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Vero Labs: Unlock Your Passion with Connekt & Attrakt

Vero labs Connekt & Attrakt For Him & For Her


Do you feel like your mojo is slipping away? Is stress making you frazzled? Have you lost your drive and felt a slack in your love life ? Then it could be due to your body’s increase in cortisol levels which cause a dip in feel-good hormones especially the Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a peptide hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus and is secreted into the bloodstream by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland which lies at the base of the brain. It’s sometimes called as the “Cuddle Hormone” or the “Love Hormone”, because it is released in your body when you snuggle up or bond socially. Even playing with your dog and cuddling him can cause an Oxytocin surge.

It plays a vital role in social bonding, sexual reproduction, childbirth and the period after childbirth. It is a hormone that also looks after the organs in the body, and acts as a neurotransmitter, controlling crucial aspects of the reproductive system, including childbirth and lactation, and aspects of human behaviour including sexual arousal, recognition, trust, empathy, mother-infant bonding and relationship-building.

Low Oxytocin levels can cause you to become depressed and feeling low. With very less Oxytocin you will feel a lack of warmth and ardour coming in the way of your relationships. But don’t lose heart! You can get back your lost charm with Connekt and Attrakt Oxytocin Sprays for Him and Her.

What Are Connekt and Attrakt Sprays About ?

Connekt and Attrakt Oxytocin Sprays have been created by Vero Labs, which is a company that produces Oxytocin sprays in both versions for men and women to wear and feel lifestyle benefits from it. Vero Labs is an U.S. based company which was founded in 2006.

Their main objective is to create quality products by the help of latest research with the mission of developing stronger, healthier connections. Their products utilize the naturally occurring hormone as well as nature grown ingredients. Their sprays feature a unique formula using Oxytocin to enhance trustworthy feelings between individuals. Some of their special products are Connekt’s, Attrakt for Her and Attrakt for Him. Each one of these is specially designed to create strong connections and lasting attraction.

How Does Connekt and Attrakt Work?

The Vero Labs’ created Oxytocin sprays to create stronger, human connections that help in cultivating intense human bonds and relationships. Their products are made from natural ingredients to influence social behaviour, emotions, feelings and associations.

The Vero Labs consider Oxytocin to be a “miraculous molecule” and its key role in human bonding and igniting spark amongst couples is almost magical.

It is recommended to use the Oxytocin sprays by applying directly on clothing, for example chest, collar and shoulder areas. Furthermore, it can be sprayed to fabrics at home, to strengthen bonds with your family members. These specially-formulated Oxytocin sprays will also work along with your favourite fragrance.

While wearing it, you inhale the Oxytocin from the sprayed area and gradually begin to feel the effects. The effects tend to escalate with frequent use over time. Thus, with continuous usage, you will slowly gain confidence for any occasions.

Let’s find out more about the two exceptional Vero Labs’ created formulas:

Connekt is a specially designed Oxytocin spray for all which effortlessly pairs with your favourite perfume. By wearing Connekt you will regain your true, open and spontaneous self. It will enrich your personal and other associations. It will evoke confidence, lasting impressions and connections.

What are the Ingredients of Connekt and ATTrakt ?

Vero Labs’ chain of products of natural Oxytocin body sprays are particularly designed to highlight its main role in human bonding to build up confidence, beautify relationships and strengthen bonds for the users.

All the ingredients contained in the Oxytocin sprays are 100% natural components. They are hypoallergenic and free from any harmful chemicals. They are formulated with extreme precision in the best laboratories. The sprays are pure Oxytocin formula.

Connekt ( 1 oz bottle 30 ml.) contains: Oxytocin, Purified water, SD Alcohol 40B, Fragrance

Attrakt for Him (30ml): Oxytocin, Pheromone, Purified Water, SD Alcohol 40 B, Fragrance.

Attrakt for Her (30ml): Oxytocin, Copulins, Purified Water, SD Alcohol 40 B, Fragrance.

All of the above mentioned Oxytocin sprays are therefore made up of pure, natural and Paraben-free ingredients.

Benefits of Connekt and Attrakt

Scientists believe that Oxytocin has a positive impact on social behaviours. It leads to relaxation, trust and stability in your different associations. The hormone has also been known to decrease stress and anxiety levels when released in certain parts of the brain. Oxytocin is also responsible for a series of metabolic effects. It’s a hormone that increases the attachment between individuals.

The benefits of Connekt :

The Benefits of Attrakt for Him:

The Benefits of Attrakt for Her:

Why Choose Connekt and Attrakt Oxytocin Sprays over Other Oxytocin Products in the market?

The Oxytocin Sprays produced by Vero Labs are completely naturally-formulated sprays containing the purest form of Oxytocin Hormone and are devoid of any harmful substances. Other Oxytocin sprays might contain some strong stimulants. Connekt and Attrakt are one of the most trusted and potent oxytocin sprays available in the market. The sprays combine the powerful effects of the “Love Hormone”- Oxytocin along with the male and female pheromones which are rarely found in other Oxytocin Sprays.

These sprays have effectively helped many users to establish good romantic, social and business ties. Click Here to stop by Vero Labs Official Website to Browse through the Range and Place your Order.

Does Connekt and Attrakt Oxytocin Sprays have any Side- Effects?

Connekt and Attrakt Oxytocin Sprays contain the natural form of Oxytocin and have been formulated in a pure and secure way in the best laboratories of Vero Labs. Since these products are naturally made and are parabens-free, so there are no side-effects. These are applied externally and therefore causes no harmful reactions in the body. They are free of any toxic chemicals.

These sprays mainly contain the most potent biochemical or the “Love” hormone Oxytocin in abundance which is primarily needed by your bodies for improving your quality of lives. Hence, there are no side-effects and it is safe even for those with the most sensitive skin.

Will Connekt & Attrakt Work for You?

Connekt and Attrakt Oxytocin sprays will definitely work for you if you are feeling blue due to your lacklustre life and relationship woes. Oxytocin is a “Wonder Drug” that can help enhance positive feelings and social skills in you. Besides, Oxytocin also helps in alleviating serious cognitive, psychiatric and behavioural conditions, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. So, if you are always in the dumps and feel a lack of spark in your relationships, then these will work wonders for your mood, emotions and overall well-being.

Connekt Oxytocin Spray: is ideal for you if you are seeking to increase the quality of your relationships.

Attrakt Oxytocin Spray for Him will work tremendously for you, if you are a Man. This delivers the super formula to attract women by setting off a strong, masculine and bold impression! Furthermore, it will help you gain self-confidence and your lost sexual vigor!

Attrakt Oxytocin Spray for Her will work magically if you are a woman. Attrakt for Her is the ultimate beauty-enhancing aid that offers the well-known Oxytocin power paired with natural female Copulins to enhance your attraction and sexual aura and boost your self-confidence!

How to Use Connekt and Attrakt Oxytocin Sprays?

All of the Oxytocin Sprays are best used by applying to your clothing and fabrics. You could spray on your collars, chest and shoulder areas. You can even apply them on your stoles, scarves, pillows, and even blankets. It is advised that you follow the instructions and do not over-do them.

What is the Recommended Usage of Connekt and Attrakt Oxytocin Sprays?

In order to reap the maximum benefits, it is recommended that you apply two sprays every 2-4 hours. This will enhance your overall mood and behaviour.

Top 5 Reasons to buy Connekt & Attrakt

  1. These sprays are safe and pure Oxytocin formula.
  2. They constitute natural ingredients and suit sensitive skin.
  3. Boosts Self-Confidence, Self- Esteem and Sensuality.
  4. Enhances Personal, Familial and Work-place Bonding and Relationships.
  5. It’s a worth-buying product containing the potent Pheromones.

What is the Price of Vero Labs?

 Special Sale Price
CONNEKT® for Him$79.00 – $159.00
ATTRAKT for Her$79.00 – $159.00
CONNEKT®$79.00 – $159.00  
  CONNEKT® + ATTRAKT for Him  $139.00
CONNEKT® + ATTRAKT for Her  $139.00
Where to Buy Vero Lab Products?Visit Vero Labs Official Website.


Many users have vouched for the effectiveness of Connekt and Attrakt . Some of them are –

Ronan: “I have been using Connekt & Attrakt in a combined way since a year or so. & have experienced mind-blowing Colleagues are happy seeing my full-blown energy. My wife Tina is equally happy with the extra attention and hugs that I give her..not to mention our renewed & sizzling sex lives”

Mandy “I can’t believe how much I have changed after I started using this! My boss is super-glad with my performance at work & the male attention that I get is absolutely Exciting! Love u Connekt + Attrakt & I simply swear by them!”

Rafiq “It’s Absolutely Wow! It’s been just over a couple of months…but already my girlfiend and friends are happy with my New Personality.I am absolutely enjoying using Connekt & Attrakt!”


Connekt and Attrakt are really packed with a lot of punch with their ingredients and their effects on your behaviour. Connekt is a versatile spray which will help you to emotionally and socially bond with everybody. It will evoke trust, faith and positivity. It will also boost your confidence in the workplace as well as among your friends and relations.

The ‘Attraction’ Oxytocin Sprays Attrakt for Him & Her not only makes you calmer and more confident, but also raises your ‘Oomph factor’. Attrakt For Her is intended to reveal the sensual charm and attractiveness if you are a woman. On the other hand, if you are a man, Attrakt for Him will unleash your masculinity.

This is indeed a tempting and safe purchase, i.e., Connekt + Attrakt.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your bottles of Connekt & Attrakt Sprays to reveal the best in you, enjoy your chemistry with your loved ones and bask in the attention!

Sneak Peak

ProductConnekt+ Attrakt Oxytocin Sprays
Oxytocin Booster Yes
Ingredients All-natural
Steroids No
Benefits Helps in Bonding & Sexual Attraction
Side Effects No
Recommended usage 2-3 sprays every 3-4 hours
Suitable for Both Men & Women
To be Used by people Above 18 years of age
Results Fast and effective
Shipping Worldwide
Satisfies Customers  Yes
Where to buy Connekt+Attrakt Online?Visit Vero Labs Official Website