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YKBulk (YK11 Myostatin Inhibitor): Thrust Beyond Tiredness and Lift Much Heavier.


Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if there was something that could significantly accelerate the procedure of building and developing lean muscles while still guaranteeing that you weren’t merely wasting your energy?

Staying active and healthy seems to have become a challenge for several men. Despite having spent hours at the fitness centers, engaging in strenuous workouts, and devoting great attention to their diet and nutrition, many individuals still struggle to achieve desired fitness objectives. They tend to be stuck in a loop and not making much advancement. To them, attaining a wonderful muscular body seems to be a mere dream. Muscular growth requires that drive, dedication, and countless hours invested burning it out at the gymnasium. But there is no assurance that you can always gain muscles after all this exertion.

YKBulk, manufactured in the United States, is one such product that is 100% a legally approved fitness supplement. It is known for offering the most comprehensive collections of bodybuilding and sculpting supplements currently on the market. It is well-known for its pure, natural components, all of which are safe and ethical substitutes to dangerous SARMS YK 11. It ensures that you will build more muscles, carve your physique just as you like, and be a better-looking version of yourself.

So, why choose the YKBulk when SARMS like YK11 Myostatin can offer the same?

For its SARM-steroid hybrid characteristics, a lot of people consider YK11 Myostatin to be a “super SARM.” It can promote fast muscular growth, boost fat reduction, and enhance bone health, in addition to assuring consumers that it can enable them to attain their maximum physical and cognitive capacity apparently without any of the terrible side effects. What is Myostatin? If that is your question, then you should definitely learn that this YK 11 Myostatin Inhibitor is a synthetic steroid made by modifying the molecular structure of DHT (a naturally occurring hormone in the body) – a higher version of testosterone, is a myostatin antagonist.

This hypothesis originated as a result of particular research on cells in which it has been shown to enhance muscle mass by stimulating the development of follistatin which is a myostatin inhibitor that plays an important role as a muscle development protein. Moreover, it is a SARM and it is dangerous for human health.

More than that, YK-11 is not legal and for that reason, YK11 has been banned by WADA, therefore strictly prohibiting it for competitive bodybuilders and sportsmen to use.

YK 11 Dosage, and Cycle to be Followed


It is advised to take Nolvadex or Clomid for YK 11 PCT because, it is accompanied by a lot of side effects like suppressing natural testosterone synthesis, affecting the liver, prostate, and the pitch of voice, abrupt hair growth and hair loss, acne, and joint pains.

So, if you want something to work just like this SARM but without the side effects, you can try out YKBulk. Since it is made from 100% natural ingredients only, there is not a chance that you will experience any side effects. All the ingredients and their doses are mentioned on the label of the tub and it is a guarantee that no other secret ingredient has been used in it. More than that, YKBULK is legal and does not require a prescription for purchasing. It is made by a very trusted brand Brutal Force and famous bodybuilders and sportsmen use it on a daily basis.

Let’s explore a little details about YKBulk.

What is YKBulk?

The YKBulk is a famous bulk gainer dietary supplement that is intended to assist you to achieve your hard training targets. YKBulk has a huge global following and is among the most popular fitness and health supplement products manufactured in America by the renowned brand of Muscle Club Limited (Brutal Force). Unlike the majority of the best muscle gainer products on the market today, YKBulk has a combination of natural components that deliver the right nutrients to assist you to achieve your workout objectives in absolutely no time. One of the primary reasons this product became so popular in the bodybuilding industry is its potential to enhance muscle growth just like the Yk 11 Myostatin SARM. And what is more, it contributes to the formation of lean muscle mass. This not only promotes enormous muscle development but also aids in the reduction of fat mass. Not only does it help you lift more weight at the gym, it has proven to work like a charm when it comes to reducing the soreness of muscles from daily rigorous workouts, thus pacing up recovery times.

YKBulk has been assisting people in attaining their dream physique for quite some time now. This particular product line of Brutal Force is exceptional in nature and delivers greater power, quick muscle growth, and faster recuperation for anybody attempting to achieve their desired body, without the adverse effects associated with the use of illegal SARMs or steroids.

Supplements like muscle gainers must not be taken in place of a healthy diet and regular meals. These may be used in conjunction with balanced nutrition and lifestyle and definitely a good exercise regimen to make the supplements give you the best results even before you expect them.

How does YKBulk work?

Legal steroids and SARM alternatives like YKBulk are an excellent form of muscle development supplement that is not just focused on protein powdered supplements. The legally approved SARM replica for bulking, such as YKBulk, contains natural ingredients obtained entirely from botanicals. It is a Myostatin Inhibitor SARM substitute for bodybuilders looking to build muscle. It contains Puncture Vine, Bulbine natalensis, Longjack, and Muira Puama which assist in the quicker synthesis of testosterone in the body. In this manner, you may quickly increase testosterone levels in your body and gain muscle growth.

The active nature of YKBULK also allows you to trim fats and build that lean muscle mass which helps you appear slender and yet muscular. It should be used if you are exercising for improving your aesthetic appearance and also to enhance your muscles without any need for drugs. It replicates the actions of YK11 Myostatin in the gym to enable you to enhance your explosive power and stamina. This in turn improves your workout efficiency, decreases discomfort in the muscles, and assists in speedier recuperation. More repetitions and even more sets, establishing and shattering greater strength training and exercise objectives, improved durability, and greater stamina are all benefits of implementing this in your everyday life. Therefore, if you want to get more repetitions out of your optimum weights, then this is the pre-workout supplement for you.

Brutal Force decided to take the option of putting exceptionally strong, legal, and natural components, making the composition superior to any other similar product available. It combines the essential components in the appropriate proportions so that your focus doesn’t wander throughout your exercise sessions and you reach your training objectives.

Ingredients in YKBulk

Let’s address this crucial portion of the review by looking at YKBulk’s ingredients list:

Puncture Vine (Tribulus terrestris) [Fruit] Extract, 600mg: Among competitive bodybuilders, this is among the most common solutions for maintaining testosterone levels in the body. It has a reputation for dramatically boosting muscle growth and stamina. It controls serotonin levels and modifies cholesterol levels. It has inherent anabolic effects on the body and thus quickly improves bodybuilding performance.

Bulbine Natalensis [Stem, Tuber] Powder, 100mg: This component is found in the mainland’s of Africa. Scientists have lately observed promising effects when utilizing Bulbine Natalensis to boost sexual appetite, raise endogenous testosterone, and lower estrogen. All these benefits help men retain their manhood and increased secretion of testosterone and lower estrogen (female hormone) content helps tremendously in bodybuilding.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl, 50mg: The body requires acetyl-l-carnitine to generate the enzyme that transports fats into cells to be metabolized by the mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells. As a consequence, acetyl-l-carnitine serves two purposes in bodybuilding. For starters, it aids in the removal of excess fat that conceals our muscles while also utilizing these same fats as energy to enable us to push more at the gym. It also helps you to have your mood uplifted by secreting more dopamine.

Muira Puama [Bark] Powder, 50mg: This ingredient, found in the Amazon rainforests is known to increase testosterone levels when combined with other ingredients. It aids in strenuous tasks requiring stamina, like lifting weights and testosterone is also essential for the development of lean muscular mass.

Also, it helps increase cognitive clarity and focus, as bodybuilding necessitates a high level of concentration. Its capacity to alleviate fatigue as well as support healthy nervous system activity is also advantageous for bodybuilders.

Longjack (Eurycoma longifolia) [Root] Powder, 50mg: Athletes wanting to enhance their efficiency can gain from Longjack’s capacity to increase testosterone, preserve and strengthen immunological functioning, increase muscular structure and power, and lower body fat amounts.

Other ingredients used are Hypromellose (veggie capsule), Cellulose, Silica, and Magnesium Stearate.


The list of benefits:

Why choose YKBulk over YK11 Myostatin or other Similar Bulking supplements?

YKBulk has all of the remarkable growth-boosting properties of YK 11 SARM without any of the dangers or negative YK 11 Side Effects. YK-11 Myostatin Inhibitor is a SARM and even though it is used by a lot of bodybuilders, it is extremely harmful to the body. It is supposed to be taken in small doses (different doses for males and females, beginners and experienced) and if you exceed the given dosage by any chance, there is no way you can reverse the damage. Moreover, Sarms like YK 11 are illegal and banned globally, and to procure it, and since it is not easily available in stores, you might have to undertake measures that are against law.

The best solution is, YKBulk, that works just like YK-11 but does not carry any drawbacks with it. There is no worry of it being unlawful, or overdosing as the herbal ingredients in it have been used in recommended amounts for the best functioning of the product. It prepares you for accelerated workouts, shorter recovery times, and elevated muscular growth.

Because the use of YK 11 Myostatin in humans is strictly Banned and Against Law, so click here to visit the YKBulk Official Website, to Add the Legal Version of YK 11 to your Fitness Shopping Cart.

Does YKBulk have any Side Effects?

YKBulk does not have any side effects. Thousands of customers have purchased this product and not a single person has reported having been affected by using it. The main reason why you will not experience any unpleasant outcomes with YKBulk is that it is made only from natural ingredients which makes it a 100% natural product free of any harm. Ingredients sourced from nature for various purposes, like curing diseases is an ancient practice and people have only benefited from it. The manufacturers of YKBulk have carefully chosen the ingredients, making sure that the users do not suffer. All the ingredients along with their dosage are mentioned on the label on the tub, so make sure to go through it once when in doubt. In case you are still doubtful, you can contact the Muscle Club Limited’s customer service team or your doctor.

What are the Safety levels followed by YKBulk?

Maximum safety levels were followed while making YKBulk as the company cares about the health of its users over everything else. It is important to make sure that the product is worth every penny and doesn’t end up being a nightmare for these users who put their trust in Brutal Force and YKBulk. Each of the components was chosen after a lot of studies by experts and finally infused in the right amounts to make this ultimate bulking product that delightfully mimics the effects of YK-11. These ingredients are of high quality and they have been carefully dosed to provide you with your desired outcomes.

Everyone who has used or is using YKBulk has sent in their reviews. They said that they were very happy that they started using the product and they were excited to see the results in very little time.

Is YKBulk Legal?

YKBulk is absolutely a legal product manufactured by a very well-known company Brutal Force which is trusted by thousands of people all over the world. Over the years, it has made multiple products in this range to cater to a wide array of needs of the customers. Many professional bodybuilders and athletes swear by YKBulk for its fantastic capability of building tremendous muscles, giving you beast-like strength, and reducing the recovery rate so that you can hit the gym and have the best work out of your life every day.

The ingredients used to make this product are of high quality and have been selected by expert scientists after a lot of research and each has been tested for its potential and has been made in laboratories manufactured by FDA and GMP which should assure you about its authenticity. Even the final product was taken through various testing in order to make sure it delivers all the results before making it available for use.

Will YKBulk work for me and its dosage?

YKBulk will definitely work for you if you follow the user instructions given by the company. It is a powerful formulation that starts working from the very first day. It works extremely well on an adult body and has no negative effects on human health. You can trust the efficacy of this product with your eyes closed.

The dosage is 3 capsules a day along with a glass of water daily, 20 minutes before the first meal of the day. Follow this on days you plan to work out and also on days you don’t. But make sure to have a nutritious diet and a good workout session (at least 5 days a week). If you go by the instructions religiously and dedicatedly, it is a guarantee that you will see the results in 2 months.

How to increase the efficiency of YKBulk?

To increase the efficiency of YKBulk there are a few healthy habits that you will have to integrate into your daily lives.

  1. First and foremost, you need to have a very nutritious diet full of healthy proteins and vitamins. This means we will have to cut off junk foods.
  2. Secondly, a good workout every day for at least 5 days a week is very important– a regular rigorous workout will help you achieve the best results.
  3. Thirdly, you must take enough rest between these workouts and peaceful sleep of 8 hours is quintessential.
  4. The next thing is you have to stop taking alcoholic beverages and stop smoking if that is a habit you have.
  5. Lastly, learn a few stress-busting techniques as too much anxiety and panicking can slow down the process.

You cannot expect the results to start showing if you do not put in enough effort. Just keep working and you will start seeing the signs of improvements faster than you expect it.

Can YKBulk be purchased on sites like Amazon, GNC, Walmart, or other Health Stores?

No, YKBulk is not sold on Amazon, GNC, Walmart, or any other online commercial stores, nor is it available in any pharmaceutical store. The interested customers will have to head on to the Official Website of Ykbulk to buy it. This industry is filled with dishonest sellers who in the name of original products sell duplicate products at a very high price. Also, the ingredients they use are of low quality and will definitely cause harm to the body. It has only been made available on the official website so that the customers do not face any forgery, theft, confusion between the fake product with the original one, middle man charges, etc. while purchasing.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy YKBulk YK11 SARM

Here are the top 5 reasons for buying YKBulk:

  1. 100% Natural Formulation with no YK 11 side effects
  2. Huge muscle development
  3. Gain tremendous strength so that you can lift heavier weights
  4. Improved performance at the gym and in sports
  5. A rapid-acting formulation that works faster than any other supplements.

What is the Price of YKBulk?

 Retail PricePrice After Discount
Buy 1:$79.99$45.99
Buy 2 + Get 1 Free:$239.97$91.98
Where to Buy YK-11 for Sale?Visit the YKBulk Official Website.


Johnny Nicholson, USA: “I have been skinny all my life and was tired of the taunts I had to hear over the years. But I did not give up. I did a bit of research online and came across Brutal Force’s range of products and found out about YKBulk and thought it would be the best suited for me. I started taking it and literally in 2 months my appearance changed 180 degrees! I have developed huge veiny muscles that look so good and attractive and my assumption was right, as YKBulk literally did the magic on my body.”

Jim Myers, Canada: “Lifting heavy weights has always been a task for me; it takes me weeks of patience and perseverance to get used to heavier weights. But I am not a person who gives up easily. I started taking YKBulk and in no time it did wonders. Now it just takes me a few days to lift new and heavier weights let alone the super explosive workouts that I have every day.”

Eric Baker, Australia: “For professional bodybuilders lifting heavy weights and having 4 hours of rigorous workouts every day is a must but getting rid of these sore muscles after returning home is a pain. Ever since I started taking YKBulk, I have forgotten what sore muscles feel like! YKBULK has been super helpful for my everyday workout sessions.”

Edmund Kok, Singapore: “It’s a super-fast acting formulation that starts to show its effects in just a few weeks. For me, the results started showing in a month and you should see the way I perform now, which is so amazing and my gym mates too keep asking me for the secret.”

Martin McKenzie, New Zealand: “What caught my eye while researching YKBulk’s ingredients. Never came across any supplements that have such effective natural ingredients and promises to work like YK 11. I have been using it for about 5 months now and I have not experienced any side effects at all.”


YKBulk allows you to lift greater weight for a longer duration. So, if you’re searching for a supplement that can boost your performance while causing no negative side effects, it is the solution. YKBulk enables you to thrust beyond tiredness and lift much stronger than ever before. It’s time to bid adieu to restrictions and enjoy extraordinary increases in muscular growth, power, and durability. The producers are so certain that you will be satisfied with the outcomes of this product that they provide an industry-leading 100-day money-back assurance. Which means, in case you are not completely pleased with the item for any reason, just return any sealed tubs within 100 days after collecting your purchase. They will reimburse you the full purchase amount, minus delivery costs.

So, to experience the Super YK11 SARM Benefits, stop at the YKBULK Official Website, by the Brutal Force.