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Provacyl: Is Menopause/Andropause Creating Trouble in your Sex-Life?



It’s okay to not feel okay with oneself. You are not the only being facing this issue, both women and men go through this phase of life. It is said that per decade approximately at a rate of 10% MEN’S hormones plummet, which is, YOU are producing less than 80% of the testosterone and HGH at the age of 40’s which you used to during your 20’s which you bet it does affect your overall physical and mental well-being.


Need not worry mates, there’s a saying a friend in need is always a friend in deed.  So here I am, saying with full guarantee Provacyl is the secret key to your joy and to be in full action and to satisfy your partner.

What is Provacyl?

Back at your Best; Get ready to witness some spontaneous and enjoyable sex again with increased sex drive and long-lasting erections including your charged-up energy level which would not make you feel your age with greater mental clarity, memory and focus and you don’t have to accept the symptoms of male andropause.

As “male menopause” and “andropause” has got the attention of the medical community, you can get started producing more youthful levels of testosterone and HGH (the “youth hormone”), with daily supplements such as herbals, peptides, nutrients and amino acids. Appreciation to the extensive research and formulation effort of our team here at Leading Edge Health, hence with which you can achieve with our product PROVACYL.

How does this work?

You can change the reduction of the signs of aging along with Male Menopause.

Does the gender really matter because anyway both are getting old plus the levels of hormones decline? Basically, for men the hormones that begin to drop off are HGH (the youth hormone), DHEA and testosterone.

Glands located in thyroid, the brain, pancreas, thymus and testes that deliver these various hormones tend to slow down. Which highly refers to “Each day, your body generates LESS of the vital hormones for which you need to be mentally fit, stay strong and sexually active like HGH (the youth hormone), DHEA and testosterone. It’s so as by the moment you are into your 50’s, you’ll be at 70% of your youthful hormone level, and by the time you are hitting 70’s, your hormones would be at 50% and low.

Leading to the common complaints of age because of the ongoing depletion of male hormones including:

However, a solution to your problem has been discovered by science that, if you can crank up your body to start liberating higher levels of these essential hormones again, you will slow down or even some cases do the reverse, some of the aging effects.

Fellas what are you waiting for? Get started with your Reverse Aging Process immediately, with a smooth entry with Provacyl.

The supplement has been carefully tested and diagnosed with a potent series of amino acids, herbals, nutrients and according to emerging science, it can prompt your body to let out more youthful hormone levels again by simply taking the daily supplements as said. As a result, within less than 30 days, you can see the stark improvements in your sex drive, focus and energy levels. All you have to do is take these supplements religiously daily for a minimum of three months to attain the very Optimum Results in your overall sexual, mental and physical health.

Later follow to continue this magic drug indefinitely, afterwards as long as you continue the supplementation, expect to continue the anti-aging   benefits of Provacyl because it’s just like taking any daily multi-vitamin.

Ingredients to Male Menopause/ Andropause

Safety and health of your well-being is our first priority!

Male Menopause/Andropause is cured with Provacyl which is a   natural remedy, so not only it is executed with the world’s best and finest, freshest quality ingredients, the manufacturers have selected the same cGMP certified constructor that major retailers like Walgreen, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Safeway, Rite Aid and many more.

That indicates most of the same standard procedures and tests which are used to construct lifesaving drugs to create Provacyl.

It Includes:


Why go for Provacyl over other Anti-Ageing Male Enhancement HGH Brands in the Market?

Don’t resist, just go for it. You should not doubt your intentions. This is the best thing for you, personally or economically both. Firstly, it is medically certified and tested, has no side effects that will bloat you up or feel nausea. It will give more energy and strength to you. And secondly, it is a 67 days money back guarantee, if you do not get satisfied by the product then return the two empty containers within 67 days for a full refund excluding the shipping charges. Also, if you order multiple containers you would get a discount, also any unopened container with two used containers if returned within 67 days of purchase is eligible for a full refund excluding the shipping charges. However, don’t forget to return the order for a refund post 67 days as the offer would be expired.

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Does the Provacyl have any Side effects?

Hell no! there are no side effects. This should not be a question at all! It is beneficial for metabolism and psychological well-being. It is medically certified and tested by cGMP. It has natural ingredients and medicinal values. PROVACYL increases your testosterone level and does not make you feel upset about your age, YOU tend to be more energetic which helps you be more active physically and satisfy your partner whenever you get the adrenaline rush. After intaking these supplements, one would feel so young at age that one has to shed down on energy by working out and maintaining a balanced diet.

Will the product work for you?

Yes of course! Eureka! Don’t question yourself. And if it does not satisfy you then you can return the two empty containers within 67 days of purchase and you would get the refund but excluding the shipping charges. You must return the two empty containers within 67 days for full money back guarantee but remember not to exceed more than 67 days as the offer will expire. Plus, why do you want to think about all this, this should not concern you as the product will not disappoint you for sure. Just try out the supplements for two months or more and you would discover a big difference in your lifestyle and your sex life. This is an incredible guarantee, don’t miss it!  They are real companies with staff and phone numbers in which you can call. There is no hassling, no questions and no heckling, having said that, they would express courier the order within 48 hours.

Top 5 reasons to own this product?

  1. Greater Sex Drive
  2. Boost Testosterone
  3. Fight Male Menopause
  4. Increase HGH
  5. More Energy


Happy and Satisfied customers:

Dr. Faud Usman, UK says, “after consuming this supplement I feel more confident about myself.”

Kiiyan Fields, Canada says, “it gives me greater intimacy with my partner.”

Benjamin Solnao, USA says, “I feel 20’s again. I feel those adrenaline rush very often which gives me a great boost.”

Wondering how will you maximize the effects of PROVACYL?

Like I said previously if YOU continue taking the supplements for two months regularly, you would be surprised by your course of action as to your energy would be on a different level and age surely will not be a problem to you, therefore, you will be completely satisfied with the supplement Provacyl.

It helps enhance your Energy Level, Boost Testosterone, will be able to fight Male Menopause, with Greater Sex Drive and Increased HGH. It is a natural HGH hormone booster which encourages the production of testosterone and human growth hormones, along with having the supplements You must not forget to work out daily along with following a Balanced Diet. PROVACYL is a natural supplement which works on a man’s body so that he can be at his Mental and Physical Best no matter what activities you are involved in. HGH i.e, human growth hormone that helps you to grow which is also said by the manufacturers. HGH is a supplement which is a blend of natural ingredients which researchers say that it improves the natural production of the most important substance of the body. It is legal, you don’t need to have a prescription and it is cGMP certified.

Provacyl is known for as “One of A Kind” ingredients. This is a high quality all-natural male supplement components with natural and herbal ingredients  which naturally stimulates your body so as to release HGH, testosterone levels and boost libido as because it is not just any ordinary product and it also keeps your muscles and bone in tone controlling the measure of fluids and fats in your body. Now you must be thinking what are the benefits of the product in a gist, therefore, it follows as:

What is the Price of Provacyl?

 Retail PriceSpecial Sale Price
1 Month:$79.95$59.95 + FREE $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card.  
3 Months Supply$239.85$154.95 + Free $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card + Free Express Shipping    
6 Months Supply$359.70$268.95 + Free $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card + Free Express Shipping  
12 Months Supply$777.90$388.95 + Free $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card + Free Express Shipping  
Where to Buy Provacyl ?Visit Provacyl Official Website. 

Queries About the Safety of The Product?

One would obviously feel weird and risky to consume this product as it might affect your system but it’s a full proof assured product by the doctors as it is scientifically and medically tested and cGMP certified.  The company under which this product is being sold is known for its authenticity and safety as it deals with many other such products for both men and women. There are no side effects of this product and it maintains high safety procedures. It uses natural ingredients to boost up your energy, anti-aging, great sex drive, no fat, no fluid, and great stamina. However, you must use at least three containers to feel the difference, trust me it’s a magic drug but you need to give it some time to react on your system.

As mentioned previously about the natural ingredients used to formulate this product you should not worry about the safety levels and repeating the same thing over again will not make you feel any better but all reasons for not buying this product and letting go off this incredible offer will surely make you a loser. There is risk in every step you take, so take up this risk and be a gainer. Consume this supplement twice daily to realize the change in your physical appearance, vitality levels and enhanced sex drive in just 30 days of using it. It is best to take it in the way it should be to maintain a healthy lifestyle by healthy diet and exercise. This supplement helps to fight male menopause/ andropause and makes you feel younger with a better a rejuvenated sex drive, increased physical stamina along with lowered body fats and youthful feelings. With that also add a great experience to your wholeness and to top it up the 67 days money back guarantee.


It gives more energy and fights male menopause / andropause also boost testosterone with increased HGH and greater sex drive. Also, Provacyl has to offer a 67 days money back guarantee.

Recap Table

ProductProvacyl (HGH & Testosterone Supplement)
BrandLeading Edge Marketing
PrescriptionNot Required
Is It Legal?Yes
Where to Buy Provacyl Online?Easily Available on Provacyl Official Website.
Is It Safe?Yes, 100% Safe
Money Back Guarantee:Yes, 67 Days Money Back Guarantee
Why Should You Use the Product?It Boost Your Testosterone with Long Lasting Performance
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