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Vigorelle Personal Lubricant – Vaginal Sex Lubrication – Now in Water-Based Formula


Brief Introduction

With a growing desire for every alternate woman for having sex plays a vital role in the life of a couple. A woman irrespective of her role, whether she is in her professional or a household life, sexual life and pleasure out of it has been variably decreasing day by day which alternately affects the life of the duo. Hence one has to be ever keen on keeping a constant check on the sexual needs of her and her partner as it is mostly overlooked should not be overlooked.

Presenting for the first time in the history of female enhancement lubes, the Vigorelle.

What is Vigorelle?

As believed a promising sexual life will give and imbibe every bit of happiness in the life of a couple. In this the most common problem a woman faces is she being less keen towards sexual life.  If you think you have lost the passion or finding whole lot of reasons in avoiding with regular sex, sexual life becoming dreadful day by day, or if you find yourself losing the spark – then it’s high time for you to make the move with all the ardour of a passionate life. If you are experiencing such a difference in your sexual life too, make haste before it’s too late.

The probable thing that can bring in such a difference in your sexual life is the Vigorellea personal lubricant for lubricating the vaginal sex, introduced by the manufacturer Leading Health Edge.  There have been many women out there who has really found a difference in their sexual life by enjoying sex in their ultimatum. The Vigorelle will be a treat to a more satisfying sexual life.

How does the product work?

The dryness caused in the vagina seems to be a leading problem in a lot of women, during the period of their perimenopause. Using the vaginal lubricant Vigorelle which being silky in texture will easily glide through, giving a tingling but yet a cooling effect that would enhance the sexual desire and which would encourage the natural lubrication in the body to function.

The cream is to be applied to the genital area so that the active ingredients in the formulation will try to stimulate the surface of the tissues. This also helps in increasing blood flow in the blood vessels and sensitivity around the clitoris region. The warming effects that develop rapidly with the use of this personal lubricating cream, which also enhance the sexual desire when touching and rubbing in the clitoral area during foreplay. The feeling of Vigorelle will also ease the production of natural lubrication.


Vigorelle being the best of it’s kind with the most natural element and compounds as its content is referred to as the “topical sexual enhancement cream”. The contents being purely extracts and naturally derived will clearly define the best of results.

L-Arginine HCI –  It is one of amino acids of its kind which produces nitric oxide, that helps in facilitating the blood flow thus commonly found in sexual supplements. It also helps to stimulate the sexual organs. Thus this acts as one of the prominent ingredients for a sexual supplement.

Ginkgo Biloba – It is a leaf extract, from an oldest tree ever known to a man. Apart from having the best stimulating effect for a sexual need of a woman, it also acts a treat to the impotence of men, and also helps with the erection power of a body during any kind of sexual stimulation. It is considered to be one of the best herbal medicines that help in driving with the sexual stimulation.

Wild Yam – It is often referred to as a natural alternative which helps in estrogen therapy, like that of dryness in vagina especially in older women, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps, osteoporosis and sexual drive in both men and women.

Damiana Leaf – It is a wild shrub specially grown in Mexico, Central America and West Indies. The leaf and stem of the shrub are used for making medicines that would help in enhancing sexual desires and also in treating sexual problems.

Suma Root – Suma root used as an adaptogen helps in increasing sexual need and desire. Other uses are that for treatment of cancer and tumours, diabetes, and sexual performance problems.

Peppermint Leaf – In various benefits of peppermint leaf for health problems, peppermints are of great help to those suffering from lack of sexual zeal, as it helps in absorbing other substances through cell membranes.

Other ingredients are – Motherwort –Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil and Olive Squalene – Vitamin A, E etc


Why choose Vigorelle over other similar female sexual lubricants in the market?

The only reason for choosing and recommending the same to every other woman out there who are actually suffering from lack of sexual zeal, eventually making them sick and bad at bed, is that this water based lubrication contains the best tropical ingredients which are natural. This can make you go back to your youth days wherein one used to have the extra sexual intensity or even may be more to that.

Nevertheless, it being much friendly on your pocket, I can bet on the fact that you will ever not complaint about making it your companion in your sex bed.

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Does Vigorelle have any Side Effects?

Mostly it has been observed that such lubricating cream for arousing sexual desire are not really free from unwanted side effects, which are much sensitive and may be affecting the other organs on the body. And those side effects even if not experienced now there is much more probability of undergoing side effects one way or the other through various means in the long run.

But Vigorelle will not make you think twice about it when you avail it for yourself. Just for the reason being that the contents are very much natural and uses a mix of herbal extracts that is certain to ensure the best outcome. 

Will the product work for me?

The product will no doubt work for you or any adult woman, just to the fact of it receiving the best of reviews from the users. I being one who is trying to figure out the electrifying zeal and the best of chemistry with my partner, Vigorelle was the real hope for me which has given me the real joy of having sex. My partner too can feel the real zeal and energy in the bed after me using it for my concern.

So, shove off your shyness and any kind of embarrassment in the bed to have a more satisfied experience in your bedroom. As it is said nothing could be as embarrassing as not having sex with the real passion in one’s life. I can pretty much assure you, that you will immediately feel the increased sensation like never before. The libido in you will surely trigger with every use of the product.

Top Reasons to Buy the Product

  1. No side effects
  2. Inexpensive
  3. 100% Money Back Guarantee
  4. No risk
  5. Water Based in form
  6. Performs a dual role for both libido enhancer and vaginal lubrication
  7. Fast yielding results in terms of increasing sex performance

What is the Price of Vigorelle?

One Month Supply$59.95  
2 Months’ Supply$109.95  
3 Months’ Supply$154.95  
6 Months’ Supply$489.95  
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 “I have been suffering from poor sex since my marriage. Vigorelle has given me a lesson that real sex can only be achieved when you use it.”


“I have been using a lot of sex enhancer pills, lotions, potions – but could have given me the result to be awesome in bed. Any since it is risk free as per the user reviews still to be on the safer side, I used it after my physician recommendation – and let me tell you that my sex life is no more that of a demeaning one.”


“I really want to thank the manufacturer Leading Health Edge to have come up with the most user-friendly sex enhancer and that too in a watery based form which has a hassle-free application.”

Quick Summary

Vigorelle is a form of topical enhancing cream, which will help a woman to improve her libido. It is for those who want to experience orgasms and intensify their sexual zeal and attraction. Being solely for women, it has all the natural components that will not be a reason for discomfort to the women. No irksome side effect is also an acting advantage for the use of the all-natural product. It will never demean you in anyway, instead with the instant application of the cream, you can engage yourself into immediate sex.

Recap Table

ProductVigorelle Personal Lubrication
PurposeVaginal Sex Lubrication
FormWater Based
Suitable ForWomen
Side EffectsNo unpleasant side effects
Money Back Guarantee100%
Where to Buy Vigorelle Online?Visit Vigorelle Official Website