means what you are buying is 100% authentic and made from medical grade components.

How it works?

This product gives you a huge 2,800 grams of traction tension which is almost 50% more than the other traction devices that are in the market.

It is put upon your penis as directed in the provided guide and then it puts all that above-mentioned tension on your organ stretching it and putting force upon it, do not worry you will not feel a thing, this, in turn, causes small micro tears inside your Corpora Cavernosa which is where the blood gets held while you have erections. The body then sends in a cell duplication system to go and work there which in turn gives you more muscles in your organ giving you that length and girth you so wanted.

Your Corpora Cavernosa will get bigger and you will get bigger and more strong erections and these results are going to be permanent.

How long should you wear SizeGenetics?

You are supposed to wear this product for 6+ months, for 3 to 6 hours daily and should put it off on every 3rd or 4th day to recover.

Benefits (What you’ll get) –

Return Policy –

If you are not satisfied with this item you can return it within 1000 hours of use of this product, just give them a call.

Price –

The value edition of this product comes at $199.95

So, Get the Length in the Most Comfortable Ways, Click Here to Book SizeGenetics from its Official Website.

What is Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is another one of the market’s popular penis enlargement traction devices, it works upon your organ by putting tension on it and making it grow from the inside.

The team behind this product wanted it to be safe, comfortable and tested so that you have a very smooth experience wearing it and getting results from it.

Made in Germany and tested in German clinics this product is sure to give anyone the results who wears it persistently, the studies were done on it by its manufacturers show that you could gain almost 2 inches of erect length size of your organ in just 6 months with diligent use of this product.

Phallosan is real and discreet with its working, you can just put it on as you go about your daily routine and unlike in all those ads that one sees on the media and especially on the internet, this item actually gives out results as you use it diligently for long periods of time.

How it works?

This product works on the principle of stretching, it is seen in many primitive people around the world that when they wear ornaments that stretch their lips, ears and other body parts those areas of their bodies grow and get to abnormally bigger size.

That same principle is applied when using this item, when a lot of gentle stretching is put upon the penis over time the organ starts to grow and attends a permanent bigger and longer size.

This item offers you the cell duplication process that happens when the body sees it as having micro-tears somewhere, when stretched for longer times your penis has micro-tears inside its muscles and then cell duplication happens which creates more cells than the last time and that gentlemen, allows you to have a bigger penis size than you had before.

How long should you wear Phallosan?

You should wear it for at least 6 to 8 months to see a growth of almost 1.9 inches, for 3 to 6 hours daily and taking a day off every 3rd or 4th day.

Benefits (what you’ll get) –

Return Policy –

You can return the product within 14 days from the day you received the item.


You can buy the Phallosan Forte for $339 with extra shipping charges.

Wanna give Phallosan Forte a Hit? Click Here to visit Phallosan Forte Official Website to Rush Your Order!

What is Quick Extender Pro?

Quick Extender Pro is one of the few of those penile traction devices that is selling like crazy, it is a tried and tested traction device that manages to give you results with long periods of usage.

If you are having trouble with micro syndromes as in you have small penis size even when it is erect or if you are either suffering from Peyronie’s disease and having a painful bent penis or just a regular old bent penis that you do not want to have, this item is going to get you relieved from all those ailments.

The item, quick extender pro is the only traction device in the market available with a DSS technology that is Double Strap Support Technology wherein when you put on this comfortable and unique item on your organ and provide it with maximum tension along the tip of the organ and the whole shaft as well, this will entail your maximum results in shortest of time.

How does it work?

It also works on the science behind penis traction, when you put enough tension and stretch upon the organ then over long periods of time the organs start to get pulled and get elongated naturally. The stretch however should be gentle and should stay around no matter what you may be doing. The DSS system in this item which is, Double Strap Support technology makes sure that you get a maximum amount of pressure on your penis for the most amount of time without dislocating the device and making it uncomfortable for you to wear it.

You get the best comfort and tested results as the tension goes inside the organ and causes micro-tears in your muscular system and then the body allows for cell duplication in your penis which results in the natural growth of your penis in both length and girth over time with pure dedication and perseverance.

How Long Should you wear Quick Extender Pro –

You should wear this item for more than 6 to 8 months on an average to get noticeable results, and use it for 6 to 8 hours daily and take a day off on every 3rd or 4th day.

Benefits (what you’ll get) –

Return Policy –

You have a return window of six months if you are not satisfied with the item

Price –

The value edition of Quick Extender Pro is at $119.93.

If Comfort is your Priority, Click Here to Visit Quick Extender Official Website to Grab your Penile Extender!

Comparison Table

SizeGeneticsPhallosan ForteQuick Extender Pro
How It WorksIt works upon the cell duplication system of the body with MDA TechnologyIt works upon the limb stretching process of the bodyIt works upon the organ using DSS system, Double Strap Support Technology
Probability of GainGain assured 10% noticeable results within 2 monthsGain almost 2 inches in 6 monthsGet 1 inch added to your organ length within a month
Length of usageUse this item for 6 months or more for 3 to 6 hours daily with a break on every 3rd or 4th dayUse this item for 6-8 months or more for 3 to 6 hours daily with a break on every 3rd or 4th dayUse this item for 6- 8 months or more for 6 to 8 hours daily with a break on every 3rd or 4th day
Where to Buy?Tap to Visit SizeGenetics Official Website.Tap to Visit Phallosan Forte Official WebsiteTap to Visit Quick Extender Official Website

Final Verdict

When you are going for a traction device you have to keep in mind their authenticity, their working system, and how much they reveal about their outcome on their website, in other words how much they are honest.

And when we take all those things in mind then only SizeGenetics makes the most sense as the go-to traction device for your needs.

It has the Multiple Directional Angling system going for it which makes it far easier to use in your daily routine and work time, it has a surety of reassured proven results of about 19 years and for that, it has been even discussed in top magazines like Men’s Health and GQ.

What’s more, is, it even has a money-back guarantee on 1000 hours of its usage meaning you get one of the most tasteful of experiences to know if it is going to work for you or not (it will), and the biggest reason for you to go for SizeGenetics is that it is cleared by FDA and holds a certificate to be a type 1 Medical device.

The other two devices, Phallosan and Quick Extender Pro are kinds of hiding their display of information aspect plus they are not clear on how exactly their device makes the organ grow, personally, they just could not quench my thirst to know what exactly is it that makes them true with all their marketing.

So, I advise you to go with the trusted SizeGenetics. Click Here.

Conclusion –

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not satisfied with your penis size or shape give a traction device a chance first before making any expensive or headache-inducing selection. Chances are SizeGenetics will give you the outcome you are looking for.