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Amplify your Mental Power with Qualia Mind

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Do you often feel like you can’t find a particular word, or remember someone’s name or focus the way you once did? Is it just ageing or something else that is responsible for your diminishing memory? It is very easy to overlook these issues but often these memory lapses signify that you are lacking in something. In our hectic schedules we often tend to overlook ourselves and one of them is a diminishing memory, lack of concentration and drive. This lack of drive, focus and low energy is the outcome of nutritional deficiencies, improper lifestyle and ageing. This lack of mental power can disturb your performance both at home and at the office.

So, you need a certain boost in your mundane routine which will upgrade your mental performance in a fantastic and powerful way and what better than a natural solution like Qualia Mind, which is a prime nootropic for optimum mental performance.

Let’s dive into the details of this smart drug.

What is Qualia Mind?

Qualia Mind is a well-liked and popular nootropic that asserts that it can drive off all brain fogginess with its regular use and will make you more driven and energized. This is a product from the house of Neurohacker Collective which is known for manufacturing world-class nootropics and other health supplements.

The manufacturing company Neurohacker Collective is a reputed wellness company that produces some very revolutionary health supplements including the nootropics using scientific expertise, cutting-edge technology and natural ingredients in their products. This smart drug is one of those sensational nootropic supplements that support brain and nervous system to function optimally.

Qualia Mind is one of the superb, high-quality nootropic supplements designed by Neurohacker Collective after extensive and thorough scientific research done by several top scientists and clinical experts. This is a natural and advanced dietary supplement which is a cognition enhancing formula to increase mental performance. This is a fast-acting formula that is engineered to boost cognition while enhancing long-term brain health. This smart drug has been formulated to help you to focus better, gain mental energy and stamina and decrease the tendency to procrastinate. This nootropic supplement will encourage you to increase your concentration levels, have more energy, creativity, mood, mental alertness and will transform you into a more productive individual.

This vegetarian nootropic supplement contains purely natural ingredients that fuel your cognitive abilities and gives you extraordinary drive and mental power. This scientifically efficient smart drug beats brain fog, heightens willpower, escalates energy, raises creativity, refines mental clarity and fuels short-term as well as long-term brain function and health. This will help you to meet your deadlines more efficiently at the workplace and gain endless mental productivity and heightened concentration levels.

How does Qualia Mind work?

This cognitive enhancing supplement is the outcome of several years of clinical research and development work of top scientists and experts in neurobiology and organic chemistry. This nootropic is composed of first-rate and excellent natural ingredients which gives you immediate energy surge and makes you calm and focused all day.

This smart drug contains an array of natural components, essential vitamins, plant and herb extracts which contribute greatly to the enhancement of brainpower and also provides nutritional support for the health of your brain.

This potent brain-boosting supplement contains nootropic compounds, neuro-vitamins, amino acids, choline donors and herbal adaptogens that synergistically enhance the thinking processes and supports the cognitive pathways that are responsible for higher brain performance.

This powerful nootropic heightens the level of choline and supports a well-balanced signaling and neuroprotection and also promotes enzyme function involved in dopamine synthesis. The vital vitamins like Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B3 contribute greatly to the synthesis of Acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter and plays an important role in enhancing mental alertness, promoting attention and improving memory and learning capability. The other amino acids and Vitamin C help in the synthesis of Dopamine which is one of the key neurotransmitters that plays a vital role in increasing focus, motivation, emotional resilience and cognitive adaptability.

This cognitive enhancer also contains Vitamin B5 which is an anti-stress vitamin and other adaptogens like Rhodiola rosea and Ginkgo biloba which reduce stress and are known to enhance mood, cognitive performance and attention and also relieves fatigue in stress-related situations. The Vitamin B12 and Omega-3 fatty acids contained in this formulation prevent fuzzy thinking and promote brain health. The caffeine and L-Theanine stimulates mental alertness and gives cognition and vigilance enhancing effects.

The natural formulation of this powerful and revolutionary nootropic strengthens the brain connections and gives long-term cognitive support as well as instant effects by repairing cell walls, creating more neurons and synapses. This nutrient-dense smart drug enhances your memory and increases mental clarity, alertness, creativity and performance and provides your brain the much-needed nutritional support through vital amino acids, vitamins, herbal extracts and adaptogens.

Ingredients in Qualia Mind

This vegetarian and natural cognitive enhancer contains 28 purely brain-boosting ingredients which are:

Benefits of Qualia Mind

This multi-ingredient nootropic supplement provides a host of benefits which are:

Why choose Qualia Mind over other nootropics in the market?

Neurohacker Collective’s Qualia mind is a ground-breaking nootropic supplement that gives the best cognitive impact in the market. This is a complete brain-boosting supplement that involves complex science systems. Unlike other nootropic products in the market, this formulation is the result of extensive scientific research work and several years of clinical studies and experiments. This smart drug has involved a lot of studies related to complex-systems modelling, neurobiology, organic chemistry and the expertise of top scientists and medical practitioners which other nootropics lack in.

Moreover, other nootropics contain a handful of ingredients whereas Qualia Mind is jam-packed with several brain supporting nutrients that fuel cognition and boost brain health in the long run.

Unlike other smart drugs, this power-packed nootropic is a vegan-friendly, non-GMO and gluten-free product that is suitable for everybody and does not cause any harmful side effects to health due to its organic nature. Moreover, the manufacturer Neurohacker which is a reputed company claims to have conducted several clinical tests and trials on the efficacy of the natural ingredients contained in this formulation. The manufacturer which is a huge name in the wellness industry boasts of producing only scientifically-proven and safe and well-balanced supplements using high-quality ingredients and employs full ingredient transparency unlike other producers who use proprietary blends.

Quite unlike other nootropics in the market, this is a fast-acting formula which provides a wide range of benefits and encourages overall wellbeing as the maker considered the entire ecosystem of the body while developing the formula. Furthermore, this unique formulation contains the rare Ayurvedic nootropic herb which is Celastrus Paniculatus seed extract which makes this formula extraordinary.

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Does Qualia Mind have any Side Effects?

Neurohacker Collective is a well-known and reliable company and its product Qualia Mind is a completely safe and natural cognitive enhancer. This supplement is composed of superior quality natural and botanical extracts and no artificial or chemical fillers, therefore there is no risk of experiencing any side effects.

Will Qualia Mind work for you?

Yes, of course this will work fantastically for you! This is a fabulous product from the huge collection of the reliable and capable products of Neurohacker Collective and it really improves your cognitive capabilities whether you are a university student or a working professional. The manufacturer has conducted various clinical tests and trials on several users and they have shown positive results which establish the effectiveness of this brain enhancer. This cognitive enhancer will not only support your cognition but will regulate your entire body in an ideal way.

This potent nootropic supplement offers all the benefits that it claims to provide and that too in a most naturally safe manner. It contains some of the very efficacious brain boosters which enhance the overall health of your brain and heightens your mental capabilities in an astounding way that aids you in achieving your life’s goals with amazing verve, mental tenacity and heightened performance.

Whether you are a student who wants to ace in his or her exams, this nootropic will sharpen your memory and will help you to perform better. On the other hand, professionals will also find this smart drug equally useful which will enhance their productivity and creativity and help to excel in their respective fields by beating out brain fog and making them mentally alert and energized. Vegans and vegetarians would also love this supplement which is completely free of gluten and is a non-GMO formula.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dose is 7 capsules on an empty stomach with water or if you suffer from digestive issues then take the capsules after breakfast.

How to use it?

The recommended dosage is 7 capsules in a day, preferably on an empty stomach or after breakfast. Qualia Mind nootropic is created in such a manner, that it should be taken for continuously 5 days and then take a break of 2 days.

So, you take the pills for 5 days at a stretch then give a gap of 2 days, and keep on following this pattern as this optimizes the results.


This should not be taken by individuals who are taking neurological or psychiatric medications or are undergoing any kind of medical treatment. Pregnant and nursing ladies and individuals under the age of 18 should not take this supplement. It is also advised that one should not exceed the recommended dosage.

How to maximize the benefits of Qualia Mind?

If you desire to enjoy long-term brain health and optimize the benefits of this unique nootropic then you should follow these tips:

What about the safety levels of Qualia Mind?

Neurotracker Collective’s Qualia Mind is a safe and scientifically-researched formula containing highly pure plant extracts and essential nutrients which supply your brain with the much-needed nutritional support. This is a nootropic supplement that has been widely and clinically tested after rigorous research and scientific studies undertaken by medical experts and famous scientists.

This vegan formulation is a non-GMO, gluten-free nootropic containing clinically proven and safe brain-boosting ingredients that are completely safe for human consumption. It has been manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and GMP-certified laboratories maintaining all the safety measures.

Top 5 reasons to buy Qualia Mind

  1. This is well-researched and science-backed nootropic for total brain health.
  2. This boosts cognitive health, sharpens memory and banishes brain fog.
  3. It contains an extraordinary amount of nootropic compounds, neuro-vitamins and other nutrients.
  4. It energizes and heightens mental performance and focus, in a safe and natural way.
  5. It is a vegan, non-GMO nootropic offering a risk-free 100-day money back guarantee.

What is the Price of Qualia Mind?

 Retail PriceSpecial Sale Price
1 Bottle (154 Capsules)$139$69.60
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Let’s have a look at a few of the satisfied customer reviews:

Simon, New Zealand:Being a writer and a creative head, I need something that will heighten my creative power which is done by Qualia Mind for me.”

Brian, USA:My memory has improved greatly. I am very satisfied with Qualia.”

Tina, Singapore:Qualia Mind is an exceptional formula which has helped me tremendously in accomplishing my presentations at the office. I am loving my renewed mental power and energy!”

Rebecca, UK:I have used a number of nootropics but none is so effective like Qualia Mind. It has energized me a lot and I feel more mentally empowered and capable.”


If upgrading your brainpower lies on top of your to-do list then consider taking this amazing nootropic from Neurohacker. This is not only a profoundly researched supplement that will give you exceptional cognitive abilities, but this is also a safe smart drug.

This will help you to get your daily dose of brain-boosting nutrition and will hike your cognition, focus and learning capabilities and performance wonderfully. It will aid you to get rid of all your procrastinating tendencies and will make you more mentally driven so that you can perform at the optimum level.

So, grab this most sought-after nootropic used by world-famous fitness leaders and scientists and unveil a more productive and energized you.


ProductQualia Mind
PurposeBrain Nourishing Nootropic supplement
Vegan FriendlyYes
BenefitsBoosts cognition and mental performance
Side effectsZero
Recommended dosage7 capsules in a day
No. of capsules in a bottle154 capsules
Suitable forBoth Men & Women
To be consumed by peopleAbove 18 years of age
ResultsFast & effective
Guarantee100-day money-back guarantee
Satisfies customersYes
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