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Testogen Or Nugenix Or Ageless Male: The Race to Be the One True Rescuer of Your Virility!

Age! An inevitable limitation that continues to perturb the very little joys and pleasures of a man’s life and makes him not only grow softer on the belly but also succeeds in draining us of our strength, vigor, and most importantly our sexual capacities.

What allures us to damaging measures like steroids and surgeries??

Stumbling blocks of the expiring age often lead us to despair and make us succumb to hard measures like disciplining diets, rigorous gymming, medications, and even steroids and surgeries.

Measures like these make several promises to us like, quality machismo, hormonal balances, solutions to penile disorders, increased sperm count, and presence of a sexual drive. However, they also stand capable of disrupting our healthy physiologies by having us go through side-effects that can be quite harmful and fatal. Consuming / injecting steroids or having gone through promising surgeries are even more likely nowadays considering the fastness of life and work.

Testosterone: The Impetus Behind Every Man’s Pride

The hormone is functional in triggering our sexual energies and it also plays a significant deal in producing and maintaining our sperm count. In other words, testosterone can easily be defined as the anchor of our sex life.

Decreased levels of testosterone which not only drop hindrances onto their manhood and pleasure sectors but have also been seen to affect the bone and muscle mass, and disturb the healthy proportion of fat is stored alongside the quality and quantity of the red blood cells produced. Reduced levels of testosterone have also been associated with the reduced quality time one can invest to spend with their other half which also results in affecting one’s mood and behavior in many different ways.

Other than dotage, several other reasons can substantiate the causes that continue to tamper our natural testosterone such as testicle injuries, AIDS, chronic alcoholism, cancer therapies including chemotherapy, and so on.

What’s behind the growing exigency of Testosterone Boosters??

 We came across various facts and truths surfacing steroids and surgeries, which in one word can be called ‘deceptive’. Testosterone boosters are supplements made of ingredients that are 100% natural, safe and secure to consume and thereby can pose no threat or risk concerning the side-effects.

These ingredients are also certified and declared to be shielded against any genetically modified chemicals and adulterants. Supplements such as testosterone boosters are also further manufactured in laboratories that are certified by the FDA, cGMP and various other sanctioning certified bodies.

These boosters help in synthesizing sexual mood and drive, penile fertility, erectile functions, muscle gains, weight loss, and reducing excess body fat. These boosters essentially focus on enhancing the flow and production of testosterone in men but they have been also been studied to prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen or binding to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) and reduce the ill-effects of estrogen which is also considered to be one of the accompanied disturbances of old age.

So, now the emerging question, which one should you Trust or Pick?

What are the Best Testosterone Boosters Ruling the Market with its Formulations and Benefits?

We shall be scanning three such testosterone boosters, namely:

These supplements have been buzzing the markets for years now and a detailed comparison shall help us settle for the best!!!!

No.#1: Testogen: Raging Libido and Roaring Muscles 

This dynamic testosterone booster armors the value of every man’s pride for ages to be counted now, only through the power of nature amalgamated with the strength of human hands. The supplement comprises a unique blend of ingredients that are 100% tested and verified to be natural, safe, and secure.

The constant and imperishable flow of the hormone ensures the longevity of our sexual mood and strength alongside guarding our machismo and manliness. Increased testosterone levels by Testogen also reveals a great deal of strength and stamina that is pushed onto us.

This supplement manufactured in FDA certified labs also helps in enhancing our muscle gains and reducing the excessive body calories that contribute to an unfit and unhealthy body. Alongside lean mass gains and sexual energy, it also can be very well substantiated to enhance our cognitive abilities, mood, and presence of mind on almost every task we willingly participate in.

Enhanced libidinal energy and proportionate balance of hormones ensure various facets of life which involves the quality we can participate in; like any sort of physical or emotional intimacy with our potential partners, therefore consuming Testogen is something you should do for her/him as much you want to do it for the man you are. The product comes with a 100days money-back guarantee that keeps us sorted against any unlikely complaints we might face against the product.


Four capsules a day, with water. And you may also add the Testo-Drop Formula for Faster and more substantial results.

The benefits of Testogen continue to fly the market heights!!! 

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No. #2: Nugenix: The Boost to Your Libido Shall Last Forever!!!

This testosterone booster not only makes you a powerful and manlier version of yourself but also enhances your libidinal energies, sexual strength, and drive, and makes you satisfy your partner in bed or during moments of intimacy.

Alike, Testogen comprises ingredients that come with substantial proof and also has been manufactured in laboratories that have been certified by the FDA. The ingredients have been scientifically studied to be 100% safe, natural, and most importantly effective in both preventing and curing male performance issues, like erectile dysfunctions and reduced sperm count.

This male enhancing supplement also has been studied to promote muscle gains and weight loss. The results are also quite sharply visible within 8 weeks or less of you maintaining the dosage. Various naturally sourced ingredients are used in this supplement which is quite well known for its potencies. The supplement also comprises no banned ingredients like caffeine which stirs up your physical and cognitive abilities causing various disruptions.

Dosage of Nugenix:

Three capsules a day with water.

What are the various benefits of Nugenix?

No. #3: Ageless Male Max: Age Shall Not Be the Wall Between You and Your Manly Pleasures!!!

This testosterone booster contributes to create extents of timeless virility and strong libidinal energies that one can experience. Its significance is quite duly noted when it comes to aging men, contributing to the various crucial roles that it is subjected to play.

The male testicles primarily make testosterone and the organ is also known to be storing testosterone. The hormone begins to grow to its heights in the early ages of puberty and considerably falls in both quantity and quality by the age of 40 or after. This dietary supplement comprises various ingredients that are studied and tested to be incorporated in this magnificent supplement.

It enhances the flow and production of testosterone in our body as does the other supplement. However, the booster also helps in increasing our muscle mass, reducing excessive body fat, and enhancing our overall strength, agility, and immune system. It also is made in labs which hold the certification of the FDA and various other authentic bodies that shall help you establish and maintain your trust in the product.


Two pills a day, with water.

The benefits of Ageless Male Max: 

The common ingredients of all the three testosterone boosters: 

The common ingredients of Testogen and Nugenix: 

The common ingredient of Testogen and Ageless Male Max:

The unique ingredients of Testogen:

The unique ingredients of Nugenix: 

The unique ingredients of Ageless Male Max:

Comparison table:

 TestogenNugenixAgeless Male Max
Product:Testosterone Boosting Pills & DropsDietary Testosterone SupplementTestosterone Booster
Guarantee:100days money-back guarantee.30 days money-back guarantee.No guarantee.
Shipping:Free shipping.Free shipping.Chargeable.
Suitability:For men belonging to the age of 18 or above.

Conclusion: The winner is…. Drumrolls!

Testogen, a sigh of relief!!! It contains 11 powerful yet natural ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek seeds, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Nettle leaf extracts, Korean red ginseng extract, and so on. All these ingredients are well known for their capabilities in boosting the strength of the various tissues that are present in our testicles which further helps in enhancing the production and flow of testosterone in the various parts of our body.

This T-booster shall be extremely effective and the vitality of its advantages can be witnessed by you in a matter of weeks. The product also brings to you an exciting combo offer where it gives you both the edible supplement alongside drops at a very reasonable price. The testosterone boosting E-Book that comes for free alongside the product also keeps aware and informed regarding various other measures that can easily be incorporated into daily lives. It also comes with the privilege of experiencing free and premium shipping of your order to your doorstep regardless of any area code and the 100 days money back guarantee can beat no other brand.

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